7 Proven Health Benefits of Edamame During Pregnancy

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edamameEdamame is one of foods considered as super food and very popular in Asia. It is harvested from soybeans on the peak of its ripeness right before the bean started to harden and became soybeans which we more familiar with. Asian people consume edamame as part of their daily menu because it is not only delicious but also rich of nutrients.

For pregnant women, edamame is one of the super foods which mostly recommended to be consumed because of all nutrients contained in edamame considered as properties which are good for fetal development. However, consuming them too much could lead to some side effects that might be endanger both the mother and the baby. That’s why, learning more about health benefits of edamame during pregnancy is recommended for every pregnant mother.

Why Edamame is recommended to be consumed during pregnancy?

  1. Great Source of Protein

It is true that edamame is a great source of protein, especially plant-based protein. This type of protein could help reduce the insulin resistance, so it could help a pregnant mother lowering the risk of gestational diabetes.

  1. Low in Calorie and Smart Fat

Hypertension is also one of the medical problems that commonly encountered during pregnancy even if the mother didn’t have hypertension history before and Asian people have been consuming edamame as the part of hypertension treatment because cholesterol contained in edamame consisted of healthy cholesterol level. Furthermore, the Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids contained in edamame have been proven to be beneficial for heart, so could assist in controlling blood pressure.

  1. Rich Source of Folate

Well, no one will doubt that folate is very good for pregnant mother. It is one of the essential properties for health development of fetal, especially in the first semester. Folate will be turned into folate acid that important for brain development in the early pregnancy and reduce the risk of baby born with serious birth defects. Edamame which is the rich source of folate is recommended to be consumed by pregnant mother as part of their daily diet.

  1. Rich of Calcium

Edamame has significant dose of calcium with adequate amount for pregnant mother’s daily diet. Calcium is important for pregnant mother and the need of calcium is irreplaceable. Calcium is not only used by the mother to maintain the strength of their bones, because everyday the fetal will grow and the burden will increase, but the fetal also needed calcium to build strong bones and teeth. Calcium also has prominent role for healthy heart, muscle and nerves in fetus.

  1. Source of Vitamin A & B (Antioxidant)

Consuming edamame could provide a pregnant mother enough amount of vitamin A and B which also well known as two prominent keys of antioxidants. Antioxidants has significant role as cell protector due to oxidative stress usually encountered during pregnancy.

  1. Dietary Fiber

Lack of fiber in your body might be closely associated with constipation. During pregnancy constipation almost cannot be avoided because of the pressure of expanding uterus and it affected the movement of food and waste in body’s system. Edamame which is rich of dietary fiber could help the movement of food and waste more quickly. Furthermore, food which is fiber-rich is also beneficial to help prevent glucose intolerance and reduce the risk of gestational diabetes.

  1. High in Iron and Magnesium

Lack of magnesium in pregnant mother might cause a serious problem during pregnancy like poor fetal growth up to immortality of the infant.

Nutrients rich food like edamame is not without side effects. Consuming it in large dose might be dangerous even for adults. During pregnancy, mothers should consult their doctor first whenever they decided to take supplement contained of soy products.

Below are some side effects of consuming edamame during pregnancy.

  1. Allergies

Edamame might be rich in nutrients and all mothers wanted all the best for their unborn baby and made sure all nutrients needed available for the development of the fetal.  However, consuming too much edamame or any soy products during pregnancy could increase the baby’s sensitivity toward the products; the condition that might lead to allergy.

  1. Risk of Bleeding

Any soy products, edamame included, is richer of phytoestrogens compared to any food source. Too much phytoestrogens in the body could cause abnormal bleeding in uterus.

  1. Stomach/Constipation Problem

Edamame might be rich of fiber that could assist the flow of food and waste in body’s system but consuming it too much will cause a mother suffered the opposite.

  1. Hormonal Condition

Estrogen might be one of the important hormones for women but too much estrogen could lead to reproductive problem and breast cancer. Many studies have proven that too much estrogen in men could suppress their testosterone hormone. If a baby boy was born with too much estrogen hormone could lead to a serious hormonal condition.

  1. Increase the risk of Miscarriage

Phytoestrogens contained in edamame and in any soy products could cause abnormal bleeding in uterus which without fast and right action could lead to a miscarriage.

As a pregnant mother, a mother should smart in choosing diet programs during their pregnancy. Reading references from internet, sharing experiences with other pregnant mothers could reduce the risk of unsuccessful pregnancy. Furthermore, don’t ever take anything for granted when it comes to pregnancy and the health of unborn baby. Regular consultation with a doctor is highly recommended.