13 Super Health Benefits of Oatmeal In the Morning

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Oatmeal is currently being popular as a part of society’s new healthy life style due to the slight of heart attack cases among people. Oatmeal, which is made from wheat grain, is a kind of super food claimed to have such complex carbo and fiber to balance the body needs nutrient. For some, health benefits of oatmeal in the morning is typically identified as diet menu option, whereas it is not only good for those who are on diet program but also for the daily nutrition consumption. The complex carbs and fiber are very essential to the energy supply of the human body.

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Oatmeal Nutrient Composition

Oatmeal may not be really popular in Indonesia as the breakfast starter menu, but in most western countries, oatmeal has been part of their daily menu particularly at the breakfast time. Although we often see the ads performed the health benefits of oatmeal on the television, there are less people who consume it. Hence, many companies then produce instant oatmeal as one of the quick, healthy, and tasty menu for daily life. Most of Indonesian is having big dependency on rice as their main carbs, of which actually not as good as oatmeal in term of fiber and benefits. Oatmeal is quite recommended since it has the following nutrients composition:

  • Lignan, a chemical essence to protect heart from suffering disorder
  • High fiber
  • Anti-oxide
  • Zinc, magnesium, and vitamins complex
  • Low calorie

Reviewed from its high fiber, it has no wonder why most people will get maximum benefits of oatmeal in the morning especially on breakfast before starting their day. In this article, we will know more what the health benefits of oatmeal for our health are. Check them out!

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  1. Preventing Cardiovascular Disease

Oatmeal is a whole wheat grain refined product which has tons of amazing benefits. It can reduce the risk of various deadly heart diseases such as hyper tense, cardiovascular, and stroke. The lignin essence in the oatmeal is the one which prevent heart complication. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends eating seeds, of which oatmeal is part of seeds, reducing and preventing cardiovascular disease and gaining some more mineral, vitamins, and fibers benefits.

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  1. Cholesterol Reducing

Consuming oatmeal can reduce the cholesterol particularly LDL or bad cholesterol contained in the blood. Therefore, before you are diagnosing to have such high cholesterol, protect yourself by starting consume oatmeal as your main carbs substitution. Starting by consuming benefits of oatmeal in the morning with mixed of fruits and grains are good step to start with.

  1. Diet and Weight Loose

High fiber contains and low calories are magical combination of oatmeal to be part of your daily diet menu. When you consume oatmeal for the breakfast, you will stay full longer. In other hand, when you eat such high sugar and fat breakfast, your will easily get hungry due to the quick but not well absorbed metabolism. Mix your healthy oatmeal with slices of banana or strawberry to make you full and fresh to face the day.

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  1. Diabetic Survivor Healthy Menu

Oatmeal is refined product of wheat grain which really good to be consumed by diabetic sufferers. Diabetic patients are very strongly recommended to consume oatmeal as their main carbs menu substitute the rice due to its low calorie and low sugar contained. The high fiber inside oatmeal will help the metabolism and repair the blood sugar balance.

  1. Full of Anti-oxide

Oatmeal has large amount of anti-oxide which is really essential to keep the body from free radicals spreading which affecting the skin beauty and health. Indicated as the main reason of cancer, free radicals should be fought by everyone. Starting with eating oatmeal which contains much anti-oxide to protect the body is a good way to do. Thus, there are many more health benefits of oatmeal in the morning.

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  1. Artery Stiffening Avoid

When talking about cardiovascular, the best recall memory is the heart and nerves membranes. Oatmeal has the main function to avoid artery hardening. The anti-oxide will less and prevents the molecules production which will create monosit to face the artery hardening as a result. The research has proven that menopause women who consume six portions of grain each week will have less risk of atherosclerosis of which one of plaque stack disease along the artery wall and decelerate the stenosis process which tightens the artery creating stroke and heart attack as a result.

  1. Hyper Tense Reducing

Another health benefit of oatmeal which is really powerful is the fiber. The fiber inside the oatmeal functions really hard to maximize the human health body. One of the benefits is to reduce the hyper tense. Hyper tense is very dangerous due to its risk of triggering stroke.

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  1. Cancer Avoiding

The function of fiber in the oatmeal is not only full of nutrient for the digesting system but also smoothen the metabolism in order to balance the body system. What will you get if you have such healthy and smooth metabolism? The answer is great fit body and free cancer risk! Anti-oxide inside the oatmeal is very beneficial to lessen the risk of cancer.

  1. Blood Sugar Pressure Stabilization

Fiber has no limit to give the health value of the body. After metabolism and digesting system, fiber also has value to stabilize sugar blood pressure. So, if you consume much carbo and too much sweetening, you should balance it with consuming high portion of fiber also to stabilize the blood sugar.

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  1. Immunity System Slighting

So, what’s more health benefits of oatmeal in the morning? Indeed, oatmeal has many nutrients to health the body, oatmeal contains complex essence and anti-oxide which is important to maintain the body immune. The anti-oxide can keep the body health physically from the skin up to the various sicknesses attack. That’s why there is nothing to lose start consuming oatmeal. If you consume oatmeal by now, you will gain more benefits as well.

  1. Healthy Skin

Consuming oatmeal routinely will treat your body simultaneously by its high level of anti-oxide. Anti-oxide will help the skin layer to release the free radicals due to the sun rays exposure and pollution. You may also use oatmeal to be masker on your face to get the additional benefits of beauty.

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  1. Stay Full Longer

The health benefit of oatmeal for breakfast compared to other breakfast is having much fiber in order to prevent you got hungry faster before the lunch time comes. A study done in 2014 published by Nutrition Journal showed that a participant who eats oatmeal regularly will stay full longer compared to those who consume cereal or rice with the same portion.

  1. Menopause Fitting

Women, particularly are in menopause ages, quite recommended to consume oatmeal and more cereal grains each week. Menopause means the deceleration of reproduction function; therefore, in order to fit the condition, consuming more fiber and low calorie will give extra benefits for the body.

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Some of you might be a bit lazy to try to consume oatmeal because the taste is quite plain. Meanwhile, if you consume it creatively, the taste can be more delicious and crunchy to get health benefits of oatmeal in the morning. You can add some more slices of meat, chicken, or any other menu. Some more fruits like strawberry, banana, or kiwi are also good and yummy. What are you waiting for more?