10 Health Benefits of Fruit Bintaro (No.1 Is Surprisingly Amazing)

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When it comes to exotic fruits, they could be really exotics from their appearance up to the flavor or they could be really deadly like bintaro fruit which is not edible at all because from the leaves, fruits and the seeds are all poisonous. So, it is not typical fruit you could find in the marketplace but indeed, no matter how dangerous this fruit could be, still there are some health benefits of fruit bintaro you need to know.

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What is Bintaro Fruit?

Bintaro fruit has scientific name Cerbera manghas, which name is derived from the Hades’ hell dog Cerberus from Greek Mythology. This fruit is originated from Indian Ocean around Seychelle Islands but since the tree is always associated with mangrove forests, bintaro fruit is quite easy to be found in every tropical country like Hawaii and most part of Southeast Asia like Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand up to Northern Australia. However, as mentioned above this fruit is very poisonous because it contains potent cardiac glycoside cerberin that is very deadly if ingested. That’s why in Hawaii, this fruit earns special name as “suicide apple”.

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Health benefits of fruit bintaro, unfortunately, until now the number of researches that are specifically doing the study about fruit bintaro is only from local universities only, so there is no official information yet about the nutritional values found in bintaro fruit though the toxic properties are already widely well known. However, no matter how poisonous this fruit is, the list of health benefits of fruit bintaro below may open your mind even this ‘suicide apple’ could bring benefits to human.

  1. Alternative Energy

Based on researches conducted by Fateta Researches from IPB, bintaro fruit could be used as alternative energy with smell, smokes and residue that are safe for health though the fruits are actually very toxic.

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  1. Alternative to Kerosene

In some countries, kerosene is still used to cook by using kerosene stoves. Right now is quite difficult to find kerosene but surprisingly oil extracted from bintaro could be an alternative to kerosene as well.

  1. Natural Enemy of Mice

If you got problem with mice at home, just have some bintaro fruit and put it in the way mostly used by mice. Magically, mice will avoid that route because bintaro fruit is actually the natural enemy of mice.

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  1. Excellent Biopestiside

Being organic is very important if you don’t want yourself contaminated with dangerous chemicals. Fruit bintaro is an excellent alternative solution for your plants because it could be an excellent biopestiside to get rid of pests in the most natural way.

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  1. Natural Enemy of Spodoptera

Spodotera is pest that is not easy to dealt with. However, some natives of Indonesia have been using bintaro fruit to kill spodoptera effectively with successful level up to 90%.

  1. Main Ingredients of Deodorant

Some properties found in bintaro fruit are actually main ingredients to make deodorant to help you controlling your sweat, especially when doing activities that required you to move around.

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  1. Home Remedy for Wound Treatment

Though further studies about the values of bintaro fruit is strongly required by some natives of Indonesia have been using bintaro fruit as home remedy for wound treatment.

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  1. Ingredients to Make Candle

Bintaro fruit is so rich of oil and quite enough to make candle from the oil extracted from the fruits.  However, you should do it rightly or you are only burning something that could spread toxic smokes. For details, you could read the cautions section below.

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  1. Used for Hunting

Some tribes once used bintaro fruit for hunting because the poison contained in the fruit is very effective to kill animals. They are putting the poison from bintaro fruit in the tip of their arrows.

  1. Excellent Source of Wood Panel

The compound called lignoselulosa found in bintaro fruit is actually an excellent reason why this fruit could be used to make wood panel.

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Cautions of Bintaro Fruit

When talking about the cautions of bintaro fruit, surely you have known that this fruit is very poisonous and not edible. However, some more information below may tell you to not playing around with this fruit at all if you don’t want to deal with the consequences.

  • Since all parts of bintaro tree is poisonous, don’t burn the woods, leaves or the fruits because the toxins could be spread by the smokes.
  • The poison contained in bintaro fruit is very deadly because it could affect the heart and if it is ingested, the effect could be fatal.

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In summary, finding out more information about bintaro fruit is important especially about the poison contained in this fruit. By knowing those facts you could get all the benefits of this exotic fruit and avoid all kinds of dangers that come with it. Thus, there are many health benefits of fruit bintaro.

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