20 Proven Health Benefits of Tangerine Essential Oil

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Tangerine essential oil comes from China and spread throughout the world, so we can find it in many countries. It is also known as Citrus reticulata. It becomes popular around women because of its health benefits and the beauty effects, especially for skins and hairs. Tangerine essential oil also has a sweet taste and refreshing citrus aroma that make people feel more relaxed. It also can be used for relieving some dangerous diseases.

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Composition of Tangerine Essential oil

  • a-pinene
  • myrcene
  • limonene
  • y-terpinene
  • citronellal
  • linalool
  • neral
  • neryl acetate
  • geranyl acetate
  • geraniol
  • thymol
  • carvone

From that composition, here are presented some health benefits of tangerine essential oil.

  1. Get Rid of Acne

Tangerine essential oil has the ability to prevent irritated skin infections by killing bacteria and preventing the growth of fungi. It is very soft so it doesn’t irritate the skin. In addition, we should apply tangerine essential oil that is mixed with carrier oil directly to the scar. It can cure the light wounds that always make the body look terrible.

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  1. Overcome Cancer

Tangerine essential oil is a chemical which is found in the skin of citrus fruits and some other herbs and shows a possibility to reduce tumor cell growth. This discovery paves the way for the development of anti-tumor agents and cancer treatment through alternative methods.

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  1. Calm The Body System

Tangerine essential oil is an alternative method to make the body more relaxed. Some studies show that it is very effective for therapeutic interventions on pain, nausea, and anxiety when administered to patients in the hospital. If we are looking for ways to get rid of anxiety through aromatherapy treatments, we should try this oil because of the good news from some studies.

Tangerine essential oil also can make our mind calm. We can use it for some mental calm purposes. Its sedative compounds also can cure insomnia, so this is an alternative solution for people that want to fast asleep or sleep soundly.

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  1. Relieve Pain

Tangerine essential oil has molecules that can be developed into new analgesics and provide benefits when used to reduce pain. It was extracted and then purified. It is known to resemble a type of molecule capable of blocking pain.

Terpene, a compound found in tangerine essential oil, can be used to make analgesics to relieve pain. In addition, it can prevent the growth of bacteria and accelerate the recovery process of that pain/scar.

  1. Anti Bacteria

Tangerine essential oil shows antimicrobial activity. A study has been performed to analyze the effects of Listeria innocua and the impact on the color and texture of green bean samples.

The experimental results showed positive results in microbial reduction. Tangerine essential oil also helps prevent changes in the texture and color changes of food during storage. The findings provide a healthier alternative method for food preservation that makes it free from microbes or bacteria that may go into the body.

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  1. Make Skin Smoother

Nowadays, orange oil is widely used in the beauty industry. Cream and oil massage, which includes in tangerine oil, make the skin soft and supple. It has some compounds that make skin pigment brighter and can be used for various activities. For example, it is recommended for pregnant women, as a means of stretching the skin.

In addition, the tangerine oil contains cytophylactic which can stimulate the generation and growth of new cells. This is very beneficial for the rejuvenation of mature skin and can also help accelerate the healing of skin damaged by burns.

  1. Prevent Sepsis

Sepsis is a worse condition that often affects the body such as swelling, red wounds and acute pain. We should treat this fast because it can affect other parts and make it more difficult to cure. Fortunately, the tangerine essential oil contains some compounds that can kill the bacteria which is the root problem of it.

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  1. Purify Blood

Tangerine essential oil can remove toxins or poisons that go into the blood like uric acid, pollutants, extra salt, and water. It helps to purify the blood and make it work properly. Blood is very important for our body because we can’t do anything without blood that activates the function of some parts in the body. So, we need to take care it and use this tangerine oil to become a healthy person.

  1. Prevent Inflammation

There are some inflammations that can disturb the activities of the body such as the respiratory, circulatory, digestive, nervous, etc. We can soothe it and prevent it from happening by using tangerine essential oil. In addition, we can reduce the depression, anger, and impulsive effects.

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  1. Make Body Feel Energetic

Tangerine essential oil accelerates the decomposition of food and absorption of nutrients which are the function of metabolism by toning up the liver, stomach, and intestines. In addition, it helps strengthen the body, promote secretions of the endocrine system and also tones up the nervous system. This makes us feel more energetic and can do many works without problem.

It also boosts the immune system to defend the body from infections or diseases. Of course, we don’t want to get sick after doing many works even though it seems we were healthy a minute ago. Infections and diseases happen in all time and places without knowing it, so always stay alert.

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  1. For Perfume and Deodorant

The fragrant and refreshing citrus aroma from tangerine essential oil gives us some benefits. It can be used for a deodorant that always the problem that makes us not confident. In addition, it is a nice ingredient for perfume.

It has aromatherapy that makes our surroundings refreshing and makes us look cooler and more charming. Breathing through the aroma of Tangerine essential will retain oxygen, stay fresh, and keyed up all throughout the day.

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  1. Hair Conditioner

Tangerine essential oil is good for hair conditioner because of its nice smell. It can also make the hair smoother and easy to comb. It also prevents the loss of hair that can cause the baldness.

  1. Weight Loss

Tangerine essential oil is good for the digestion of the body and it is low in fat. In addition, it can help to fight the cellulite that is one of the biggest women problems. So, we can use this as an alternative ingredient or food to lose some weights.

There is a flavonoid, Nobiliten in tangerine essential oil that can accelerate the metabolism in the body. Women don’t need to worry anything because the taste of tangerine essential oil is sweet and fragrant. They can do their diet but can enjoy the delicious meals from tangerine essential oil.

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  1. Antispasmodic

Tangerine essential oil has antispasmodic compounds that can help treat and cure various problems caused by spasms. They occur in the respiratory, nervous and digestive systems and may lead to further problems such as difficulty in breathing, coughing, diarrhea, and seizures.

They can also occur and affect the other parts of the body and are not common stomach cramps. It is said that the essential oil of lime can provide relief for many of these conditions before they become too serious.

More Tangerine Essential Oil Uses

Here is more health benefits of tangerine essential oil that we can get.

  1. Massage oil for body
  2. Overcome constipation
  3. Relieve dandruff
  4. Strengthen muscle and nerve
  5. Relieve leaky gut syndrome
  6. Stimulate the lymphatic system

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Cautions of Tangerine Essential Oil

After knowing the health benefits of tangerine essential oil, here are the cautions before we use tangerine essential oil.

  1. For Sensitive Skin

From above, we know that tangerine essential oil is good for making the skin smoother. However, there are some people who have sensitive skins. For this case, they should not use tangerine essential oil because the effect of it is too strong and may give other damages to the sensitive skins.

  1. For Children

Tangerine essential oil is not good for children because it has a strong effect that can affect their growth. Children should use baby oil, eucalyptus oil or other oil with light effect, so they can grow and get some benefits without a problem.

  1. For Pregnant Mother

Tangerine essential oil is not recommended for the pregnant mother because there are some compounds in there that may cause the contraction of her. The pregnant mother should consult with the doctor before using it to get the right information about this.

There are many health benefits of tangerine essential oil for the body. However, we still need to take caution about the side effect of it. Keep up the healthy lifestyle and good luck.

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