22 Health Benefits of Huckleberry (#1 Proven)

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Huckleberry (Solanum Nigrum L) is a plant of the eggplant (Solananceae) originating from Europe and West Asia, then spread to America, Australia, Malaysia and Indonesia. Huckleberry has another name Ranti (Javanese), bobose (Ternate) and black nightshade (Europe). Huckleberry plant can grow up to 120 cm tall. Huckleberry plants have the characteristics of stems that are not woody and covered with fluff, as well as leaves. Huckleberry plant leaf length can reach 7 cm and 5 cm wide. Huckleberry fruit is usually about one cm in diameter.

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Nutrition in Huckleberry

Although Huckleberry fruit is only small, but Huckleberry has a high nutritional value. Huckleberry fruit also contains nutrients such as Calcium, Solasodin, Samak, saponin, Antropin, Diosgenin, Titogenun, Bush Oil and Substance. These substances are very useful for the health of the human body. So no wonder Huckleberry became a favorite among fans because in addition to be used as one of vegetables, Huckleberry also has many benefits.

In addition to the above nutritional content, the following is a list of nutrients contained in leaves Huckleberry.

Nutrient Content of Huckleberry          

Calories                                                        45 cal

Protein                                                         4.7 grams

Fat                                                                 0.5 grams

Carbohydrates                                            8.1

Calcium                                                       210 mg

Phosphorus                                                80 grams

Iron                                                              6.1 mg

Vitamin A                                                    1,900 SI

Vitamin B1                                                  0.14 mg

Vitamin C                                                   40 mg

Unfortunately, not all Huckleberry fruit can be consumed. Only Huckleberry fruit comes from cultivars containing toxins in low levels of edible toxins. The young Huckleberry fruit has a high alkaloid content, but it is neither toxic nor harmful. For that it is advisable to be more careful not to eat fruit Huckleberry on any place so as not exposed to toxins.

Or to be more secure you can also boil the Huckleberry fruit so that high toxic content can be reduced. While Huckleberry fruit a little older age and purple have a less toxic effects. However, the leaves have a high soluble glyoalkolaid solanain content and are very toxic if consumed in a raw state although not fatal. Indeed, here are the health benefits of huckleberry.

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In Indonesia, Huckleberry is used as fresh vegetables. But actually Huckleberry has been used as medicine since 2000 years ago. Here are some of the health benefits of Huckleberry.

  1. As Anti Cancer

Cancer is a disease feared by many people. Sometimes healing takes too long. Well, the benefits of Huckleberry can be useful as a preventive cancer because it has anti-cancer properties that are able to prevent and cure cancer.

Huckleberry fruit contains solasonine, solasine, solamargine, and solanine compounds that inhibit the growth of uncontrolled cancer cells. Solasodine compounds have an effect to relieve pain, reduce heat, anti-inflammatory. Solamargine and solasonine compounds have antibacterial effects, while solanine compounds as antimitosis. These compounds can overcome the disorders of cancer such as breast cancer, cervix, stomach and respiratory tract.

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  1. As Anti Inflammatory

It can not be denied that sometimes our bodies are vulnerable to any kind of inflammation. But for you fans of Huckleberry, this is not to worry about because Huckleberry also has good anti-inflammatory properties to treat inflammation. Even in China, Huckleberry has also been popularly used to reduce kidney inflammation.

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  1. As an Analgesic

Huckleberry also has benefits for reducing aches and pains. As in Mexico, Huckleberry has been used as a traditional dizziness remedy.

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  1. As an Antipretic

If you are having a fever but do not want to take fever-lowering medication, you may be able to eat Huckleberry in addition to compressing your body. This is because Huckleberry has the antipretic properties of bending and lowering the fever.

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  1. As a Diuretic

Urinary tract disorders are a disease that can infect anyone without age or gender. If you experience the disorder, you can use Huckleberry as a traditional medicine other than as fresh vegetables. This is because Huckleberry has diuretic properties that serve to shed and launch the urinary tract.

Huckleberry is also used to treat urinary tract infections. These urinary tract infections mostly affect women, because the female urethra is more susceptible to bacterial contamination. Symptoms that often arise are feelings that always want to urinate, pain with bladder cramps and feel itchy or hot when urinating.

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  1. As Antitussive and Expectorant

Although often used as a vegetable in Indonesia, do not be mistaken that Huckleberry can also be used to relieve respiratory and relieve cough and thinning sputum.

  1. Prevent hypertension

If you have a high blood pressure risk, you should also often consume Huckleberry. In addition to suitable for vegetables, Huckleberry also has other benefits to prevent hypertension or high blood pressure.

  1. Improve the performance of the liver

Another benefit of Huckleberry is to improve the performance of the liver so that it can be useful to neutralize and remove toxins in the body.

  1. As an antimicrobial and antibiotic

Huckleberry can also be useful to kill germs and viruses. The effect of Huckleberry bacteria can also be used to treat gonorrhea.

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  1. Treating skin diseases

In terms of skin health, Huckleberry can also treat some skin diseases such as herpes, ulcers etc. Huckleberry can also treat measles and chickenpox.

  1. Treating Rabies

In India, Huckleberry fruit is used as a medicine to cure mad dog disease.

  1. Relieve low back pain

In addition to some of the above benefits, Huckleberry also can relieve pain in back pain, stiff, muscle and stiff waist and gout. For those of you with rheumatism, Huckleberry can also cure rheumatism and symptoms caused. As in Nigeria, Leuca is used as a traditional medicine used to reduce certain rheumatic attacks and even treat gout.

  1. As antipruritus

The benefits of Huckleberry can also be used to relieve itching of the skin. In addition, gum sap can also be used as a medicine of warts.

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  1. Treating dry eyes

Although Huckleberry is only used as a complementary food in Indonesia, but Huckleberry can help overcome dry eye if eaten in sufficient portions every day. Dry eyes will become healthier when eating Huckleberry regularly.

  1. As a male contraceptive

Another benefit of Huckleberry is no less surprising is that Huckleberry can be used as a natural contraceptive for men. By consuming Huckleberry, the production of sperm and a man’s fertility rate can be reduced.

  1. Cyberrotective

Huckleberry can also be useful as a useful cytopotective for preventing and resisting kidney damage. It is also supported by Anti-Ulserogenic activity that is connected to the central nervous system, stomach and anti-Neoplastic agents.

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  1. Contains Protein

Protein content is not only obtained from animals. But plants also contain good proteins for your body. Including Huckleberry fruit is so good to eat. Can help the formation of cells and your muscles to be bigger and faster.

  1. Makes Your Heart Healthy

Your heart will be healthy, if you want to consume this vegetable. Huckleberry fruit is so good for your heart health. Make you free from coronary heart disease and heart valve disorders are usually caused due to damage to arterial blood vessels.

  1. Overcoming Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis can be cured by eating the fruit of Huckleberry. The health benefits of Huckleberry will strengthen your bones. In order not to experience brittle and liming or commonly dubbed as osteoporosis. It is very good indeed this vegetable.

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  1. Make Teeth Strong

If you want to have strong teeth, there’s no harm in trying the benefits and efficacy of this Huckleberry vegetable which is so good for your body’s health. Please see for yourself. Your teeth will be affected so strong.

  1. The Benefits of Huckleberry to Add Hemoglobin

To add HB or Hemoglobin we need foods rich in iron, such as Huckleberry vegetables. It’s good to add your HB.

  1. Accelerate Wound Healing

If you are seriously injured. The benefits of Huckleberry can help speed up your wound healing process. So you no longer feel worried the wound is not dry-dry.

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Simply Huckleberry Recipe

The ‘garden huckleberry’ (Solanum scabrum) is not a true huckleberry, but is instead a member of the nightshade family. In Indonesia, the ‘garden huckleberry’ plant is known by the name Leuncha.

Who does not know Huckleberry? In West Java, this fruit is no stranger to fans of Sundanese cuisine and fresh vegetables. Huckleberry usually used as a food or a companion friend of rice combined with tauco or oncom plus chili. Huckleberry fruit is a small round green shape. If it’s not unusual to eat it, it’s a bit bitter indeed. Huckleberry fruit will be red or purple when he is cooked.

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How to consume

To be used as an herbal remedy, Huckleberry can be used consumed in the following ways:

  1. Method 1 – Combine 10 Huckleberry grains with vegetable juice.
  2. Method 2 – Prepare 20 grams of dried Huckleberry boiled with 800cc water (4 cups) until half of the cooking water remains. Drink boiled water 2 times a day with a portion of a glass per consumption in the afternoon and morning.
  3. Method 3 – Eat regularly like consuming fresh vegetables or salad.

Such is information about the health benefits of huckleberry. After knowing the hidden benefits behind this small fruit Huckleberry, you should start getting used to consume them. But remember, consume it at a reasonable level. May be useful and stay healthy!

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