21 Health Benefits of Escargots (#Based-Evidenced)

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Escargots is an animal that has latin name Achatina fulica and comes from East Africa. It is spread out around the world because of the merchant ship. We can consume it by eating it raw or cooking it. We can also use it for medical and beauty treatment. At first, people think this animal is a  pest that must be destroyed and disgusting food, so they don’t want to eat it. However, after some know the nutrients and benefits of it for health and beauty use, it becomes popular. The texture of the meat that is soft and its sweet taste make people want to eat it now. Here are the health benefits of Escargots.

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Nutrients of Escargots

Eating escargots meat will get us many nutrients such as :

  • 12 gr protein
  • 237 mg calcium
  • 88 mg Phosphor
  • 1,7 mg iron
  • Omega-3
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin B
  • Essential amino acids such as leucine, lysine, tyrosine, tronin, phenylalanine, valine
  • Non-essential amino acids such as Glycine, Serine, Arginine, Alanine, Aspartic acid, Glutamate Acid, Proline and Histidine

With these nutrients, no wonder Escargots is good for the body. Here are the health benefits of it.

  1. Cure Asthma and TBC

TBC is a disease that is feared by most people. This disease usually attacks the respiratory tract and is included in a deadly disease for some people.  Actually, there has been no scientific research that says that substances found in Escargots (snail meat) can cure asthma. However, some cases and testimony from the public give information that it can help the process in curing asthma.

Logically, if Escargots can cure asthma, then it can also help the healing of tuberculosis (TBC), which incidentally also attacked the respiratory part. Consume it regularly until symptoms of the disease are reduced even disappeared.

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  1. Cure Toothache

Escargots can cure a toothache that always disturbs our digestion in the mouth. To do it, we need to drop its mucus to cotton and put it on the tooth that is sick such as a cavity. Finally, let it for some minutes to feel the effect after it.

  1. Good for Muscle

Escargots is good for muscle development because it is caused by the content of animal protein and amino acid content that is high enough in it. The function of these two substances is very important for the muscles, namely to increase muscle mass and can help the development of muscles to be better.

In addition, animal protein content in Escargots can make your muscles more developed, and if your muscles are more developed, then your physical strength will be even better.

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  1. Reduce Nicotine in Body

Escargots meat contains compounds that can reduce the content of nicotine in the body, so it is good for people who always smokes. It can also reduce the risk of lungs diseases, especially the most dangerous one such as lungs cancer that is often caused by nicotine from smoking.

  1. Cure Skin Diseases and Itchy Skin

Escargots is also able to cure skin diseases. Types of skin diseases that can heal by eating it is itchy diseases, water fleas, and other skin diseases. People believe that by eating Escargots will make the itching and skin diseases they suffer to recover. But there is still no scientific research that supports it. However, the public trust has its own strength, so many who claim that after consuming Escargots, their itching disease can be cured.

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  1. Kill Cancer Cells

Escargots meat contains N-alkylisatins that can kill and prevent the growth of cancer cells that attack our body. It is also can prevent the other organs from suffering the effect of cancer cells.

Many people believe that eating Escargots is better than chemotherapy and it is effective to prevent some cancer like breast and prostate cancer. No wonder consuming escargots become popular for men and women to overcome those dangerous cancers.

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  1. Accelerate Wound Healing

Escargots ability to heal wounds is fast. This is thanks to the mucus and other substances contained in the meat. This ability can be utilized by us to accelerate wound healing due to sharp objects.

Mucus on the inside of the shell can be used as an external medicine for cuts and cuts, to protect the skin from damage, infection and UV exposure, stimulates collagen production, improves skin’s ability to withstand moisture.

  1. Overcome Anemia

Anemia is a disease that is because of the lack of red blood cells. Fortunately, Escargots contains rich of iron that can supply the need of red blood cells in the body, so it can prevent anemia.

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  1. Prevent Osteoporosis

One of the causes of osteoporosis is an age factor that is getting older. To prevent it you can consume Escargots. The content of phosphorus and calcium in it is useful to prevent bone fragility or osteoporosis so that by consuming the bones will remain strong and not easily porous.

In addition, high calcium content in Escargots is very good for bone density. In consuming Escargots is recommended to consume also fresh vegetables and fruits in order to increase calcium absorption, considering the calcium and phosphorus minerals in snail meat is very high.

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  1. Increase Brain Intelligence

Escargots meat contains omega-3 that is good for our brain. We should let the children consume it because they are still in the need of omega-3 to increase their brain intelligence that can give them benefits in the future.

  1. To Cure Liver and Hepatitis

Liver disease and hepatitis is a disease that harms the body. When you try for alternative medicine, you will usually be advised to consume certain plants or animals. Animals that are usually used for alternative medicine one of them is the snail or Escargots. Patients who are advised to consume Escargots are patients suffering from liver disease and hepatitis.

This treatment is often used by alternative medicine is now widely spread in the community. If you become one of the sufferers of the disease, then you can consume fried Escargots to treat it. The content in it helps to heal liver disease and hepatitis naturally.

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  1. To Cure Heatiness

Besides beneficial to cure diseases of disease mentioned earlier, Escargots are also able to relieve heatiness. The content in it helps to relieve the Heatiness. Therefore, if you are suffering from heatiness, you can consume these foods to recover quickly.

For those of you who are suffering from heat disease in you may be able to use Escargots into the processed rich taste and of course, contains typical Indonesian herbs.

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  1. Good for Diet

Escargots contain many proteins. Protein is commonly found in fish and meat that are quite expensive. Meanwhile, Escargots is full of protein content and the price is cheap. Animal protein in the animal flesh of this Escargots also helps the growth process in children.

Although Escargots is rich in protein, the meat is low in fat. Diet is always synonymous with not eating meat. If you like the meat, but the dilemma because of diet, you can eat Escargots. There is no evil fat content in this animal. Precisely help the smoothness of your diet.

Escargots do not just contain omega 3 and 6, but also omega 9. Bad cholesterol in the body can be minimized by eating Escargots. Omega 9 helps you fight germs and bad cholesterol in the body.

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More Escargots Benefits

Here are more health benefits of Escargots:

  1. Relieve cough
  2. Cure inflammation on the cornea
  3. Prevent convulsions
  4. Make sleep easier and more soundly
  5. Overcome leucorrhoea
  6. Normalize the heartbeat
  7. Reduce the pain during menstruation period
  8. Keep youthful

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Side Effect of Escargots

Escargots give us many health benefits from consuming or using it. However, there are some side effects that we need to pay attention because they are dangerous if we don’t take cautious about it.

  1. The Risk of Digestion

Escargots meat contains salmonella bacteria that can enter our body when we consume it. It is very dangerous because it always attacks our digestion systems. If it damages the digestion systems, we will get some problems such as diarrhea, dehydration, easily tired and the body becomes weak.

  1. Food Poisoning

There are some compounds in Escargots that is dangerous if it goes into the body, such as copper and mercury. It will create some problems like stomachache, headaches, and dizziness.

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  1. Meningitis Disease

Some people like eating Escargots meat raw without cooking or washing it. It is very dangerous because eating it in raw can damage our brain and create meningitis disease. The cause is the larva and its egg which contains cyanide toxicant.

So, those are all the health benefits of Escargots which are good for the body. However, there are some side effects from consuming or using it too much, so we need to consult it with the doctor about the right dosage. Keep eating healthy food and stay fit.

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