Is Olive Oil Good for Your Hair ?

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Olive oil has been around in the market for so long, it is renowned for its healthy properties as opposed to many other natural oils, such as palm oil. Containing a lot of good fats, olive oil comes from the fruit of Olea europaea, a traditional tree grown across the Mediterranean Basin. It is of a unique deep yellowish green color, in fact there is a certain shade of color named after this fruit, called olive green. Olive oil obtained from extracting the fat of the olive fruits to be then processed into cooking materials, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics products, and soap. I am sure the big question you are having now is what it has to do with hair, as appointed in the title above? Let us introduce you a little bit more of information about this oil first.

Olive oil has been widely known for its vast range of medical benefits. Popularly acknowledged to have positive effect on preventing stroke while giving a good amount of good cholesterol to fight off high level of Low Density Lipid (LDL, known as bad cholesterol) in blood, thus reducing the probability of developing atherosclerosis and high blood pressure. A lot of beneficial results that are expected from consuming this oil, including protecting the heart, preventing stroke, maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system and cholesterol level.

The lesser known ones are comprise reducing the risk of getting breast cancer for women, keeps depression away, lessen the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, protecting pancreas from acute pancreatitis, preventing hepatic issues and ulcerative colitis. Olive oil often been consumed as food dressing or plainly swallowed. It is somehow odd, to have question this oil for other uses than gulping it down directly into your stomach, but it does beg to differ. External use of this oil has been proven to bring beneficial flairs for your hair and skin.

Due to its enormity on benefits, it is not surprising that the oil which comes off from this unique oval-shaped fruit had something in store for your hair. The next question Is Olive Oil Good for Your Hair ? let’s explore it.

Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair Treatment

  1. Managing dandruff problem.

Dandruff is a common problem faced by many, it appears when the dried skin of your scalp falls off. Even though it is not of a severe health problem but it can be very distracting and looks unpleasing. Antioxidants contained in olive oil aids the skin of your scalp to be healthy. It fends off free radicals, while the moisturizing effects from the vitamin E from the oil prevents the scalp from getting dry and becomes easily fall off. Taking olive oil in the stead of other hair treatment also helps your scalp preserve its cleanliness due to a water-soluble substance, called polyphenols contained in olive oil.

  1. Lessen or rid off split ends.

As the result of its extra-moisturizing property along with the ability to soften the hair, olive oil prevents the hair from getting easily damaged. While the mono–saturated fatty acids act as a coating to the strands further protecting your hair from external damage.

  1. Strengthening your hair.

High in vitamin A and E, olive oil helps in strengthening your hair by giving the nourishments your hair needs. While, antioxidants contained in the oil protecting the hair form he oxidation of keratin protein.

  1. Make it shines.

Not only helping in getting the hair roots stronger, olive oil also makes your hair shines. Many experts says a malnourished hair will result in a dull, dry, lifeless, and frizzy hair. While, olive oil offers a lot of essential nourishments for the hair it kept the hair shines beautifully.

  1. Offers hair softness.

As the oil help in maintaining the health of your hair, it also makes the hair soft by acting as a natural moisturizer to your hair. Oleic acid, palmitic acid and squalene which are the primary substances of olive oil are all emollients. Emollient has the attributes of lubricating, moisturizing and softening. A healthy and moisturized hair will offer a soft textured hair. It also contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids that prevent your hair form getting dry and frizzy.

  1. Adding resilience.

A shining hair that flows beautifully is every woman’s dream. Related closely to its moisturizing effect, olive oil also makes your hair more pliable and smooth, which add to the resilience of the hair.

  1. Help to manage your hair easier.

Polyphenols contained in the oils helps smoothen out the dry and frizzy hair without making it greasy as it is a water-soluble content, thus makes your hair easier to be managed. No more of those unkempt hair that is not manageable.

  1. Help to rid off lice.

Due to its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties it helps fend off many parasites including lice. If you have lice problems, this green natural oil might help you to get rid off the parasitic creatures invading your hair and saves you from many itches and headache.

  1. Natural nourishments.

As opposed to many hair care that is manufactured, Olive oil is a hair treatment option that is completely natural (do make sure to opt for the extra virgin ones for the best result as it is also the most natural). Many manufactured hair products contained some dangerous substances, moreover antioxidants contained in the olive oil can counter and detoxify the toxic substance. It also offers a lot of natural nourishments that are essentials for your hair in place of the ones you are getting from artificial chemicals products.

How to Apply Olive Oil on Your Hair.

  1. Take one to two tablespoon of olive oil from the container. (You may need more depends on how much you want to moisturize your hair)
  2. Heat it until the oil becomes warm.
  3. Apply it to your hair and scalp. Don’t leave the roots.
  4. Massage the oil gently and deeply towards the roots and scalp. Make sure you do it completely.
  5. Wrap your hair using a shower cap.
  6. Wait for around fifteen minutes to let it soak into your hair and scalp.
  7. Comb your hair using a wide-toothed comb.
  8. Shampoo it thoroughly with water. (You may do it twice or more until it cleansed out).
  9. Let your hair dry.
  10. You can do this treatment every day or once a week depends on how dry your hair is.

Olive oil benefits individual with thick hair, dry hair, or colored hair as it might need more nourishments to keep the hair healthy.