21 Health Benefits of Yellow Squash Juice (#Evidence-Based)

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Yellow squash is well-known as pumpkin and one of the fruits belonging to the Cucurbitaceae group. This fruit is very identical with Halloween and fasting meal. It has a sweet and delicious taste, so many people eat this directly, mix it with other ingredients and cook it as the base of a soup or garnish it with desserts. All the parts from this fruit such as meat, seed, and skin can be used for eating.

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Nutrients of Yellow Squash

Serving size : 1 cup of sliced


[tr][th]Nutrient[/th] [th]Nutrient Value[/th] [th]% Daily Values[/th][/tr]

[tr][td]Calories[/td] [td]18[/td] [td][/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Total Fat[/td] [td]0.2 g[/td] [td]0%[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Saturated Fat[/td] [td]0.05 g[/td] [td]0%[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Polyunsaturated Fat[/td] [td]0.101 g[/td] [td][/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Monounsaturated Fat[/td] [td]0.018 g[/td] [td][/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Cholesterol[/td] [td]0 mg[/td] [td]0%[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Sodium[/td] [td]2 mg[/td] [td]0%[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Potassium[/td] [td]296 mg[/td] [td][/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Total Carbohydrate[/td] [td]3.79 g[/td] [td]1%[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Dietary Fiber[/td] [td]1.2 g[/td] [td]5%[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Sugar[/td] [td]2.49 g[/td] [td][/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Protein[/td] [td]1.37 g[/td] [td][/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Vitamin A[/td] [td][/td] [td]5%[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Vitamin C[/td] [td][/td] [td]32%[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Calcium[/td] [td][/td] [td]2%[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Iron[/td] [td][/td] [td]2%[/td][/tr]


From the rich of nutrients above, here is presented the health benefits of yellow squash juice.

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  1. Prevent constipation

One of the health problems caused by lack of fiber is constipation although that’s not the only cause. This digestive disorder can continue more seriously like hemorrhoids if left untreated and change diet. Constipation is one of the diseases that attack your digestive organs, making it difficult to defecate. Even to bleed if you have to defecate.

Fortunately, The yellow squash includes fiber-rich fruits, where the dietary fiber is useful for digestion. The most noticeable benefit is the smooth secretion of feces.

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  1. Make youthful

According to Mayo Clinic, yellow squash is the best source for vitamin A, anti-aging nutrients that help regenerate skin cells and increase collagen production. That is, yellow squash consumption can help the skin more smooth and look younger.

In addition, the yellow squash is rich in vitamin E, and carotenoid compounds characterized by orange in this fruit. This compound is effective in preventing premature aging.

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  1. Maintain Respiratory System

For those of you who have problems in the respiratory system is recommended to consume yellow squash. This is because the yellow squash is very rich in antioxidants that are used to overcome the problems surrounding breathing such as asthma. Eating it on a regular basis will alleviate the respiratory problem.

  1. Lose Weight

One cup of yellow squash is enough to meet the body’s need for three grams of fiber. One cup of it contains only 50 calories and no fat. Foods rich in fiber make the stomach feel full longer because the body takes a long time to digest. It will help you eat is not excessive.

Some calories contained mostly derived from low carbohydrate content. If you’re trying to lose weight, yellow squash can be a great option replacing high-calorie vegetables like potatoes, and corn.

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  1. Sharpen Eyes

The content of beta-carotene contained in the yellow squash, making this fruit rich in vitamin A. Beta-carotene, which will be converted into vitamin A in the body, serves to help the retina absorb and process light. Because the decline in the function of the retina can cause blindness if not handled properly.

In addition, the yellow squash also contains lutein and zeaxanthin, two antioxidants that can help prevent cataracts, murky eye lenses and even slow the development of macular degeneration. In addition, the nutrients in this fruit can also prevent other eye diseases along with increasing age.

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  1. Improve Mood

Studies say the best source of magnesium is in the yellow squash seeds. Magnesium is believed to relieve symptoms of depression, overcome sadness, anxiety disorders, and improve one’s mood. This is because magnesium affects the chemical reactions in the brain and affects the emergence of a sense of relaxation and happiness.

In addition, the content of amino acids and tryptophan in yellow squash has an effect to improve mood and relieve stress. For those of you who are experiencing stress due to many problems due to the pressure of work or so on, should try to consume this fruit.

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  1. Prevent Cancer

Yellow squash contains many antioxidants, especially beta carotene. This is one more health benefits of yellow squash juice. These antioxidants can help inhibit the metabolism of cancer cells. This fruit is able to maintain the resistance of cells in the body so it is not easily damaged. Cancer arises from the presence of damaged cells usually caused by free radical effects.

In addition, the antioxidant content of vitamins A and C in the yellow squash acts as a protective cell in your body in the fight against cancer-causing free radicals. Eating it also can help prevent the occurrence of breast cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, and skin cancer.

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  1. Overcome diabetes

Yellow squash is a good source of calories because it contains very low levels of sugar. It does contain sugar, but it belongs to a disaccharide chain that is safe for the body. Eating it regularly will balance and control blood sugar levels thus preventing the risk of diabetes.

  1. Lower High Blood Pressure

Hypertension is one of the degenerative diseases, which are commonly suffered by parents or women in menopause. To prevent high blood, we should eat yellow squash regularly. Potassium in it can control your blood pressure.

Eating foods containing potassium is as important as reducing sodium intake to lower blood pressure. Potassium intake into the body also reduces your chances of getting a stroke, kidney stone formation and maintaining bone density that is affected by high blood pressure.

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  1. Feel Energetic

Unwillingness to eat rice makes it a problem for people. Fortunately, eating yellow squash alone is enough to prop the stomach for a while. The sugar content of 2.76 grams can restore your energy that has been drained all day. In addition, the sugar will be processed into energy that will be stored in the muscle and not make us fat.

  1. Bones and Teeth Growth

Yellow squash is rich in calcium and phosphorus, which is needed for the formation of a strong bone structure. This is especially true for children in their infancy, as well as the elderly at the old ages.

In addition, zinc minerals contained in yellow squash are useful for increasing bone mass, as well as preventing the symptoms of bone loss (osteoporosis). So, this fruit is recommended for children that are still in the growth state.

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  1. Cure Worm Disease

Childhood is the phase which is very susceptible to worms, so they are not able to gain weight as in other children. Worms are able to enter, then infect the sufferer. Yellow squash content is able to work fully to help heal and prevent it afterward. The children can eat this fruit directly or drink the juice of the fruit to get benefits from it.

  1. Protect Heart

Vitamin C and beta-carotene in yellow squash can help prevent the oxidation of cholesterol that accumulates in the walls of blood vessels. These nutrients can reduce the development of atherosclerosis. The fat and cholesterol are not high. One cup of yellow squash contains 0.2 grams of fat. Reducing fat and cholesterol intake is a big step towards reducing the risk of heart disease.

In addition, yellow squash also contains folate, carotenoids, and magnesium which makes it very good for your heart health. Magnesium will work as a relaxant blood vessels that can lower blood pressure and prevent the occurrence of stroke and heart attacks.

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More Yellow Squash Uses

Here are more health benefits of yellow squash Juice:

  1. Maintain the immune system
  2. Smooth the move of ureter
  3. Increase blood and prevent anemia
  4. Relieves headaches
  5. Prevents inflammation of the body
  6. Good for metabolism of body
  7. Help maintain prostate health
  8. Help prevent the formation of kidney stones and various diseases associated with biliary contents

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Cautions of Yellow Squash

  1. Stomachache

Yellow squash will cause abdominal pain when consumed in large quantities because it also contains fat that when consumed in excess can cause abdominal pain accompanied by cramps. It can also cause diarrhea if consumed too much.

  1. Allergic

Yellow squash is not recommended for some people that have the allergic problem. It can cause various problems such as itching, respiratory disorders, inflammation, reddened skin, cough and so on.

  1. Low blood pressure

Yellow squash can make the blood pressure very low and the process is very fast and can do it to a dangerous level. So, people who have low blood pressure should not eat this or eat it with the right amount.

That’s it. There are many health benefits of yellow squash juice and some cautions that we should know before consuming it. Keep up the good diet and stay healthy.

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