15 Health Benefits of Candlenut #1 Top Hair Treatments

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Now we will discuss about candlenut. Somethings that familiar to us. Yup. The candlenut usually we met up in traditional market. Candlenut which always called ‘Aleurites moluccana‘ in science is have relationship with cassava. Usually candlenut is made to some food ingredients. But candlenut have a more usability, not only in food ingredients but candlenut can made for herbal potion.

Before we discuss more about health benefit of candlenut, we will discuss about composition in candlenut. The nutrition in candlenut are saponin, falvonoid, polyfenol, and some proteins, carbohydrate. The minerals in candlenut are phosphorus, potassium,  calcium and magnesium. And there is some content that is not less beneficial are Vitamin A, vitamin B1, folate, and phytosterol which inhibit from building cholesterol.

Like we was discuss, candlenut have a lot of benefits in many factor just like as food ingredients. But candlenut have a more potential benefits in health. So let’s we discuss about it.

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1. Treat Sprue

In candlenut, not only the fruit or the seed that have benefits but also the sap and bark. The sap in bark can benefits in health as treat of sprue. One thing that you need is sap from the bark of candlenut’s tree. Make sure the tree is still alive. Because we just need a little thing doing with the trees. The tools that you will need are knife, and cotton. And additional ingredients are a little coconut milk.

To get the sap, you need to do this: ripped off the skin of bark and wait until the sap has shown up. After the sap has shown up, put it with cotton and gives some coconut milk. Now you have a herbal treat of sprue. Apply it on the part of your mouth that have sprue.

2. Treat Tooth Ache

Still in use of candlenut’s sap, it can treat tooth ache too. Just like before, you need the stem from the bark. Make sure the tree is still alive. The tools that you will need are knife, and cotton. But this time, we don’t need a coconut milk. First is ripped off the skin of bark and wait until the sap has shown up. After the sap has shown up, put the sap with cotton. Apply it on the tooth which have tooth ache. Let it on the tooth until 10 minutes. After it, replace with the new one.

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3. Solution to Diarrhea

Now we will not using the sap again in this point. To cure Diarrhea, we need some preparations. The tools in use are a kind of pestle and mortar, a pan, and a glass. The ingredients are 20 grams fresh candlenut’s stem, 600 cc of water. First is mashed up the candlenut’s stem until smooth. After that, put it to the pan and fill it with 600 cc of water. Boil it until the volume at least 300 cc. Strain and put the water to the glass. Drink it at least twice a day, and drink as much as 150 cc per once drink.

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4. Relieve of Fungal Infections

Fungi can reproduce anywhere with some requirements, including in your body. One of the requirements is humid environment. Almost in place like that, we always find fungi. Fungal infections maybe not dangerous, but it will make sufferers uncomfortable and not confident. To relieve about it, you need put the candlenut’s oil to the part of your body with fungal infections. Do it routinely to make the results optimal.

5. Overcome Insomnia

Insomnia is some kind of sickness that makes you not sleep well. It can caused by depression, a lot of thinking, a fear of something. But with candlenut, you can overcome it. Because candlenut have melatonin that will make you relax and quick fall a sleep. This is good for people with bad insomnia.

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6. Unleash the Constipation

Constipation is always happen when someone usually less eats fibrous food. But don’t worry. One of the candlenut benefits is to solve about it. The ingredients are 1 piece of candlenut, 2 onions, 5 grams of pulasari, 10 grams of cinnamon, 30 grams of urang-aring leaves, half a teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of fennel, 800 cc of water. The tools in use are blender, pan, and a glass.

First, blending all the ingredients( without 800 cc of water) until smooth. Second, boil all the ingredients with 800 cc of water. Boil it until volume at least 400 cc. Filter it and put it in the glass. Drink it twice a day, and drink as much as 200 cc per once drink.

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7. Side Effects from Insects Bite

Are you have experience with insects bite? How is it? How it feels? If it feels like burnt and itchy, it can cure by candlenut. Ingredients are 2 piece of candlenut and turmeric with size as big as pinkie fingers. The tools in use are baker, mortar and pestle. First, bake the ingredients. After that, mashed it up until smooth. Then put it on the part of your body that was itchy caused by insects bite.

8. Defecate With Bleeding

What happen when you defecate with bleeding? It must be really hurt. But don’t worry. Candlenut can stop it. What you need are 20 grams bark of candlenut, a pan, a bowl or something else which a place to wash up bark of candlenut, a water to wash up bark of candlenut, 400 cc of water to boil candlenut, and a glass. First, clean up the bark of candlenut. Second, boil it with 400 cc of water until the volume at least 200 cc. Filter it and put it in the glass. And ready to drink.

9. Liniment

Candlenut can produce some kind of oil. Yup. With that oil, like the others herbal oil, it can be used as Liniment to make your body relax, and protects your body from colds. The steps like you used the others herbal oil. Rub it to a place where you want.

10. Medicine Fever in Children

If your child get a fever, don’t worry. With some addition 15 grams of pulutan’s root, and some candlenut’s oil, it can down fever. What you needs are 15 grams of pulutan’s root, some candlenut’s oil, pan, some water, and a glass. First, boil all the ingredients, 15 grams of pulutan’s root and some candlenut’s oil, with waters. After that, filter it and put in a glass. And ready to drink.

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Candlenut Benefits for Hair Treatments

Meanwhile, there are many health benefits of candlenuts, one of them is perfect as the hair tricks in traditional ways.

11. Hair Fertilizer

Remember that candlenut can produce some kind of oil? That oils have a lot of health benefits. One of it is to fertilize your hair. The steps are:

  • Get a little of oil as much as you need
  • Put it on the hair and your head skin
  • Squeeze evenly and let it be one night
  • On the morning, wash it using shampoo and in the edge of your hair using conditioner

Notes: Do it regularly to get optimal result.


12. Overcoming Hair Fall

Hair fall happen if hair follicles is not strong anymore. But don’t worry. With candlenut’s oil, this problem will solve. Just put candlenut’s oil on the skin head. Because proteins and minerals inside the oil can strengthen hair from root until the edges. Do it regularly to get optimal result.

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13. Darken the Hair

Shine dark hair and healthy is wish almost every people. But not every people have shine dark hair and healthy. Are you the have one? You have thank about it. But what if you are not? Don’t be afraid. Because candlenut’s oil can help you with this problems. But the requirements are you have be patient, and not easily give up to get it. The minerals and protein inside candlenut’s oil can “repair” your hair. It means that your hair can back to normal even shine dark hair and healthy whatever your hair’s color.


14. Clean up Dandruff

Many problems come up with hair. One of it is dandruff. It drop down your pride about yourself, drop your image, and make some people ill feel with you. Yeah, that is some problems caused by dandruff. But don’t worry. Candlenut’s oil can help about this problems. All you needs are be patient, do this steps regularly, and not forget that you have to get some candlenut’s oil.

The steps are put candlenut’s oil on your hand, and squeeze your head slowly until every part of your skin head is touch with it. Let it be in enough long time. After that, wash your head. Candlenut’s oil can clean up skin head from dirt that cause dandruff.

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15. Fertilize Another Pubic Hair

Every people have another “hair” in their body, just like eyebrow, mustache and beard for man, and etc. As we know from before, that candlenut’s oil have some health benefits especially around hair. Yup, it can fertilize and grow up hair and solve another problems about hair. That include for another “hair”. But in this steps, we need additional ingredients which is a little aloe vera. Mix it with candlenut’s oil and put on the place where need the “hair” grow up.

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So, that’s all about health benefits of candlenut. Indeed, candlenut can be used for your natural treatments for overall health. Candlenut grows in most of Southeast Asia areas, so for you who live in western areas, you may take this as your alternative.

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