30 Health Benefits of Whey Protein – Bodybuilding – Daily Intake – Elderly

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What many people think is whey protein is supplement only for athlete, while more people don’t even know what whey protein is exactly and what the health benefits of whey protein are.  Whey protein is more than just a protein because it is so rich of other nutrients too.

What is Whey Protein?

As mentioned above, whey protein is not like regular protein supplement you know because whey protein contains a mixture of protein obtained from milk. What is whey? If you’re not familiar with the term, whey is the liquid part produced during the separating process of milk in cheese production. For your information, milk contains two types of protein, first is whey and second is casein. However, after that process you cannot use whey directly, there are certain process which quite long until you could get all the health benefits of whey protein. Right now you could find whey protein in the form of powder but don’t expect the taste to be as good as milk or other protein products, that’s why whey protein is mostly consumed by adding it to shakes or used as ingredients to make protein bars.

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Why People Should Start Considering It?

Why people should start considering whey protein to be part of their daily diet is because protein is important for human body and the lack of it could cause some serious conditions. Whey protein is an easier solution to make sure that your protein daily intake is fulfilled. Furthermore, whey protein is more than just a regular protein there are more nutrients like a large portion of amino acids which are also essential for human body.

Types of Whey Protein

Right now there are three types of whey protein you could find easily in the marketplace; the choice is all yours because each type has its own benefits.

  • Concentrate (WPC)

Compared to other types of whey protein this one has the best flavor because it still contains lactose or milk sugar and also fat. The protein contains is about 70-80% per serving.

  • Isolated (WPI)

Isolated type of whey protein contains higher protein than concentrate type of whey protein which is around 90% and contains less fat and lactose.

  • Hydrolysate (WPH)

Compared to the others type of whey protein the hydrolysate type or also well known as hydrolyzed whey is absorbed faster so it could cause insulin spike faster than the isolated.

From those three types of why protein WPC or Whey Protein Concentrate is the most common, also the cheapest among the others and so far the best options for you because it tastes better.

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If you think your protein intake is in no danger perhaps it is not an urgent matter to add whey protein to be part of your daily diet but whey protein is having more benefits than other type of protein supplement you know. It is no longer a matter of need because without you know it, whey protein is able to improve your healthy lifestyle to the next level.

Whey Protein for Body Building

Mostly men will do everything to build a muscle and protein has important role in building a muscle. Adding whey protein to daily diet will be able to make any men’s dream of having six packs body comes true. It is because whey protein considered being excellent source of high-quality protein. However, now body building is not only for men but also for women.

  1. Excellent Source of High Quality Protein

Milk is one of the natural sources of protein and whey which is isolated from milk gives you more health benefits than any other types of protein product. Furthermore, compared to other type of proteins, whey protein is easily absorbed so you could make sure the daily intake is under checked.

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  1. Promotes Muscle Growth

It is a common knowledge that protein is good for muscle growth but why whey protein is superior in this matter? It is because whey protein is also rich of certain types of amino acids and one of them is leucine. Leucine is prominent growth promoting amino acid which is effective in promoting the muscle growth.

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  1. Increase Muscle Mass and Strength

Healthy muscle growth is nothing if it is not followed with the increase of muscle mass and strength. Though there are a lot of sources of protein like dairy products and meat but still whey protein compared to those are relatively easier to be digested and absorbed. Though many people have proven the ability of whey protein in increasing the muscle strength, further studies are still required.

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  1. Glutathione Production Booster

Some of you might be thinking that antioxidants are obtained from foods. Well, glutathione is one of the exceptions, instead obtained from foods, this type of antioxidants are produced in the body. However, to produce glutathione a certain type of amino acid is required well known as cysteine and this type of amino acids are found in relatively large amount in whey protein.

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  1. Produces Energy

Some of you must be thinking that when it comes to maintain your weight the best thing to do is losing the size. Well, weight loss which is not followed by proper muscle mass and strength will only make you weaker. Whey protein could aid in promoting thermogenesis which is a natural energy booster.

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  1. Maintains Body Weight

It is true that sometimes body size doesn’t matter but surely you know that maintain healthy body weight is important. Whey protein could provide you a healthy and delicious solution to maintain your already lean body mass. It is because whey protein will suppress appetite that will make you able to control the calories intake.

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  1. Better Performance

When it comes to body performance is not only about how strong you are but also how lean your body is. Having healthy body shape will make you move better and increase your performance significantly.

  1. Faster Recovery after Exercise

For body building is not only how long you do the exercise but also what you consume after exercise. Whey protein is one of the food supplement highly recommended to be consumed after a very intensive work out because it enhances your recovery after exercise. So instead of feeling tired you will feel more energized after a workout.

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  1. Promotes the Replenishment of Glycogen

Glycogen is one of the important compounds you need during body building. Glycogen is compound required to turn stored fat in skin cells into energy if you consume it together with just the right amount of carbohydrate will promote the replenishment of glycogen inside your body.

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Whey Protein for Daily Intake

The close relation of whey protein to build muscle and body building is the reasons why many people thought that whey protein is only for athlete. In other words, whey protein also has more benefits for your daily intake. That’s why considering taking whey protein for your daily diet important.

  1. Fast Absorbed Protein Solution

The lack of protein could cause several health problems and some of them are like the muscle mass loss as well as bone density loss. If your daily intake of protein is in danger perhaps whey protein is the fastest solution you have since the type of protein in whey is fast absorbed and relatively easier for your digestion system to process.

  1. Good for Weight Loss

There are some reasons why whey protein is good for weight loss. First, whey protein makes you feel satiated longer. Second, by consuming whey protein you will be able to suppress your appetite to control the calories intake. And the third or the last reason, whey protein will maintain your already perfect body shape to avoid weight problem in the future.

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  1. Lowering Blood Pressure

Surely you have read somewhere that some dairy products are good for heart because it could lower the blood pressure. Whey protein is no exception since though it is only the whey properties isolated from milk but it still contains ACE-inhibitors that have been proven in many studies to be effective in lowering blood pressure level.

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  1. Controls Blood Sugar

One more benefit of whey protein besides lowering blood pressure is controlling the blood sugar level in blood stream. It is because whey protein could promote the production of insulin which is prominent in controlling the blood sugar level in the blood stream. That’s why whey protein is highly recommended for those who are currently suffering diabetes type 2.

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  1. Reduce Symptoms of Stress and Depression

As rich of amino acids, whey protein is natural solution to reduce symptoms of stress and depression. Though of course you cannot depend on your depression problem completely to whey protein but adding it to your daily diet is still recommended in order to help you controlling the symptoms to avoid the worst conditions.

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  1. Good for Digestion

Unlike other type of proteins, whey protein is much easier to be absorbed. That’s why whey protein is relatively good for digestion. Furthermore, for you who need faster replacement of protein, consuming it is the best solution in hand.

  1. Enhances Body Antioxidant Naturally

You must be surprised to find out that not all of antioxidants are obtained from food but some are actually produced inside the body. Whey protein contains certain amino acids called cysteine which promotes the production of super powerful antioxidant best known as glutathione. In other words, just by consuming whey protein you could provide your body with super powerful antioxidant naturally.

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  1. Natural Immunity Booster

You will do almost everything to make sure your immunity system is in perfect condition. With additional antioxidant on your body called glutathione or GSH which is closely related to body defense could act as natural immunity booster. Furthermore, this type of antioxidants is not only affecting one type of immune system but several immunity systems. In other words, one step is taken to deal with more health problems.

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Whey Protein for Body Treatments

If you take whey protein regularly is not only improving your healthy lifestyle to the next level but also able to expand your life span by preventing some serious health conditions.

  1. Protection Against Cancer

Free radicals are supposed to be your biggest enemy since it is the main reason behind the development cancerous cells. Whey protein is natural protection against cancer because it contains amino acids that could produce super power antioxidants that could fight free radicals effectively.

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  1. Reduces the Symptoms of Hepatitis

Believe it nor but whey protein is not only about protein but also contains other nutrients like lactoferrin, beta-latoglobulin and immunoglobulins that are effective to reduce the symptoms of hepatitis.

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  1. Increase Bone Density

The risk of bone fracture during senior year is higher. That’s why maintaining the protein intake from younger age is important because protein could be stored in the bone and used whatever it is needed. That’s why consuming whey protein regularly could help you increasing bone density in all ages.

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  1. Good for HIV Patients

HIV patients should aware that their body is weak even to the weakest virus like influenza. However, whey protein could provide one more layer of protection for HIV patients in the form of antioxidants produced by the body in order to improve their immunity system.

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  1. Treats Diabetes Type 2

The main problem that every patient with diabetes type 2 should face is the impaired function of insulin. Insulin is important to turn glucose in the blood stream into energy or stored it as fat in skin cells which later will be used to produce muscle mass. However, people with diabetes type 2 has problem in producing insulin and whey protein provide solution by improving body sensitivity toward insulin.

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  1. Helps Reducing Inflammation

Inflammation is a response occurs when there’s damage in the body. However, in long term the inflammation could be a chronic condition. Whey protein has been proven to be effective in helping reducing the inflammation. Just making sure to have regular whey protein intake to make sure the inflammation problem is solved.

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  1. Prevents Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Inflammatory bowel disease could happen when digestion system is forced to work too hard. Whey protein will provide you enough protein intake without hurting your digestion system since the protein content in whey protein is easily absorbed if compared to any other types of protein products.

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  1. Controls Cholesterol

Cholesterol is one of the important compounds in body metabolism but the high level of LDL cholesterol or best known as bad cholesterol could lead to several chronic conditions like several heart diseases. Consuming whey protein in long term could assist in controlling the cholesterol level in the body.

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  1. Good for Heart

Surely you have known that most of dairy products which are rich of protein is good for heart because it promotes the production of red blood cells. Whey protein is no exception because the recent studies have shown that whey protein contains some bioactive substances that are beneficial for heart health.

Whey Protein for Elderly

Surprisingly, whey protein is also beneficial for senior people. The problem is when you reach senior age sometimes you’re no longer aware of some deficiencies and consuming whey protein will provide you with a lot of health benefits during senior ages.

  1. Prevents the Development of Sarcopenia

During senior ages the loss of muscle mass is common to happen. However, it is not something you should accept just the way it is. The protein deficiency that leads to the development of sarcopenia could happen to anyone and consuming whey protein regularly could prevent the development of sarcopenia and slower the loss.

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  1. Maintains the Healthy Muscle Mass and Strength during Senior Age

Being old doesn’t mean you should accept all the lacks like the lack of ability to move effectively and efficiently. Maintaining the healthy muscle mass and strength during senior age is important and making sure the protein intake is under checked is one of the things you could do. That’s why senior people is highly recommended to put whey protein as part of their daily diet.

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  1. Improves Response Toward Amino Acids

The older you are the slower your body response toward amino acids. Senior people who are regularly consuming whey protein could improves their body response toward amino acids so no matter how old you are, you are still able to get all the benefits of amino acids you’ve obtained from foods you consume.

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  1. Slows Down the Muscle Loss while Aging

It is true that you’re not getting younger but surely you will do everything to slow down the aging. Muscle loss is common thing to happen during senior age but whey protein could help you in slowing down the loss. Such a delicious way to maintain your healthy muscle mass and at the same time get all the perks of having strong muscle during senior age.

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Those are the 30 health benefits of whey protein you should know. Aside from that dosage and side effects are supposed to be on your consideration as well.

Cautions and Dosage of Whey Protein

Though whey protein is considered to be the best food supplement but taking it in large dosage or consume it under false circumstances could cause a serious health problems. One thing to note, there is no benefit at all of taking too much whey protein, in other words, it is totally useless.

  • Taking too much whey protein could lead to digestive problem because whey protein is easily absorbed. Problems like bloating and diarrhea are the most common to happen if you take excessive whey protein.
  • Those who have lactose intolerant should be careful when putting whey protein in the daily diet. The solution is choosing type of whey protein with lesser lactose like the isolated one or they hydrolysate one. Also Read: Symptoms of Dairy Intolerance
  • People with kidney problem is better to avoid whey protein or any others protein supplement as well.
  • Those who are allergic to dairy products should consult their doctors first before taking whey protein supplement.
  • Be careful in choosing the whey protein products because due to its tasteless some of the whey protein products are added with refined sugars that will reduce the benefits of whey protein.
  • Follow the dosage instruction when taking whey protein supplement because less or excessive consumption will be no good for your health.

As mentioned above whey protein is no longer supplement especially consumed by athlete. For those who are currently looking for solution to maintain their healthy lifestyle adding whey protein in their daily diet is highly recommended since the health benefits of whey protein is a lot and more compared to other protein products.

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