15 Health Benefits of Dried Moringa Leaves (The Miracle Tree)

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There are a lot of natural ways to reach healthy living goal and recently a recent trend shows that some people are eager to learn about alternative way to deal with some health conditions. Moringa leaves are one of the herbal plants in the top of the list where people found beneficial for natural living style. It is because there are a lot of health benefits of dried moringa leaves that have been widely known worldwide as part of traditional medicine or home remedy and even there are more research studies that have supported those opinions.

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What is Moringa Leaves Extract?

Moringa leaves extract is extract made from moringa leaves. Moringa leaves have been well known as ‘miracle tree’ in some countries but this tree is native to India. However, right now due to the health benefits of moringa leave extract; this tree has been commercially cultivated in countries like Africa and South America. Though it has been commercially offered but the popularity of moringa leaves could be traced back from ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian.

Nutritional Value of Moringa Leaves

Moringa Leaves (Raw)

Serving Size: 100 grams

Total Carbohydrate8.3 g – 3%
–          Dietary Fiber2 g – 8%
Total Fat1.4 g – 2%
Water78.7 g
Folate40 mcg
Niacin2.2 mg – 11%
Panthothenic Acid0.1 mg – 1%
Riboflavin0.7 mg – 39%
Thiamin0.3 mg – 17%
Vitamin A7564 IU – 151%
Vitamin B61.2 mg – 60%
Vitamin C51.7 mg – 86%
Calcium185 mg – 18%
Copper0.1 mg – 5%
Iron4 mg – 22%
Magnesium42 mg – 10%
Manganese1.1 mg – 53%
Phosphorus112 mg – 11%
Potassium337 mg – 7%
Selenium0.9 mcg – 1%
Sodium9 mg
Zinc0.6 mg – 4%

Generally, moringa leaves are loaded with properties that are great for human health not only to treat diseases but also to support healthy living lifestyle goal that everyone is eager to reach.

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  1. Moringa is Essential Source of Important Nutrients

In countries with food crisis, moringa is considered as ‘miracle tree’ because it could supply the lack of vitamins, minerals and protein. Though the popularity of moringa is quite new in Western countries but based some studies, moringa has been widely known for its medicinal properties for home and traditional remedy. That’s why in Philippines and some development countries, moringa is well known as ‘mother’s best friend’ due to its ability to treat some common disease so mothers shouldn’t bring their children to see doctor.

  1. Excellent Source of Powerful Antioxidant

The fact that moringa is called as ‘miracle tree’ is supported by some studies because it is true that moringa leaves are loaded with certain powerful antioxidants like quercetin, kaempferol, caffeoylquinic acid, rutin, zeatin, chlorogenic acid, beta-sitosterol and some more including vitamin C and vitamin A. Surely you have known that antioxidants are essential for human body to fight free radicals, harmful substance that could cause the development of cancerous cells and other health conditions.

  1. Alternative to Anti-Inflammatory Medicine

It is not just an assumption but already proven scientifically that moringa leaves extract is quite potent to treat some conditions caused by inflammation and one of them is edema. The same studies showed that the effect is equal to the anti-inflammatory medicine which already considered the most potent medicine. It means, there is a more natural solution to treat such painful condition like edema by using moringa leaves extract.

  1. Natural Solution to Damaged Liver

Some studies have stated that there is actually positive effect of using moringa leaves extract to treat damaged liver caused by anti-tubercular drugs. Those studies have been validated as well and the impact is still positive since moringa leave extract is not only protect the liver but also assist in accelerating the healing process to prevent further damage to the liver.

  1. Solution to Some Stomach Disorders

When it comes to stomach disorders the list could be endless and it seems like you need different type of medicine to deal with each of the condition. Well, some studies have proven that taking moringa leaves extract has the same effect as taking antacids and antihistamines. So, what is the point of taking stuff that is harmful for your liver while moringa leaves extract are not only natural unlike chemical-based drugs but also promote healthy liver while taking care your stomach disorders?

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  1. Cures Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative colitis is one more example of stomach disorder that could be cured by taking moringa leaves extract. Research studies have been especially conducted to proof that some contents found in moringa leaves extract could act as potent prednisolone. However, that kind of drug only takes care the condition by reducing the ulceration while moringa leaves extract is not stopping there because moringa leaves are containing some antibacterial agents that could prevent further infection caused by bacteria that could lead to condition like diarrhea.

  1. Solution to Weight Loss

You may think that the reason why moringa leaves extract is great for weight loss because it is low in calories. Well, it is true but science found something more because moringa leaves contains vitamin B complex that is not improving the bowel movement to make sure optimal absorption of nutrients but also could assist in converting some nutrients into energy instead of storing them as fat cells in your body. In other words, moringa leaves extract could act as natural energy booster as well.

  1. Contains Powerful Antibacterial Agents

It is probably true that due to some modern medical research studies, there is no point anymore for you to afraid of getting infected by bacteria though some infections should not taken for granted as well like infection caused by salmonella that could cause severe diarrhea or E. coli. However, some studies have proven that moringa leaves extract contains some powerful antibacterial agents that are not only able to kill and remove Salmonella and E. coli from your body system but also some other bacteria like Rhizopus species, Staphylococcus aureus and Enterobacter aerogenus.

  1. Cures Cancer

Perhaps moringa leaves are really earn the name of ‘miracle leaves’ because while therapy and some drugs are only able to at least slow down or prevent the development of cancerous cells, some studies and scientific research have proven that moringa leaves extract is able to cure cancer. It is because according those studies, moringa leaves extract contains chemomodulatory effects that could cure some types of cancers including ovarian cancer and hepatic carcinogenesis by not only inhibiting the development of cancerous cells but kill the cells completely.

  1. Great for Brain

Moringa leaves extract is not going to turn your brain into Einstein’s brain but based on some research studies, moringa leaves contain some compounds which has effect similar to some drugs that widely used to treat Alzheimer. It is because moringa leaves extract has positive effect to some brain’s component such as serotonin and dopamine to protect brain from some neurodegenerative diseases.

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  1. Support Healthy Bones

It is obvious that all foods that are high in calcium is great for bones and moringa leaves extract is no exception. It has been proven scientifically but among those who familiar with moringa leaves must have known that this leaves are quite rich of certain essential minerals especially calcium and phosphorous. Furthermore, since it also contains some anti-inflammatory properties, moringa leaves extract also great to treat bones conditions caused by inflammation like arthritis.

  1. Natural Immunity Booster

Moringa leaves extract is quite high in vitamin C but it is not the only reason why moringa leaves could act as natural immunity booster. These herbal plant leaves also contain a natural compound called ethanolic that will provide one more layer of protection to human immunity system.

  1. May Have Positive Impact to Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune disease is considered to be one of those diseases that difficult to be cured and not easy to be treated either. However, some scientific studies have shown some positive impact of using moringa leaves extract to act as immunosuppresive properties.

  1. Great for Heart

The fact that moringa leaves extract could prevent some conditions caused by cardiovascular condition has been well known and even some studies have supported with some valid data. Moringa leaves extract has cardiprotective and antiperioxidative effects that will provide protection to heart by inhibiting the production of lipid peroxidation.

  1. Solution to Diabetes

There are some studies conducted to some diabetic patients and the result is quite great because those patients show positive impact in the reduction of sugar in their blood and urine while at the same time the hemoglobin level is increasing.

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Cautions of Moringa Leaves

Though taking moringa leaves extract is quite safe but it doesn’t mean you don’t need to know about some words of cautions.

  • Be careful of allergic reaction because no matter how beneficial a herbal plant is if you are allergic to it, it is only going to be harmful for you.
  • If you are deciding to take moringa leaves extract as part of your treatment to certain condition, contacting and consulting this matter with your doctor is highly recommended to avoid some negative interactions with the prescribed medicines you’re currently taking.
  • The moringa leaves are quite safe to consume but you should be careful with the bark or root of moringa tree because they could cause some stomach problems.

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Those 15 health benefits of dried moringa leaves are just the top one while the list is still long to go. There are a lot of studies have been conducted to prove that traditional people must have called moringa leaves as ‘miracle tree’ with a strong reason. The result is quite impressive because some studies also stated that moringa leaves are also possessing anti-fertility properties, providing protection to kidney and preventing the formation of kidney stone, improving eye vision and preventing degenerative diseases. Even more, a specific study has shown that this ‘miracle tree’ is also great to improve memory and fight depression because they posses anti-epileptic properties.