20 Health Benefits of Savoy Cabbage (#Evidence-Based)

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Savoy cabbage comes from Savoy region which is a medieval duchy on the border of Italy, France, and Switzerland and called this name because of the origin. It is called Brassica Oleorosa in Latin name, so it belongs to Brassica family. Savoy cabbage in appearance is very similar to the white type but has a more attractive appearance with rich green leaves and a rich set of beneficial substances.

Unlike ordinary white cabbage heads, savoy cabbage leaves form a loose head. The taste of this cabbage is unique because it is sweet, but not too much. The texture is the main star here because when we eat and chew it in the mouth, it is very crunchy and easy to eat.

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Nutrients of Savoy Cabbage


[tr][th]Nutrients[/th] [th]Amount Value[/th] [th]Percentage[/th][/tr]

[tr][td]Energy[/td] [td]113 KJ (27 kcal)[/td] [td][/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Carbohydrates[/td] [td]6.1 g[/td] [td][/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Dietary Fiber[/td] [td]3.1 g[/td] [td][/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Sugars[/td] [td]2.27 g[/td] [td][/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Protein[/td] [td]2 g[/td] [td][/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Fat[/td] [td]0.1 g[/td] [td][/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Lutein zeaxanthin[/td] [td]77 μg[/td] [td][/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Beta carotene[/td] [td]600 μg[/td] [td]6%[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Vitamin A equiv[/td] [td]50 μg[/td] [td]6%[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)[/td] [td]0.07 mg[/td] [td]6%[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)[/td] [td]0.03 mg[/td] [td]3%[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Vitamin B3 (Niacin)[/td] [td]0.3 mg[/td] [td]2%[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid)[/td] [td]0.187 mg[/td] [td]4%[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)[/td] [td]0.19 mg[/td] [td]15%[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Vitamin B9 (Folate)[/td] [td]80 μg[/td] [td]20%[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Vitamin C[/td] [td]31 mg[/td] [td]37%[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Vitamin E[/td] [td]0.17 mg[/td] [td]1%[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Vitamin K[/td] [td]68.8 μg[/td] [td]66%[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Calcium[/td] [td]35 mg[/td] [td]4%[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Magnesium[/td] [td]28 mg[/td] [td]8%[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Potassium[/td] [td]230 mg[/td] [td]5%[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Phosphorous[/td] [td]42 mg[/td] [td]6%[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Manganese[/td] [td]0.18 mg[/td] [td]9%[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Zinc[/td] [td]0.27 mg[/td] [td]3%[/td][/tr]


From these nutrients, here are the health benefits of savoy cabbage.

  1. Increase The Immunity of Body

Savoy cabbage contains many vitamins such as vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, and vitamin E that can create glutathione which is formed by three amino acids, cysteine, glycine, and glutamate according to the chemical reaction. In addition, they also contain antioxidants which can protect the body from toxins, poisons, and carcinogens which often attack the body. This is very beneficial for the nervous system and immune system.

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  1. Prevent Cancer

With all vitamins and beta carotene contained in savoy cabbage, the studies show that we can prevent cancer by eating this. These substances can cure tissue damage that is caused by free radicals and prevents them from attacking the system of the body.

In addition, these nutrients help trigger the body’s defense enzymes. They also can maintain the body cells and remove harmful compounds present in the body, one of which is cancer cells. The study shows that the consumption of this vitamin also helps to make the chances of cancer lower and maintain cardiovascular conditions.

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  1. Overcome Alzheimer disease

Savoy cabbage can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease because it contains vitamin K and anthocyanin. These contents can serve as an antioxidant that can help reduce the problems in the brain such as Alzheimer’s disease which is mostly caused by the lack of vitamin K.

  1. Prevent Diabetes

Savoy cabbage indeed has a sweet flavor. However, that flavor is not one hundred percent from sugar. The other compound that plays a role as the sweet flavor is mannitol which is a natural sweetener, so it is good for maintaining blood sugar levels. It also can prevent diabetes diseases that can happen when the blood sugar levels are too high.

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  1. Eliminate Dizziness

Savoy cabbage contains vitamin B1 that is well-known as Niacin based on medical science and chemical. It is very good to relieve dizziness. Vitamin B is classified as a type of vitamin that is soluble in water, so this is very beneficial for the body to prevent buildup that can affect it. When we eat a vegetable, we don’t need to worry to the overdose too.

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  1. Overcome Canker Sores

Vitamin C levels that are approximately 37% in savoy cabbage can overcome with the sprue quickly. It is because vitamin C will make your cell regeneration work faster. In addition, the healing process of the bleeding in the mouth and canker sores can be faster too.

  1. Maintain Eye health

The content of beta carotene in savoy cabbage is very effective indeed to maintain eye health. According to the research, beta carotene can sharpen the vision power of the eye, so it can help prevent myopic disease. In addition, it is also able to prevent the cataract disease that is very dangerous because it attacks all people regardless of age, so it can be experienced by everyone.

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  1. Improve Brain Function

Savoy cabbage also has tremendous benefits for brain function or brain intelligence. This is because of the content of vitamin K and anthocyanin that can help improve the brain function. In addition, both of these contents have an important role to increase concentration in the brain. We can also prevent dementia disease that always happens in the old age by eating this vegetable.

  1. Good For Diet

Well for people who want to lose weight, one very effective way to help it is to consume lots of savoy cabbage vegetables. This is because savoy cabbage contains many vitamins, minerals and the most important one, fiber. We already know that if we consume food that contain fiber, we will not get hungry for a long time.

In addition, this vegetable also has a very low carbohydrate and fat that always the source of gaining weights. The nutrients contained in it is also enough for the need of the body. That’s why eating savoy cabbage is so good to help you lose some weights naturally without worrying the side effects of eating too little.

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  1. Helps The Production of Red Blood Cells

The savoy cabbage is very effective to help the body in producing red blood cells. This one vegetable contains enough vitamin B5, B6, B9 and iron that will accelerate the formation of new red blood cells. Usefulness of the most we can feel is not easily tired or get more energetic, and avoid the disease of red blood cell deficiency which is called anemia.

  1. Accelerate Bone Growth and Prevent Osteoporosis

Savoy cabbage is like a complete package for the bone growth because it contains all substances that are needed for the bone growth such as protein, vitamin K, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, and manganese. Other studies have also shown that these substances can also increase bone density to form a strong skeletal structure.

In addition, they can also reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Inside the bone, these substances will help the osteocalcin compounds that play a role in the absorption of minerals to form a strong bone structure. Osteocalcin itself is produced by osteoblasts, a collection of bone-forming cells based on osteology studies.

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  1. Good For Digestive System

What’s more health benefits of savoy cabbage? Well, Savoy cabbage can relieve constipation, this is because cabbage contains very high fiber, so it can help stimulate the digestive system. With fibers contained in it, savoy cabbage can also relieve constipation.

In addition, based on a study at Stanford University School of Medicine, fresh savoy cabbage juice is very effective for treating stomach ulcers. This is because cabbage contains high glutamine.

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  1. Make Skin Smooth

Savoy cabbage helps to maintain the skin. This is because this cabbage contains vitamin B2, B3, and vitamin C which are rich in antioxidants. We already know that antioxidants can help protect the skin from damage due to free radicals that cause premature aging, so it also can make the skin more smooth.

  1. Maintain Gum and Teeth Health

Vitamin C, A, D and K that contained in savoy cabbage is very good for gum health and teeth. It can eliminate the chances of cavities and gum disease. Eating food that is rich in vitamins also assist the need of minerals for the teeth and bones.

The foods rich in minerals and vitamins also helps to eliminate the bacteria present in the mouth, especially the hidden one that is difficult to reach. The other vitamins and minerals help vitamin K to prevent the bacteria that may damage the organs in the mouth and cause tooth decay.

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More Savoy Cabbage Works in Body

Here are more health benefits of savoy cabbage.

  1. Good for maintaining breasts and make it bigger
  2. Reduce blood pressure
  3. Relieve allergies
  4. Overcome grout
  5. Prevents someone from fainting and seizures
  6. Increase the appetite

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Cautions of Savoy Cabbage

Here are some cautions of savoy cabbage that we should pay attention before eating it too much.

  1. Causes flatulence

Because of rich fibers in the savoy cabbage, eating it too much can cause the stomach to become full of gas and causes flatulence. In addition, it can also cause ulcers, enterocolitis, gastritis, endocrine problems. So, we should consume this vegetable with the right amount.

  1. Inhibit The Production of Growth Hormone

To avoid the bad effects of growth hormone production, we should not give savoy cabbage to the children who are still in the growth process. This is because growth hormone is only produced by the thyroid gland which is inhibited by this vegetable.

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  1. People After Surgery

According to the research, we should not eat savoy cabbage after doing a surgery, especially in the chest or abdominal cavity. It is because this vegetable may affect the healing process after doing that surgery.

That’s all health benefits that we can get from consuming savoy cabbage. However, there are some cautions too. Keep eating healthy food and do healthy lifestyle.

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