7 Health Benefits of Sumatra Coffee (#Surprising)

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Sumatra coffee is one of the most well-known coffee variety in the world. It’s hard not to notice especially among coffee enthusiasts the very mention of its name. Its distinct “earthy” flavor, as well as the combination of sweet and herbaceous tastes in between, has landed the coffee in the heart of many coffee drinkers in the world. Turns out, there are many factors as to why Sumatra coffee tastes the way it does.

Much like wine, varieties of coffee borrowed their names from the regions in which the beans were cultivated, harvested and processed. Therefore, the whole complete Sumatra coffee experiences are made possible by the conditions of the soils in the Sumatra Island, Indonesia, as well as the climate, and finally, the way in which the beans are processed.

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The Origins of Sumatra Coffee

There is this unique, traditional method which has been used by the local people to grind the coffee beans, which is called “Giling Basah”, or literally means wet-hulling. The said method results in coffee with higher moisture contents than any other varieties. The next question will be, why do people drink Sumatra coffee? aside from the fact that they like it, there are many other reasons.

When we delve deeper in the realm of Sumatra coffee, we would know that Sumatra coffee is more than just flavor and caffeine contents. There are many benefits which comes with the cup of joe, which practically every naturally processed coffee as well. However, not all coffee beans are created equal. Take for example, the caffeine contents in each of them. Sumatra coffee, belonging to the arabica variant, generally has higher caffeine contents than those in the other variants. Consequently, the benefits which comes with caffeine also comes in higher amount in Sumatra coffee. Therefore, it’s good for you to start trying Sumatra coffee and see what it will do to you.

Generally speaking, Sumatra coffee provides the benefits which can be more apparent and more potent compared to other variants, mainly because of its higher caffeine contents. However, how can Sumatra coffee benefits your health? In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the health benefits of Sumatra coffee.

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  1. Sparking Up Your Energy Level

The most popular reasons why people have coffee first thing in the morning is because they, in fact, need to have one of those “pick-me-up” feelings to get them through the days. Better yet, when it comes to providing those extra energy perk-ups, look no further than Sumatra coffee. That is because the main culprit which is responsible for giving the energy boost, caffeine, is found in high amount in Sumatra coffee compared to other varieties. No wonder then, when nowadays caffeine is widely marketed in pills for those who need to deal with their sluggish mornings.

But how exactly does caffeine really work? the process started upon ingestion, which in case of sumatra coffee, when we start drinking it. Interestingly, the energy boost which we felt is, for the most part, done by blocking another receptor sites in the brains which are responsible for producing another chemical. That other chemical is called adenosine, whose main task is to induce sleepiness, among other things. Therefore, by seizing the root causes of sleepiness at their very place, caffeine effectively blocks out the chances for sleepiness to seep in.

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  1. Enhance the Focus and Concentration

Being done right, caffeine ingestion, especially through drinking Sumatra coffee can work great especially when you’re doing some work in which some considerable concentrations are demanded. The way caffeine blocks the receptors which are responsible for sleepiness also makes it possible for you to focus on whatever the tasks you have at hands. The most important point is, the enhanced concentrations can only be achieved if the caffeine is ingested in moderate amount. Anymore that that will make you overly agitated and thus makes it even harder to concentrate instead. Remember, moderation is the key for practically everything, not just coffee.

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  1. Provides High Amount of Antioxidants

There’s no better way to combat free radicals and protects yourselves from sickness than by enjoying yourselves with some cups of Sumatra coffee. As it turned out, Sumatra coffee has as much antioxidants as regular coffee, which means, a lot. Recently, there is this study from Pennsylvania which suggested that coffee has been the number one source of antioxidants in the U.S. diet. It is even can be said that due to the high consumption of coffee among Americans, they get the most of their antioxidants from coffee compared to those from any other sources.

The research concluded that the average American adult consumes 1.299 mg antioxidants daily from coffee. While the main contender, tea, didn’t even come close at 294 mg, while bananas, the third highest antioxidant sources, scored at 76 mg, followed by dry beans at 72 mg and corn at 48 mg.

That’s why, we should really drop the notion that drinking coffee makes us look like old people. Because apparently, quite the contrary, coffee contains hefty amounts of antioxidants which instead will keep us younger by fighting the free radicals which speeds up ageing and degeneration of our body tissues. Moreover, combined by equal amount of hydration, drinking coffee can further keep you healthy by protecting your body from illness due to free radicals.

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  1. Protects from Neurodegenerative Diseases

When we say that Sumatra coffee is a good food for your mind, you better believe us. Why? because there are researches that suggested significant decreases risks of neuro-degenerative diseases for people who consume a moderate amount of coffee, which is ranging from three to five cups a day, such as dementia and Parkinson’s disease. That is because Sumatra coffee, being high in caffeine, works miraculously in activating the brain to produce dopamine, which is beneficial for alertness and keeping the neurons active, therefore protecting them from being dysfunctional and from decaying faster.

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  1. Keeps From Depressions

Since we mentioned dopamine in the last paragraph, it’s also important to discuss how dopamine works and why dopamine matters in maintaining the health of our nervous systems. So, dopamine is responsible for activating the reward center in the brain, and therefore really useful in producing the satisfied feelings in us. The high level of dopamine in our brains can also keep ourselves from anxieties and uneasiness, therefore makes it practically difficult for us to get depressed.

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  1. Increases Work Motivations

What’s more health benefits of Sumatra coffee? Again with the dopamine, upon drinking the Sumatra coffee, we can expect our works to be more fulfilling, if not more enjoyable. As it is dopamine’s work to create the accomplished feelings, we can experience that moment when we finished one big tasks over and over again, thus makes us more motivated to complete more tasks.

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  1. Helps Regulating Blood Sugar

Sumatra coffee is rich in antioxidants, that we know. What we probably don’t know yet is that there is in fact a link between antioxidants and diabetes. There is this research that suggested the relations between consumption of coffee in women with the reductions of type 2 diabetes risk. It is said that if a woman drinks about 3 cups a day, she might reduce her diabetes risk by 20 to 30 percent.

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So, those are the health benefits of Sumatra coffee for your physique and psyche. Truth to be told, most of the coffee variants existed bring the goodness listed above, only Sumatra coffee has more of them. Therefore, wait no more to order your next coffee in your trusted sources and make sure it’s from the Sumatra variety. The high amount of antioxidant offered per cup is enough reason for you to start your day with a cup of them and to keep you going throughout the day.

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However, there are some things which should be taken into accounts in consuming Sumatra coffee. Those things are related to the high caffeine amount inherent in the arabica varieties, as well as the acidity in coffee in general. First, beware of the risk of heartburn. There is scientific term which might explain how the heartburn happens upon the consumption of coffee, namely, acid reflex. Acid reflux happens because of the high acidity in the coffee which might induce adverse effects to the intolerant stomachs.

Secondly, while coffee might get you going like an unstoppable bullet train, there are also risks that you’ll end up in the horrible crash due to the high presences of stress hormones. Going by the name cortisol, these hormones while in high amount can do nasty things to your body, such as increasing your blood pressures, inducing abnormal heart rhythms, making you gain more weights and last but not least, makes you difficult to sleep, even insomniac.

Lastly, take care especially when having Sumatra coffee in unfiltered form. There are studies which suggested that consumption of unfiltered coffee might increase the cholesterol level in the blood-flow, which therefore might lead to various heart diseases.

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Thus, with all the cautions being kept in mind, moderate consumption of Sumatra coffee can do wonder to your life, be it in your overall body health, your emotional balances, and also your work ethics. Combined with decent, healthy breakfasts, Sumatra coffee can make your days more energetic, meaningful and most importantly, healthy. We thank you for reading, hopefully you can learn more things about the health benefits of Sumatra coffee, keep learning new things and stay healthy.