20 Top Health Benefits of Drinking Milk Everyday

Milk is one type of drink which taken from mammalian milk glands. Milk is no strange for almost people in the world, ranging from breast milk until the others milk such as cow’s milk, soy milk, goat’s milk, etc. The most popular milk of mammals is cow’s milk. The other types of milk include goat’s […]

20 Health Benefits of Goats Milk #1 Amazing Sources

Talks about milk, usually every people always thinks about cow milk or soy milk. But do you know about goat milk that has a lot of benefits and more powerful than the two others milk? From some information, goat milk is a milk that produced by female goats after childbirth, in time between 0 until […]

17 Benefits of Java Plum for Health (Surprising)

Java plum fruit is a fruit that many benefits and benefits for the body. Java plum fruit that comes from the East India region and growing well in the tropics. Java plum fruit is still included in the family of cashew and includes tropical fruits. Java plum fruit has a scientific name syzygium cumini. In […]

17 Health Benefits of Purple Dragon Fruit (Proven)

Purple dragon fruit or usually called Pitaya is a fruit that originally came from South America. This fruit is called the dragon fruit, because the skin of this fruit look like dragon scales. Over time, dragon fruit is widely cultivated and spread to various parts of the world to have many kinds, one of which […]

15 Benefits of Carambola On Skin (#1 Top Beauty Treatments)

Many women who are willing to spend expensive to perform beauty treatments, but with carambola fruit we do not need to pay expensive and the results were very satisfactory. Carambola is a fruit that has a distinctive shape and comes from the territory of Indonesia and Sri Lanka, this fruit is also an icon of […]

15 Benefits of Applying Olive Oil On Skin #1 Beauty Treatment

Olive oil is a fat or oil obtained from the grinding of olive tree fruit. Oil derived from traditional plants in the Mediterranean region contains fat, vitamin E, vitamin K, and very little iron. Related articles: Health Benefits of Olive Oil Health Risk of Hydrogenated Oil Health Benefits Tea Tree Oil Skin Current olive oil […]

20 Health Benefits of Eating Cottage Cheese (#Amazing)

If you are a big fan of cheese but you are not sure if you should include it in your diet, there is good news for you: Cheese has some amazing health benefits. When you are trying to maintain your health, cheese is the first item on the ‘food to avoid’ list, but you should look […]

16 Health Benefits of Eating Boiled Eggs (#1 Top Nutrient Sources)

Eggs are foods rich in nutrients. Eggs can be obtained from farm animals that produce eggs such as chickens, geese, and ducks. But the type of eggs that are more often chosen to be consumed are eggs that come from chicken. How to consume this egg also varies depending on the taste of the audience. […]

14 Scientific Health Benefits of Chives Leaves #1 Top Nutrients

Chives leaves has the scientific name of Allium schoenoprasum. Chives leaves has almost the same shape as onions, but has a longer stalk with a color that tends to be white. Because it is still a family with onions, it has a shape that is almost similar to a leek but with a smaller size. Related […]

18 Benefits of Drinking Ginger Tea for Weight Loss Treatments

Ginger or plant with the Latin name Zingiber officinale known as a plant that can be used as a spice that also has health benefits. Ginger has a finger-shaped rhizome and bulging in the segment. As a function as spice, ginger is known as one of the spices that can seasoning the food, and can […]