15 Health Benefits of Vetiver (No. 2 Proven)

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What is Vetiver?

Vetiver which is also known as “Khus – khus” in its original place. Vetiver is famous all over the Indian subcontinent. The name was derived from Tamil, a local language spoken by the tribe in the southern part of India, meaning hatched up. Even though it was originally from Indian, the plant of which can grow up to 1.5 meters with brownish – purple flowers can widely be cultivated in tropical regions.

People may not really familiar with its name, but Vetiver has been widely used as essential oil, in perfumes industry as well as food and beverage industries. In its botanical form, Vetiver grass has a very pleasant, musky, mild and earthy smell.

Before we get to the health benefits of Vetiver, we need to know some positive effects of Vetiver It also cooling effect on the body and relaxing effect on the mind. Apart from its grass, Vetiver roots can be used thatch water panel or window cooler to add the fragrance and increase the cooling effects. The entire Vetiver plant can actually be used for various types applications apart from the roots and grass.

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The roots of vetiver are often steam distilled to essential oils. The essential oil has been extensively used and utilized in perfumery, soaps, cosmetics and much more. The composition of vetiver oil is extremely complex and includes various derivatives, compounds and as well as other various components such as esters. Vetiver oil can be found in the composition of almost thirty-nine percent of world’s greatest perfume and twenty percent of those can be found in men’s perfume.

Other than being used widely as body fragrance or body coolers, Vetiver oil has much more scientific benefit both for your body and mind. We have listed down health benefits of Vetiver.

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  1. Calming Fragrance

Vetiver is one of the most used ingredients in making perfumes. Apart from the calming and long-lasting smell. The aroma of Vetiver is proven to have reduced anxiety and stress. The smell of Vetiver can also depression and mental fatigue. Mental fatigue is the result of over brain activity. Almost similar with anxiety and depression, mental fatigue, can and will cost you lack of attention and focus. But with the help of the strong aroma of Vetiver which is often referred to woody and earthy, Vetiver’s aroma will bring calming and soothing sense.

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  1. Antiseptic

Apart from being used in perfume and food and beverage manufacturers, Vetiver has also been widely used for soap industries. Vetiver is known for its effectiveness in preventing and healing acne because of its antiseptic properties. Not only is being used in soap, Vetiver is also used as face pack along with Aloe Vera, sandal wood, and many others, making it an effective treatment for acne.

Good news is, you don’t have to spend bucks to have those facial treatments. You can start your own home remedy for acne with these simple steps. Firstly, you need to soak Vetiver’s roots in water and leave for one full night. After that, you can use the Vetiver water to make sandal wood paste by bark and rub the sandal wood and mix it with the water. Lastly, add few drops of vetiver essential oil. You have to apply the paste on the affected area continuously for the best result.

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  1. Tonic

Tonic for the body is just like that extra oil for servicing your cars. Tonic can clean and tone up your body, from immune, nervous, respiratory, digestive and much more. Tonic rejuvenates your body and boosts your immune system. It is now easy to make your home Vetiver tonic. We start by making Vetiver water by soaking vetiver roots in boiling water and pours cold water on the on the top of it. You have to close the pot and let it still for two to three hours.

After the timer sets, the Vetiver essence will be infused with the water. Once the water is ready, cut few thin slices of line and add it to the water. You can now the drink the Vetiver water or you can strain it. The Vetiver water can be drink and it has a very cooling effect.

Vetiver water helps to cure bad breath and painful urination. Apart from being used as drinking water, the Vetiver water can also be used as the tonic for your hair by rinsing your hair with the water. Due to the unique and strong aroma of Vetiver, the vetiver water can later be used as aromatic water which helps to calm your nerves and stress level with regular intake.

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  1. To Kill Insect

The insects dislike the strong aroma of Vetiver. If you are struggling with insects, such as termites, Vetiver may be the best choice. You can diffuse Vetiver oil inside your home, such as in the basement or where the termites are usually being found by placing cotton balls which have been dipped in Vetiver oil before. You have to change the cotton balls periodically.

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  1. Healing Muscle Pain

If you are suffering from various muscle related pain, such as rheumatic, arthritis, muscle aches, gouts and much more, you can start using Vetiver oil as a home remedy. you may apply the vetiver oil on the joints to relieve you from the pain.

  1. Winter Skincare Remedy

During winter many of us will suffer from various skin problems, such as dryness. To avoid this, you can use Vetiver to make small batches of bath powder. To make this you first need to dry the Vetiver and green gram dal under the sunlight to turn them crisp. The crus it into a fine powder. You may also use milk or yogurt to turn into a paste mixture.

Due to the strong aromatic smell of Vetiver, it is recommended to use only a pinch of those to make the powder. The powder is very effective for babies as it does not contain any chemical mixtures. Also, because Vetiver and green gram dal are both known for its cooling feature, you can also use this remedy for the summer season.

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  1. Healing Wounds

Vetiver can increase and fastened tissue growth when you have cut yourself. The antiseptic feature of Vetiver is also keeping the wounds save from the infections or from bacteria and microbes growing in your wounds. Vetiver is usually used with Lavender oil to enhanced this benefit.

  1. Better Sleep

If you are looking for natural room cooler which does not turn your skin dry, Vetiver is the answer. You can start by waving the dried Vetiver roots into the room curtain by making it to Vetiver curtain.

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  1. Sedative

Vetiver can be used as a sedative to reduces and treats mental related diseases, such as depression, anxiety and much more due to its calming feature.

  1. Anti – Dandruff

You can treat dandruff by mixing two drops of Vetiver oil with lavender oil and six drops of coconut oil. You may use this oil to massage your scalp before you are going to wash hair.

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  1. Food & Drink

Many food and beverages include Vetiver in its composition, mainly because it’s antiseptic and strong aromatic feature.

  1. Treats Vitiligo

You can apply two to three drops of Vetiver oil in the region of skin of which to be as apparent as skin discoloration.

  1. Skin Scrubs

Many of this Vetiver skins scrubs are being sold in the ayurvedic shop. The scrubs are long lasting and can be used multiple times. The fragrance is great and also, long lasting. It is also has been proven to exfoliate dead cells from your body and improves your blood circulation. You can also make one of your own by tying a handful of Vetiver dry roots in a way to form a scrub. Before using you need to soak it in the water for few minutes and your scrub is ready!

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  1. Treats Anorexia

You can use Vetiver to treats your anorexia by applying it only your chest. Vetiver may bring emotional balance.

  1. Menstrual cramps

To many women, the menstrual cramps are sometimes unbearable. To reduce the menstrual cramp, you may apply vetiver oil on the affected area of your stomach, or drink Vetiver water. You can also inhale the Vetiver fragrance to keep calm your mind.

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Cautions and Side Effects of Vetiver

Apart from the health benefits of Vetiver and Vetiver is also non – irritating and non – toxic. There are some cautions and side effects that needed to pay attention more too.

1. Usage of Vetiver on babies 

Even though some remedy of Vetiver is safe to be used on babies, you should consult doctors before proceeding it with your children.

2. Pregnant Women

Vetiver is not recommended to be used on pregnant women. You have to always dilute vetiver oil with another carrier oil, such as coconut oil to increase the quality. Most of Vetiver brands should also not be ingested.

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3. Breastfeeding women

The effects of Vetiver on nursing women is currently unknown both for the babies and for the child. Therefore it is better to avoid altogether

4. Dosage Factors

Vetiver dosage factor is varied upon the user’s age and health. Keep in mind that natural products are not always necessarily safe and dosages can be important. Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels and consult your pharmacist or physician or other healthcare professional before using.

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Now that you know the health benefits of Vetiver and how easy it is to make Vetiver home remedies with most ingredients you can find at home.

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