14 Top Health Benefits of Monk Fruit (No.1 is Excellent!)

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monk fruitIf you have not known a fruit named Monk fruit, then, you can discover the information of this fruit in this article. Monk fruit has the scientific name as Siraitia grosvenorii that belongs to Cucurbitaceae family. It originally comes from to southern China and northern Thailand. It has round shape, approximately 5 centimeters in diameter. Also, it has a sweet edible pulp.

Next, this fruit is known to be consumed fresh. It contains the high levels of vitamin C. In Asia, it is also known as lo han guo and is also being used for natural sweetener. Not only to sweeten foods and beverages, it is also being used for centuries to treat cold and digestive aid. Then, if you are curious what are abilities of monk fruit, then we have listed the health benefits of monk fruit below.


Then, if you are curious what are abilities of monk fruit, then we have listed the health benefits of monk fruit below.

1. Your Natural Sweetener

Many people may reduce the sugar consumption as the excess amount of it can lead to the risk of diseases. As a result, the alternative option you can have is by choosing the natural sweetener. In this case, you may choose stevia as your sugar substitute. However, there is monk fruit which also has the great benefits for your body. It is known that monk fruit as zero calories per serving. This is very good as you can have fewer calories contained in the body. Then, have you started to substitute your sugar consumption with monk fruit as the sweetener?


2. Ideal for Diet

It is a must to remember that you have to do a healthy diet. By this means, you must consume healthy foods such as fiber foods. Consequently, you can choose monk fruit as the good option. Due to the presence of low-calorie level in monk fruit, then it is ideal for your diet. Adding monk fruit as your sweetener can help lower the level of calories in the body. Not only for that, it will help to manage the carbohydrate level. Thus, as monk fruit has 300–400 times the sweetness of cane sugar, then you will not lose the sweetness of your food as well as achieving healthier life for sure.


3. Lowers Risk of Obesity

As described before, monk fruit is good for your healthy diet. In this case, it also shows the positive result in the reducing risk of obesity. Indeed, it is related with the low-calorie level in monk fruit. Then, by using monk fruit as your natural sweetener, then you will also have a natural obesity treatment for sure.


4. Have Antioxidant Properties

It is great to know that monk fruit is rich in antioxidant properties. As a result, it is even called as “longevity fruit” due to its high antioxidant levels. Also, as we have known, antioxidant fruits bring benefits to protect the body against diseases. It builds protection to reduce any risks of disease such as respiratory ailments. Thus, if you want to protect your body, then having monk fruit will be always a good option.


5. Have Antibacterial Properties

It is also shown that monk fruit has the antibacterial properties. This is very beneficial to prevent the body infections. Not only for that, monk fruit is also good to promote the proper bacterial balance. As a result, monk fruit extract will prevent the candida and bacteria responsible for gum disease in the mouth. Hence, as you can prevent the growth of microbial agent, then it is recommended to add monk fruit for your fruit option.

6. Acts as Anti-Inflammatory

One of excellent health benefits of monk fruit is to protect the body from inflammation. Since inflammation is the root of diseases, then it is a must to find a way to prevent it. Not only for that, it is believed, that Ancient Chinese has been used this fruit as a drinking tea to treat fever and sore throat. Indeed, these are related to its anti-inflammatory abilities. As the consequence, if you want to have natural medications, you can use monk fruit to fight inflammation.


7. Fights Free Radicals

The presence of powerful antioxidants helps to fight free radicals. This one can be beneficial to protect the body against diseases. Moreover, this kind of antioxidant properties will prevent oxidative damage. Hence, it is recommended to consume monk fruit regularly in order to reduce the effects of free radicals such as cancer.


8. Prevents Infections

What is even greater from monk fruit is its ability to prevent infections. This benefit is linked to the presence of natural antimicrobial agents to protect the body against bacteria. Indeed, it will be valuable to inhibit the growth of bacteria. As a result, it takes part in preventing infections of oral bacteria that cause tooth decay. Not only for that, it is also great to fight some forms of candida symptoms. Such the great benefits, right?


9. Prevents Diabetes

One of health benefits of monk fruit is to treat diabetes. This is due to the presence of good effects of monk fruit as the sweetener. The greater thing of monk fruit is the way it has no effect on blood sugar. This is excellent as you can control and prevent diabetes as well.

Not only for that benefit, monk fruit is known has antihyperglycemic to lower the blood glucose level in the body. It is also linked with the presence of mogrosides to improve insulin secretion and improve the body health. Therefore, as diabetes is a chronic disease, then we need a good prevention such as monk fruit for food sweetener then.


10. Treats Cancer

As Monk fruit contains the high level of antioxidants, then it has shown the good effects in treating cancer. It is known that it has anti-carcinogenic effects to reduce the risk of breast tumor growth. Moreover, the sweetener made from monk fruit is safe and has the great power to reduce the risk of one of most chronic diseases. For the tips, it is advised to apply the healthy lifestyle and consuming healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables to prevent the risks of cancer.


11. Fights Fatigue

If you face hard days, then monk fruit can help you this excellent fruit plays a role in decreasing fatigue. This benefit is linked with the presence of good nutrients in it. Moreover, as it is called as “longevity fruit”, then it will be beneficial to make your body stronger as well.

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12. Cures Allergy

One of the great health benefits of monk fruit is to cure allergy. What is the allergy? It is known that allergy comes when the body’s mast cells release a number of chemicals into our system such as histamine. The cause of allergic reaction comes in a various way. It can be caused by inflammation or irritation as well. As a result, the use of monk fruit extract can reduce the level of histamine and relieve common allergies for sure. Then, what are you waiting for? Start to consume monk fruit to have the healthier life!


13. Promotes Heart Health

Another excellent benefit provided by monk fruit is the way it improves heart health. It turns out that monk fruit can prevent the cholesterol from the oxidizing process. This also can prevent the plaque building within arteries and blood vessels. Not only for that, as monk fruit combat body infections, then it can prevent the infection on blood system. Hence, as you consume monk fruit regularly, then you can have the potential fruit to lower the risks of heart diseases such as heart attack and strokes.


14. Boosts Immune System

All you need to have a healthy life is to promote the work of the immune system. It is known that the stronger the immune system, then the stronger your life is. This is associated with the ability of immune system to protect the body against diseases. At this point, monk fruit has a role in boosting immune system due to the presence of high content of vitamin C. Moreover, it also promotes the production of white cells in the body. As a result, monk fruit shows the ability to protect the body tissues and blood vessels as well.

The greater thing also comes from mogrosides which have been linked to preventing viral infections such as the Epstein Barr virus. Therefore, monk fruit provides excellent protection to our body, then having it as your fruit option will lead you to the healthier life for sure.


After knowing the health benefits of monk fruit, then let’s see the tips for consuming this fruit below.

Tips for Consuming

  • To have monk fruit, you can find the dried fruit at the Chinese market. Then, it can be used for soups and teas.
  • Monk fruit can be eaten fresh. However, if you want to add some food recipes of it, then it will be just very great. You can add monk fruit as the sweetener to your salad dressings, smoothies, frostings, and oatmeal.
  • Next, you can add monk fruit to your bread recipe. By having a mixture of almond and monk fruit to your bread, then you will have a nutritious and delicious bread for sure. Another option is by adding monk fruit to your brownies as well.

As the conclusion, monk fruit can be your fruit option. This nutritious fruit provide excellent benefits as it will help you to relieve allergy and boost the immune system. Then, you can add it to any kind of food recipes. Therefore, by consuming monk fruit regularly, you can boost your healthy life.