13 Top Benefits of Sea Sponge (#1 Natural Cleaning Purposes)

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sea spongeSea sponge is known as one of the animals of the phylum Porifera. It is a sea animal which is the simplest multi-cellular living organisms. It also has the countless tiny holes visible on its skin. The bodies full of pores and channels to allow the water for circulation. Moreover, it is known that there are more than 5,000 species of sponges in the world.

They also grow in different shapes, colors, textures, and sizes as well. At this point, less than 12 species of sponges which is being commercialized for the usage purposes. Sponge fishermen harvesting the sea sponge by slicing it at least 1 inch from the base. This technique will lead to the regeneration of the sea sponge as well. Besides, the highest quality of sea sponges is from the tropical seas, particularly the Mediterranean, the Aegean, and the Red Seas.

As a matter of fact, sea sponge has its great ability to regenerate themselves. They will regrow after the fishermen slice its part of the body into the new sponges. This is great as it will increase sea sponge population density for sure. For more information, sea sponge in the ecosystem anchoring itself permanently to other solid objects such as on the ocean floor, shell beds, corals, and various other surfaces. It will take the nutrients by moving the ocean currents through their bodies as well taking the oxygen and release the waste.

Recently, sea sponge has been used for many kinds of natural and organic products. In this case, people use the sea sponge to scrub the skin while taking a bath. As a result, sea sponge as the natural product provides their pros and cons as well. Besides, there are few cases which will give you more preferences to use natural sponges rather than the synthetic sponges.


As the consequence, if you want to know the benefits of sea sponge, let’s have a look at the information below.

  1. Eco-Friendly One

When you use the natural resources, you must think first whether it is sustainable one or not. In this case, it is very best to use the natural things for daily purpose as well as using the sustainable ones. As a result, you can use sea sponge for sure.

Consequently, sea sponge has the ability to grow back after they are harvested. What is even greater is the harvesting way which does not involve any chemicals that could damage the environment. Apart from the sea sponge, synthetic sponges made by foamed plastic polymers (petroleum byproducts) or can also be made from cellulose wood fibers. Indeed, this type of sponges will support to the logging friendly which is not eco-friendly. As the consequence, by using sea sponge, you have already supported the eco-friendly usage of natural products then.


2. Exfoliates the Skin

Using sea sponges while taking a bath is the best way you can do. The reason why sea sponge can be a good option is the way it helps to exfoliate your skin. At this point, the texture of sea sponge helps to cleanse and scrub the skin as well. As a result, you will be free from the presence of dead cells resulting in the clear and radiant skin. Indeed, you can use sea sponge for the regular bath to keep your skin being freshener.


3. Cleans Pores

By exfoliating your skin, then your body will be free from the dead cells. Moreover, it is good to clean your pores. The sea sponge is ideal for bathing and cleaning as they soak up and hold the water without dripping for sure. As a result, it washes out quickly and easily resulting in the softer and cleaner skin. Indeed, sea sponge is the natural and healthy way to cleanse your skin and pores. Thus, it is recommended to use sea sponge for bath purposes as it will help keep your pores free of impurities as well.


4. Prevents Skin Problems

If you suffer from psoriasis or eczema, then using sea sponge can help you to deal with these problems. At this point, it is known that sea sponges can naturally inhibit the growth of mold, bacteria, and mildew. This is very great as well as you can prevent the presence of bacteria on the skin which leads to skin problems.

In contrast, you need to reduce the use of synthetic sponges as it is made with toxic chemicals and contains disinfectant called trictosan. Trictosan itself is the kind of pesticides found in household cleaners such as deodorants and toothpaste. Thus, choosing sea sponge is the best alternative option for you who want to be free from skin problems.


5. Suitable for Skin

What is even greater from sea sponge is because it suits for all skin types. Using this soft tools will not cause the irritation for the skin. In contrast, it will make your skin cleaner and smoother than before. In this case, sea sponge has the advantage compared to the synthetic ones.

The synthetic sponge is normally treated with toxic substances. The usage of this one to the skin in a long time may lead to the presence of skin irritation if you have sensitive skin. Thus, to ensure that your skin will be just in a right condition, then having sea sponge is the good option you can do.


6. Best Quality

One of the reasons to choose sea sponge for your bath tool is the way it has the best quality. This has been proven as well as it has been used since ancient times. It has the soft texture and has the luxurious lather which will suit the skin types of human.

Moreover, it is highly absorbent and more durable rather than the synthetic sponges. Indeed, it can be last for years while synthetic will only last for a very short time! Thus, if you can have something which is natural and provides the best durability, then you will have no doubt to pick sea sponge to brush your skin.

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7. Safe to Use

The best quality means nothing if it is unsafe for everyone. Indeed, safety always comes first. At this point, the use of sea sponge as the natural product can make you be safe from bacteria. It actually has enzymes which can prevent the growth of mildew, mold, and bacteria. It is toxin-free and hypoallergenic.

These are such good news as synthetic sponges can be the place for bacteria reproduction. Therefore, start to use sea sponge as it will give you the best self-cleaning through their ability to prevent the presence of bacteria as well.


8. Best for Babies

One of the benefits of sea sponges is the way it becomes the suitable one for babies. This is great as sea sponge is suitable for all ages. The soft texture of sea sponge will not scratch the babies skin. In contrast, it will protect the baby skin as it can be used to rinse and wash the skin and babies little hair. Indeed, sea sponge can be the best choice for infants and young children. Hence, you can have it every day as it has the smooth surface and will be the favorite thing of your family.


9. Cleans the Things

Not only for cleaning your body while taking a bath, but sea sponge can be beneficial for household cleaning. Indeed, sea sponge is multi-purpose. It has the great texture and ability to remove the dirt. Hence, what are you waiting for? Start to use the sea sponge to clean the things in your home!

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10. Washes the Car

The next benefit of sea sponge is the way it can wash your car and boat. At this point, sea sponge offers the soft texture for clean finishing for sure. What a great benefit, right?

11. Clean the Pets

To clean your pets, you can also use sea sponge as it has the smooth texture. As a result, it will not cause the irritation on the pet’s skin.

12. Treats Arthritis

Surprisingly, due to the minerals content of sea sponge, then it will be valuable to treat certain health problems including arthritis.


13. Treats Cancer

Not only for arthritis, then sea sponge can be very useful to treat cancer. Though this one needs to be proven with more research, still sea sponge should be taken into account. Besides, if you want to prevent the risks of cancer, you can try to apply healthy lifestyle and consume healthy foods as well.



As the consequence, you can have a choice to pick which forms or which shapes do you need. For example, you will need a larger sea sponge to clean the household compared to the bath purposes. Moreover, to ensure that your sea sponge is in clean condition, you can soak it in the solution of warm water with a few drops of Tea Tree Oil. Then, you can rinse and dry it completely before using it again. Indeed, this will keep your sea sponge away from the presence of bacteria growth.

To sum up, sea sponges are the commodity which has the high value for many people at many places in the world. There are many benefits of sea sponge for health. It provides its best quality and durability as well. It offers you the softness while taking a bath. Moreover, it has the long life span so that you can use it for a longer time for sure. Hence, it is such a great idea to use the sea sponge for the daily purpose then!

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