15 Health Benefits of Drinking Water on Empty Stomach

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Most of woman in Japan has slim, fit, and tight body compare to others over the globe. It is quite alleged to their habit and healthy life style. One of them is drinking water on empty stomach in the morning after waking up. The health benefits of drinking water on empty stomach are fantastically good not only for the body shape but also for body metabolism. The habit can be implied to avoid someone suffering from obesity and diabetic.

Why Does Drink Water is Important?

70% percent of human body consists of water. If the need of water is not accomplished, then the body will bear either short or long term consequence of healthy. For example, dehydration, it may cause several complex illness such as migraine, hyper tense, obesity, cancer, kidneys stone, arthritis, and so on. Water is clearly very important for the body due to its complex nutrient of mineral, vitamins, protein, anti-oxide, potassium, calcium, and tons of healthy essences needed by the body.

It is not exaggerated to say that water is magical liquid on Earth which can fulfill most of human life needs. For that, to be avoided from such diseases, help your body to get well hydrated by drinking more water minimum 2 liter each day and you may routinely do the habit of drinking water in the morning to get health benefits of drinking water on empty stomach.

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Reported from the research, there are several health benefits of drinking water on empty stomach in the morning as follows.

  1. Cleansing Poison Out of Body

In the night when we are sleeping, the body will repair and release all the poison out. When we drink water on empty stomach in the morning, this will cleanse the dangerous poison out of the body and let it be fit and fresh. Drink water more in amount quantity will also increase the production of new muscles and blood cells.

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  1. Metabolism Increasing

Drinking water on empty stomach may increase the metabolism ability up to 24%. This is very essential especially for those who are doing the diet mode. The slight process of metabolism means you have better and healthier digesting system. Then, as a result, you can follow the diet routine easier if your digesting system absorbs the nutrients faster.

  1. Weight Balancing

When you drink water in the morning on empty stomach, you can release all the poison and improve the digesting system as well. You will feel not really hungry and your appetite might be less than usual. As long as your basic need of food has been fulfilled, you don’t need to consume more. This will prevent your weight gain from eating too much.

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  1. Digesting Disorder Prevention

Digesting disorder may be caused of the slightly level of acid inside the stomach. For the ulcer patients, they will feel that the gastric acid up to the throat and trigger nausea. When you drink water on empty stomach particularly in the morning before consuming anything, the acid can be pressured and diluted to prevent the gastric acid rise up to the throat.

  1. Healthier Skin

Lack of consuming water will trigger dehydration. Dehydration will cause early aging and wrinkle. It is found on some researches that drinking 500 ml water on empty stomach will enhance the blood flow in the skin and make the glowing skin as a result. In addition, drink a lot of water along the day means that your body will release more poison to create a healthier body and skin appearance as well.

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  1. Hair Growth

Dehydration can give serious effect on your hair growth. Drinking a lot of water gives the nutrients for your hair inside and out due to the function of water which form almost quarter part of hair weight. Lack of consuming water may cause the fragile and thin hairs. Therefore, you have to drink more water, particularly in the morning on empty stomach to improve the quality of your hair to be thicker and stronger.

  1. Kidneys Stone and Bladder Infection

Drinking water after waking up in the morning is really great to prevent the kidneys stone form and bladder infection. This is a fact that water can dilute the acid which triggers stone form in the kidneys. The more water you drink, the more you get protected from suffering any kidney stones and bladder infection.

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  1. Immunity System Strengthening

Drinking water on empty stomach in the morning help the body to balance lymphatic system affected to the incline of immunity level. Strong immunity system will make you be safe from any diseases and prevent you from getting sick easily due to the viruses or bacteria.

  1. Colon Cleansing

Every day we must consume various kinds of food and drink, not all of them is clean and nutrient warranted. The food then will be digested by the colon which is one of the most important organs in the body. By drinking water on empty stomach, it will really help to purify the colon and make it easier to absorb the nutrient from the food.

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  1. Adding Blood Quantity

When you feel like weak, dizzy, and anemia, the best recommended solution is drinking more water in sufficient frequent. The body always needs new blood cell to regenerate and revitalize the body cells. Therefore, drinking water will help the body to form new blood cells and form muscle.

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11. Muscle Belly Tightening

Having problem with such wattle belly? Now, you don’t need to be worry. Drinking water on empty stomach will also help the belly muscle to be stronger and tighter so that the wattle will not appear. While you drink, try to practice some breathing technique in order to practice the muscle strength too.

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12. Fat Balancing 

As we know that stomach is part of the body with the biggest risk of fat stack. That is why most people look fat only on their stomach and not in other parts of the body. By routinely drinking water on empty stomach, it will slowly but sure erode the fat stack around the belly and repair the muscle strength in order to get shaped and packed.

13. Full Hydrated

Since 70 % of human body consist of water, drinking considerable number of water is a must. You must not get dehydrated since you will get sick, weak, and cannot do anything. Therefore, drinking a lot of water continuously is really recommended to make you full hydrated and fit.

14. Nausea Preventing 

Morning sickness is a symptom of young pregnancy period which can be really terrible for the pregnant woman. Nausea will avoid them from feeling well and fit, keep unwell and have no appetite instead. Surprisingly, drink water on empty stomach can make the pregnant woman feel better to struggle themselves from the morning sickness. However, keep consuming nutrient food rather than only drinking water as the treatment.

15. Fitness Maintain 

Who cannot get rid of the health benefits of drinking water on empty stomach since it has much functions not only to cure some diseases but also maintain the body fitness. Water will bridge the body cell to work well and no matter what you will keep fit every single day.

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Tips to Drink Water in the Morning

Drinking water after waking up in the morning is genuinely a healthy life style proven. The health benefits of drinking water on empty stomach are quite clearly described above. In addition, you will feel extra fit and fresh every single day. Here are some tips on how you should drink water on empty stomach every day.

  1. Drink four glasses of water in 160 ml portion in each right after waking up. Do not brush your teeth or consume anything before doing it.
  2. Do not consume any food 45 minutes after drinking the water. This will give enough time for the digesting system to absorb the benefits maximum.
  3. Drink water 30 minutes after eating. It aims to give the digesting time enough time to absorb the nutrient from both the water and food as well.
  4. If you can’t start by drinking four glasses every morning, you may start by only one glasses or anything you want. You can slowly improve to add the portion as well.

Indeed, basically drinking water is the basic key to stay health. Yet, there are many more health benefits if drinking water on empty stomach.

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