9 Proven Health Benefits of Morel Mushrooms

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Most of us probably aren’t that familiar with morel mushrooms. Well, if you happen to work in the culinary industries or at least get involved in there, you’d know that these mushrooms are highly sought after and generally quite pricey. Mushrooms are generally considered as great additions to our overall diets for their high amount of protein, as well as other vitamins and minerals such as copper, potassium, zinc, selenium and B vitamins. Not only that, them being closer to “plant” family, naturally contains high dietary fiber and low in both saturated and unsaturated fats. Only do take care not to pick the wrong, poisonous mushrooms instead which might be detrimental to your health.

Morel mushroom is just one out of the myriad of varieties in the fungi families. The mushrooms are known to be woody and black, in which its shapes resemble those of woods. The morel mushrooms generally found in the northern regions of the United States as well as the forests regions of Europe and somewhere in between them. The mushrooms have distinctive shape almost akin to that of honeycomb in its upper parts.

The mushrooms has other names such as merkels, mirachles and dryland fish, and are only grown in the wild and often contain some insects inside their flesh. Despite its hefty price tag, you should really look for morel mushrooms from trusted distributors, due to their rarities and their natural difficulties to be grown commercially, it is easy for people to fall for imitations with slightly lower prices.

Due to their tastes, as well as the nutrition, no wonder that there are high demands for morel mushrooms. However, what really are the health benefits of morel mushrooms? In the following paragraphs we will discuss how morel mushrooms might affect our health positively. So, here are lists of health benefits of Morel Mushrooms:

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  1. Relieves from Digestion Problems

Morel mushrooms are heavy in dietary fibers, as indicated by its comparably more fibrous fleshes, especially when compared to other types of edible mushrooms such as white mushrooms. Dietary fibers are known to be beneficial in maintaining the health of our digestive systems. That is because those fibers work as both stimulants for digestion processes and as fillers in the digestive systems. The benefits work both ways in which they can boost the digestive processes as well as keeping us full longer.

The presences of dietary fibers can also protect our digestive systems from many problems such as indigestion and constipation. They work by stimulating the digestion processes which in turn trained the intestines to work longer and more effectively. Therefore, any foods and nourishment can be absorbed optimally and the waste products discharged without any problems.

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  1. Excellent for Diet and Muscle Building

If you’re into high-protein, low-fats diets, then consider including morel mushrooms into your meals. It is known that a cup of morel mushrooms (approximately 66 grams) contains about 2.06 grams of proteins and 0.38 grams of fat, for only 20 calories. From that composition we can conclude that it’s quite a high amount for a considerably small portion. Not only that, we have also known from the previous paragraphs about the high dietary fiber contents in the mushrooms, which can also greatly enhance your diet by keeping you full and reducing the cravings for potentially unhealthy snacks.

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  1. Great Energy Sources

What’s more health benefits of morel mushrooms? In the times when you need energies the most, try at least once to utilize morel mushrooms in your meal before the big day. That’s because in the mushrooms there are many beneficial vitamins and minerals as well as macro nutrients which not only can provide you with much needed energy, but also can greatly help in energy productions in the body.

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  1. Aids in Metabolism

Again with the minerals, morel mushrooms are great sources if you’re deficient or looking for minerals such as copper, iron and zinc. Those three minerals are believed to work hand in hand in making sure that the metabolisms going on in our bodies are dealt with properly. Take for instances, iron is arguably the most common as well as the most popular minerals out there. While the main reasons people are getting iron aren’t exactly to enhance their metabolism, the presences of irons certainly helps.

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  1. Supports Nervous System and Cardiovascular Health

One of the key nutrients contained in morel mushrooms is vitamin B1, also known as thiamine. One of the main usages of thiamine including breaking down the sugar contents in the body. Although to be fair, many types of vitamins B, such as folate and folic acid also play parts in regulating blood sugar levels in some way, mostly by supporting the bodily functions to break glucose. What’s so special about thiamine is that it can also help in supporting heart health as well as nervous system health.

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  1. Improves the Regulations of Bodily Fluids

Healthy foods worth their salt won’t be complete without the presences of potassium. Commonly found in bananas, these substances are helpful especially when we need the balanced amount of energy and low level of calories. That’s why, if you need some treats to have before some liquid-draining activities, you can never go wrong with morel mushrooms. The amount of potassium is enough to help the fluid regulations in our bodies, as well as protein synthesis and maintaining cardiovascular health.

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7. Rich of Protein 

Proteins are great energy sources which can also promotes efficient energy productions by burning other energy sources, such as fats. But the works of protein alone isn’t enough for the energy to be produced optimally. Therefore, there are minerals such as irons and zinc which can give the body the necessary fuels and ingredients for energy productions through metabolism.

8. For Menstruation 

Foods with high iron content are generally sought after by women in their menstruation periods who needs iron in significantly higher amounts. Actually, some enzymes are dependent of iron to do their works and ultimately to produce energy. Thankfully, most men can gain 100 percent of their recommended daily intake for iron from one cup of morel mushrooms, while most women can still gain 44 percent extra iron from the same amount of morel mushrooms.

9. Sources of Necessary Nutrition

Folic acid is also known as the ingredient for many health products, mostly for babies. Its ability to protect the growth and functions of nervous system has been known and proven. Therefore, by eating morel mushrooms, you can get the necessary nutrition to keep your heart and nervous system young, and from many ailments such as Alzheimer and heart diseases.

So, those are the health benefits of morel mushrooms. Seeing how jam-packed the mushrooms with so many macro nutrients as well as vitamins and minerals, it’s only fair that we suggest the consumption of these wonderful mushrooms at least once to feel their benefits. Thankfully, there are many methods that can be used to consume these mushrooms too. The morel mushrooms are best consumed when cooked, which means anything with enough heat can be utilized to prepare morel mushrooms into things safe enough to eat. That’s right, even things that are supposed to be really healthy like morel mushrooms might pose some health risks to you due to certain circumstances.

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Cautions of Morel Mushroom Consumption

As mentioned in the introduction, it can be said that there are two threats which we might encounter when we decide to consume morel mushrooms. First, we have learned that it is really difficult to grow morel mushrooms for commercial purposes, because of many special conditions which have to be met for them to grow properly. Thus, practically we are left with only one option, namely to find them in the wilderness.

However, please do keep in mind before going into the practice of mushroom hunting to consult the experts regarding methods and techniques required to identify types of mushrooms and to keep them apart from one another. This is important especially with the case of morel mushrooms, as there are literally some mushrooms which are known as “false morels” whose forms look somewhat similar to those of morel mushrooms’, only a bit rounder in the caps. Be extremely careful as these mushrooms are known to be poisonous.

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Second, take considerably good cares when preparing the morel mushrooms. Not only does cooking them properly make them taste better, but applying heat to the mushrooms is also able to eliminates many substances which might be detrimental to your health, thus saving you many problems later on. And lastly watch out for any sign of allergic reactions. Especially for those who aren’t familiar with morel mushrooms before, try them in a small amount before proceed to consume more of them. If several hours passed and nothing wrong happened, it’s probably okay for you to consume morel mushrooms.

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Alright, that’s all that we can sum up in this article about morel mushrooms. Certainly we can learn how valuable these mushrooms are, even without even knowing the health benefits of morel mushrooms. However, knowing how wonderfully beneficial these mushrooms to our bodies also helps us in appreciating the popular mushrooms and in turn understanding where the hefty price tag comes from. We thank you for reading, hopefully you can learn many things about morel mushrooms by reading this article. Keep learning and stay in good health.