15 Health Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water (No. 8 is Excellent!)

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Alkaline water is the water that is supposed to have less acidic than the basic tap water. Alkaline water has a PH between 7.0 and 10.0 on the scale while the neutral PH is considered to be measured of 7.0 and below that point is acidic. Moreover, alkaline water has another name as ionized water.

Besides, it is known that alkaline water is the source of minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, and sodium. At this point, drinking alkaline water can boost your healthy level if you consume it in a right way. Otherwise, too much alkaline in your body can lead to some health problems.


As the consequence, to give you more information, we have listed the health benefits of drinking alkaline water below.

1.Source of Minerals

As a matter of fact, alkaline water is the source of minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, and sodium. Drinking this kind of water will give you many health benefits you may have never expected. By having minerals contained in it, it will balance the fluids level in the body as well as promoting the bone’s health. As we know that mineral is important to the body health, then giving this alkaline water a go is a great way to do!


2.Strengthens the Bones

Due to the presence of calcium in alkaline water, then it plays a role in strengthening the bones. It will be helpful to promote the building of bone structure and bone density. Indeed, calcium is the major contributor of bones building. For the tips, you can consume alkaline water together with calcium foods like lettuce and other dairy foods as well.


3.Prevents Osteoporosis

As described before, calcium takes part in strengthening the bones. At this point, by drinking alkaline water, it will help preventing osteoporosis for sure. This one is related to the calcium contained in alkaline water which building the great bone density. It regenerates the bone cell resulting in the strong bone as well.


4.Promotes Muscle Health

One of the health benefits of drinking alkaline water is the way it promotes the muscle health. In this case, the one that works in this benefit is related to the presence of magnesium and potassium in it. Alkaline has shown the positive result in relaxing the muscle and promoting the muscle contraction. Moreover, magnesium maintains the muscle health as well as reducing the chronic fatigue and the muscle pains. Besides, you can also consume magnesium and potassium foods like seafood to promote the muscle health for sure. In contrast, the deficiency of these nutrients will lead to certain health problems like chronic fatigue and low blood pressure.


5.Promotes Nerves Health

The next health benefit of drinking alkaline water is the way it promotes the nerve’s health. This benefit is associated with the presence of magnesium in alkaline water. Thus, if you want to have the healthy nervous system, then you can try to drink alkaline water regularly.


6.Promotes Heart Health

The heart is the main part of our body. At this point, heart pumps the blood to go through the body cells resulting in the body energy. As a result, it is a must to keep the heart healthy as well. Then, there are many ways to protect the heart from any risks of disease. You can apply the healthy lifestyle and consume the healthy foods for sure. As this article describes alkaline water, then this drinking water is very great for you who wants to have the healthy heart. This benefit is linked with the presence of potassium source in it. Potassium will help to relax the muscle around the heart as it is helpful to prevent heart diseases such as stroke and heart attack. Moreover, researchers have found that alkaline water can reduce the level of blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol.


7.Controls Blood Pressure

As alkaline water contains the good source of sodium, then it will be beneficial to control blood pressure. Moreover, you can have sodium nutrients from drinking alkaline water together with consuming sodium foods like sea salt as well. Remember to take notes that you have to consume sodium foods in moderate since high intake can lead to the high level of blood pressure. In contrast, the deficiency of sodium nutrient can lead to thyroid problems and low blood pressure.


8.Balances Body Fluids

Sodium does the good function to the body health. Not only for controlling the level of blood pressure, but sodium is great at balancing body fluids. It controls the level of body fluids and controlling the body circulation. Thus, since sodium is the great nutrient to promote the body’s health, then you can consume alkaline water to fulfill the sodium nutrients as well.

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9.Maintains Body Circulation

One of the great ways to promote the blood circulation is by drinking alkaline water. It is known that sodium can help in this function. Blood circulation is important as it will supply the oxygen to the body parts including the brain. Indeed, the better circulation in the body, then the healthier body you will have. Not only for that, the good body circulation will be beneficial to promote the cell growth as well as achieving the healthy skin.

10.Aids in Digestion

It is shown that potassium is beneficial to aid in digestion. This electrolyte present in alkaline water to help you have the healthy gut. In contrast, the low level of potassium nutrient intake will lead to certain health problems including constipation, bloating, and abdominal pain. Thus, if you want to have the good absorption of nutrient in the gut, then you can consume potassium foods as well. For the tips, consuming fiber foods will also help you to have the healthy digestion system for sure.


11.Acts as Antioxidant

Surprisingly, alkaline water has the antioxidant source in it. It is known that the higher alkaline PH water can act as the antioxidant which is beneficial to prevent the damage of free radicals. This benefit is also related to the ability of alkaline water that give up the electrons. Moreover, ionized alkaline water does a good job on converting the free radicals into the oxygen that promotes the energy production and tissue oxygenation.

Besides, as alkaline water can act as the antioxidant, then it will help you to remove the body toxins as well. Indeed, by drinking alkaline water, it will give you many health benefits such as protecting the body against free radicals, toxins, and risks of stress.


12.Acts as Detoxifier

Another health benefit of drinking alkaline water is the way it acts as a detoxifier. This also related to the presence of antioxidants in alkaline water. It detoxifies the body by removing the toxins accumulated from the environment, unnatural foods, and the prescription drugs. By drinking alkaline water, it helps to neutralize the body and removes the acid waste products from cells. Thus, if you want your body free from the toxins, you can have alkaline water as your drinking option then.


13.Hydrates Body

In fact, alkaline water will hydrate your body greatly. The form of alkaline water can be easily absorbed in the cellular levels then, it will hydrate and energize the body as well. Besides, to keep the body hydrated is important as it will maintain the water balance in the body. Ensuring that your body hydrated well is very important as your body loses water through sweating and urination. The deficiency of water intake can lead to fatal conditions including dehydration. Thus, as the human body needs the water consumption, then alkaline can be the good option for that.


14.Maintains Body’s PH

Humans have to maintain their body PH level of cells in the range of 7.3 – 7.5 to live. As the consequence, by drinking the alkaline water can help increase the PH level of the body cells and help the body to function properly. In this case, our body’s PH tends to be acidic due to the high acid food consumption and the exposure to the bad environmental stress. As the solution, alkaline water can alkalize the body PH so that the risk of diseases could be prevented. To sum up, as we have to balance the body’s PH to promote the body function, then you can start drinking alkaline water from now on.

15.Boosts Body Metabolism

Due to the function of alkaline water which acts as the antioxidant, then it has an ability to fight diseases. Moreover, it is beneficial to balance body’s PH to promote the body function. Indeed, these functions of alkaline water will help you to boost the body metabolism. In contrast, if your body could not balance the body’s PH, it will lead to the weakening process of the immune system and this is bad for your body health. Then, it is such a great way to drink alkaline water to boost the body metabolism and body function.

When it comes to the drinking action of alkaline water, then a balance is a must. It means that you have to consume alkaline water in moderate and in a right way. Otherwise, the over consumption of alkaline water can lead to the condition called metabolic alkalosis which causes the confusion, nausea, and vomiting.


To have the alkaline water, you can find alkaline water in many food stores or grocery stores as well. Moreover, if it is needed, adding the vegetables and the fruit in your alkaline water can help to boost the flavor and the nutrients. For the example, you can add lemon, asparagus, carrots, or apples as the options. Thus, with the good consumption of alkaline water, then you can help to boost your body function and hydrate the body as well.