20 Top Health Benefits of Ginger Milk – Cold and Flu – Weight Loss Treatments

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Ginger milk is one of “potion” that can cure many illness or prevent illness to attack our body. But not all of us know what is the benefits of ginger milk for our body? Well, let’s find out! Ginger is one of herbal plant that has a lot of benefits for body, whether to cure illness or to warm our body. People from around the world already use ginger as one of herbal plant since a long time ago.

We can consume ginger by processed it into tea or milk. The process itself is not that difficult and we can do it by ourselves at home. Now we will talk about ginger milk. Ginger milk is another type of beverage using ginger as its main ingredients, beside ginger tea. It has a sweet taste of milk and unique taste of ginger. The benefits itself for our body is pretty much same with ginger tea. It’s pretty easy to make it at home. There are a lot of health benefits we will get from this tasty drink. Here are some of the benefits of ginger milk:

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  1. Warming our Body

One of the beneficial properties of ginger milk is warming our body. Ginger milk is one of beverage that will come to our mind during the winter or rainy season. Drink it while it still hot, and it will transfer its warmness to each particle in our body

  1. Relieving from Aching Muscle

Ginger milk can also relieving our aching muscle. Ginger contain anti-inflammation compound and volatile oil that has analgesic and ache-curer. So, if your muscle is aching because of work out, you can cure it by consuming ginger milk.

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  1. Reducing Oily Face

Ginger can also reduce over oily face because over oily face can causing another skin problem. By consuming ginger, the amount of the oil can be controlled. It’s because ginger contains a pretty high mineral that can control oil on our face’s skin.

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  1. Protection From Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is a condition that happen to some people sometimes. Motion sickness happens because of there is something unbalance between our body and our brain. Ginger milk will make your body more relax and it can protect your from motion sickness.

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  1. Curing Sore Throat

Usually, sore throat is caused by some bacteria or germ inside the throat. Or sometimes sore throat is a cause of another illness such as cold, flu, etc. By consuming ginger milk, our throat will be cured.

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  1. Heart Protection

Consuming ginger milk benefits continuously can protect our heart. By consuming it, the LDL inside our body will be reduced and we will be evade from heart illness and stroke.

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  1. Increasing Immune System

By consuming ginger milk continuously, our immune system will be upgraded and it can protect us from free radical. Nowadays, the amount of free radical contained inside the air that we inhale is increasing because of air pollution.

Free radical can affect on inner and outer part of our body. Free radical can causing such a deathly illness such as cancer, heart attack, cataract, and the decrease of kidney’s function. So, by consuming ginger milk, or anything that contain ginger in it, can increase our immune system that can protect us from free radical.

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  1. Prevent Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is a condition when we feel queasy and want to throw up at the early stage of pregnancy. Every woman experience it when they pregnant and it can’t be avoided. The reason why every pregnant woman experience morning sickness is because their hormone is change. But, we can minimize it by consuming ginger milk. But, if you still feel hesitant, you can consult it to the doctor is it safe or not for you to consume it. Because it depends on your condition.

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  1. Pain During Menstruation

Some of woman will feel pain when they face their “woman problem”. Well, it’s normal and it’s not happen only to 1 or 2 woman in this world. But, that pain will disturb your activity and bring your mood down so we need to take care of it. One of potions that can take control of your pain is ginger milk. Why? Because ginger and milk contain natural ibuprofen which is a natural painkiller.

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  1. Osteoporosis

Another benefit of consuming ginger milk continuously is to make the process of osteoporosis goes slower. Osteoporosis is a condition when the calcium inside our bone is slowly. Usually, the process of osteoporosis start at age of 30-40 years old. And we can’t prevent it, it’s a natural process in our life. But, we can hamper or make it slower. Also read: Symptoms of Osteoporosis

  1. Effect on Digestive System

Ginger milk also useful to protect and help our digestive system to accelerate more. This drink can protect us from constipation and cure us from queasy. Beside that, ginger milk also can help us to decrease our weight. So, if you are on diet, ginger milk will help you.

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  1. Effect on Respiratory System

Ginger milk also useful for our respiratory system. Ginger is one of natural expectorant that can disentangle and fade phlegm between nose and throat. So when you caught flu, if you consume ginger milk continuously, the phlegm will come out more easily.

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  1. Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis, or inflammation of joint, usually happen to elders. But sometimes it happen also to adults. Based on some research, a combination of milk and ginger can reduce the pain at your joints. If you drink it continuously, you can reduce the pain and the chance to get cured is bigger.

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  1. Help on Diet

If you have planning on diet or under the process right now, it’ll be great if you add ginger milk on your menu. Research at Institute for Human Nutrition at Columbia University shows that beverage made of ginger make our stomach feel full longer than usual.

This research also shows that ginger can control your appetite. The benefits of ginger that will help you when you are on diet is to increase the thermal effect in your body. Thermal effect is an ability to burn fat in our body.

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  1. Overcome Cold

Cold is one of the most normal illness and it happen to people around the world. But do you know what is the cause of cold? Usually it caused by over cold weather, such as when you let rain soaked you, in a room with AC on for a long time, etc. Another cause is if you hold gas inside your stomach for a long time.

Cold is not a dangerous illness, but still it needs to be cured. If you don’t want to consult it with doctor, because maybe it’s too expensive, you can try to consume ginger milk. Ginger can bring warmness inside your body and it will make you feel more relax.

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  1. Cure Dizzy

Life is full of problem, right? And sometimes, those problems can’t be solved easily and cause stress. The first step of that stress is when you feel dizzy. Your head feel too light or too heavy and, in a bigger scale, it makes things around you whirling. To cure it, beside consult it to the doctor, you can try ginger milk. Ginger milk will make you feel relax because ginger milk will maximize the blood circulation in your brain.

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  1. Anti-Aging

Another useful of ginger milk is to shields against skin aging. Anti-oxidants that contained inside ginger are used to fight off free radicals. As we said before, beside the inner part of our body, free radical can affect on outer part of our body, that is our skin. Anti-oxidants are responsible for increasing blood and cut down on toxin, so that our skin will be protected from aging that caused by free radical.

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  1. Relieves Gas

Sometimes, relieves gas can be very embarrassing if we do it at the wrong time and the wrong place. Also, relieving gas can disturb other people, whether because of its sound or its smell. But, at the same time, it’ll be unhealthy if we just keep it inside our stomach. Ginger will help you to solve this problem. If you drink it before you sleep, than it will solve your problem from the inside.

  1. Clear Sinuses

What is sinus? Sinus is a small cavity contains air located behind cheeks bone and forehead bone. The function of this sinuses is to control air’s humid and temperature that will go to our lungs, health benefits of ginger milk.

Have you ever heard about sinusitis? Sinusitis is an inflammation of sinus’s wall. This illness can affect every person, regardless of age. But, the cause of it will be different. For adults, the causes are infection caused by viruses, fungus, and also smoking habit.

How to prevent us from being affect by sinusitis? If you want to try something natural, you can try it by consuming ginger milk. There is an active ingredient in ginger that can dilute the sinus’s liquid.

  1. Protect Against Alzheimer Disease

Alzheimer is a condition when brain looses its function step by step. Usually, it start with degradation of remembrance. And, as time goes by, it will become worst. At the most critical case, Alzheimer can cause paralysis.

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What is the cause of Alzheimer? There are some factor that can increase the risk to get affected on Alzheimer, such as unhealthy life style, female, age 60 something, have parents or siblings that suffered on Alzheimer, have heartache history on medical record, and have had a serious wound at the head.

Are there any way to against Alzheimer? Yes, there are medical way and herbal way. If you don’t want to try medical way, than you can try the herbal first by consuming ginger. Research shows that ginger can help slow down the loss of brain cells, which is lead to Alzheimer. And, if we consume it continuously, than we will get the result that we want.

So, those are 20 health benefits of ginger milk. As we already know, ginger milk tea is really useful for our health, and maybe there are another benefits of ginger milk tea that hasn’t discovered yet. If you hate medical drugs that tastes bitter, you can choose ginger milk as your medicine. It’s delicious and it’s easy to make.

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