20 Top Health Benefits of Drinking Milk Everyday

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Milk is one type of drink which taken from mammalian milk glands. Milk is no strange for almost people in the world, ranging from breast milk until the others milk such as cow’s milk, soy milk, goat’s milk, etc. The most popular milk of mammals is cow’s milk. The other types of milk include goat’s milk, horse’s milk, camel’s milk, sheep’s milk, etc. Milk become a drink that favored by people because of its health benefits that good for body.

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Nutrient in Milk

Nutritional value per 1 cup (244 g)
Total Fat2.4 g3%
Saturated fat1.5 g7%
Polyunsaturated fat0.1 gNA
Monounsaturated fat0.7 gNA
Cholesterol12 mg4%
Sodium 107 mg4%
Potassium 366 mg10%
Total Carbohydrate12 g4%
Dietary fiber 0 g 0%
Sugar 13 g
Protein  8 g 16%
Vitamin ANA2%
Vitamin DNA0%
Vitamin B-12NA12%
Vitamin B6NA5%
Vitamin CNA0%
Calcium (Ca)NA30%
Iron (Fe)NA0%

The substances that contain inside of milk is very needed for the development and optimization of body performance. Milk contains high calcium and become drink which is source of calcium. Because of that, very important to children to consume milk because milk can help optimize their development and growth. Currently, there are very many types of brand milk with formula which is usually from cow’s milk with various packaging and flavor. Chocolate, plain and fruits become milk more favorable.

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Milk can be consumed with the way drinking fresh milk or consume the derivative products. The products derived from milk include milk powder, sweetened condensed milk, UHT milk, yogurt, cheese, pasteurized milk and skim milk. You can choose various types of dairy products easily because these products are already sold in the market with variants of price so that you can choose to consume within the various price. Well, here are some of the health benefits of drinking milk everyday :

1. Neutralize toxins in the body

Toxins often enter in the body without us knowing either it from an unhealthy environment or from foods which are unhealthy. The first of drinking milk every day is can neutralize the toxins in the body. Toxins that enter in the body is very dangerous because it can disrupt health. Because of that, to eliminate this toxin, you can get by drinking milk everyday.

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2. Makes bones and teeth strong

Bones and teeth are two important parts in body. Bones help human doing any activities and moves. Also, support the tooth health so the digestion become healthier and vitamin and nutrients in food can absorbed very well by the body. But unfortunately the increasing of age, the density and strength of bones and teeth are decreasing. Because calcium, one of the important component to keep the density and strength of bone and teeth, is wasted through urine.

Because one of the health benefits of milk, include drinking milk everyday, helps to strengthen bone and teeth and maintain the density of bone and teeth, so as to avoid from various types of bone and dental health problems. By drinking milk or derivative products will help you fulfill the need of calcium. For your information, milk is safe and healthy consumed without causing side effects, except for people intolerant with lactose. But for people who is intolerant with lactose, you can drink goat milk.

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3. Helps to optimize child growth

As has been mentioned before that the benefits of drinking milk everyday, is to optimize the growth of bones and teeth, especially for children and adolescents because at that time the development of body is very good. With drinking milk everyday, the needs of calcium will always fulfill so the child’s growth become more optimal. Children who have calcium deficiency, usually not have proportional body and slow to grow. Milk is good to increase memory so that children is very suit and healthy to consume milk.

4. Gives energy to the body

Besides calcium, the other contain in milk is calories. The calories although not infrequently avoided because can increasing weight, calories is very needed by the body as one of the sources of energy. But the consumption of calories in milk must be careful very well because too much calories in body is not good and can cause obesity.

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5. Good for beauty

For those who has skin problems especially dry skin problems can be helped with using milk. The content of lactic acid in the milk can make the skin more hydrated and also smoother and brighter. So no wonder many spas or scrubs products use pure milks because it is very good for skin beauty. In milk there is also antioxidants which can make skin healthier and more resistant to various kind of free radicals.

Free radicals inside the skin is a quite enough because skin is the first media that will be entered by free radicals. So if you want to prevent aging, then you do not need to buy expensive anti aging products, but you can drinking milk everyday to prevent aging.

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6. Controlling blood pressure

The another health benefits of drinking milk everyday is milk can control blood pressure especially for you whom have high blood pressure or low blood pressure. These results were obtained through research in Spain and used 5000 people. Those who consume milk everyday had a 54 percent lower risk of having hypertension compared with those who did not consume milk.

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7. Maintain fertility

If you are currently trying to get a baby and are in a pregnancy program then drinking milk everyday can be an alternative solution. This is like the results of research that conducted by the Harvard University in America where the results are those who consume high-fat milk about 25 percent will be less risk of fertility problems or problems in ovulation compared with those who only consume milk once a week.

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8. Helps lose weight

People who drink milk will be fat? If you still that think so then you are wrong. This is has been done in research that people who routinely drinking milk will be easier in losing weight. This is can be happen because milk contains a lot of nutrients and can provide more satiety effects so if prevent you eating again continuously. So with this benefits of milk, you can avoid eating unhealthy snacks and make you obesity. The calories in a glass of milk are equal to one plate of rice and enough to be a source of energy for your body.

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9. Reduce stress and depression

If you are currently under stress because of your works problems, fierce bosses, having problems with colleagues or have problems in your family, if yes, you can reduce it by go to the kitchen and prepare a hot milk then drink it. Protein and lactium content in milk has been proven to relaxing the blood pressure and make the hormone that causes stress and depression relaxes so the brain is more comfort and relaxes.

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10. Maintain and build muscle

Protein in milk is high and very good for forming muscle mass to be healthier and strong. Therefore it is not surprising when many athletes who always consume milk daily. The protein contained in a glass of milk is around 8,1 mg and this amount is enough to fulfill daily protein need. So if you want to have the ideal body and healthy like the athletes so do not hesitate to drinking milk everyday.

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11. Maintaining healthy hair

Everyone would not want to have hair problems, such as hair loss. With routinely drinking milk can maintain healthy hair and avoid hair loss problems. This is because the vitamin content in milk that good for hair such as vitamin A and vitamin B6. Coupled with the presence of potassium in the milk content, so this will maintain your healthy.

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12. Good for pregnancy

The period of pregnancy is a time where we have to meet the nutritional needs for infant. With drinking milk everyday can meet the nutritional needs. Because milk has contains calcium and good proteins that good for pregnancy.

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13. Improve intelligence

Milk has a lot of nutrition, one of it is improving brain intelligence. The content of magnesium in milk can help improve the brain intelligence. For children will certainly have an impact on increasing intelligence in study. And for adults can prevent forgetfulness.

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14. Prevent colon cancer

A variety of good nutrition in a glass of milk is able to maintain our colon health and reduce the risk of colon cancer. So start drinking milk every day.

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15. Good for eye health

The content of vitamin A and vitamin B2 in a glass of milk is very high. By drinking milk every day, we can maintain our eye health and avoid with vision problems.

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16. Reduce the risk of heart disease

A study at one of Britain’s top universities, Cardiff University, said that drinking milk every day can lowering bad cholesterol in body so reducing the risk of dangerous disease like stroke and heart attack.

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17. Lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes

A study of health has been done in 2005 revealed that men who regularly drinking low-fat milk has lower risk of diabetes type 2 compared with men who not like drinking milk. Another study shows that from 37,000 of adult women who regularly drinking low-fat milk has very small risk of diabetes type 2.

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18. Reduce the risk of breast cancer in women

This is based on health study that conducted in Norway. From 45,000 respondents revealed that women who has a habit of drinking milk since childhood and continues into adulthood more resistant and protected from breast cancer.

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19. Make sleep well

Milk has a substance that can stimulate melatonin hormone which is an hormone that stimulate drowsiness in humans. Because of this stimulation, people who drinkings milk, especially hot milk, be fast asleep.

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20. Neutralize toxins in food

Milk can serve as neutralize toxins in foods such as metals, cadmium and tin that are absorbed by the body. This is make sense when there is a alert not drink medicine with milk. Although not entirely true, some medicinal ingredients will lose their benefits and become neutral when taken with milk such as Tetracycline (such as Doxycycline and Minocycline) and some Fluorchinolone (especially Ciprofloxacin and Norfloxacin).

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Tips for drinking milk in baby

That is all health benefits of drinking milk everyday. For adult people, it is easy to drink milk. But for baby, needs to be concerned with some things:

  • Give the baby milk when the baby is sitting. Do not give the baby milk in sleeping position because it can cause ear infections.
  • Keep holding the bottle until the baby is no longer willing to drink and do not let bottle is not held because it can cause the baby choke.

Indeed, there are many health benefits of drinking milk everyday.

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