7 Proven Benefits of Cucumber for Eyes (No.1 Is Best)

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The eyes are the center point when we look at someone. Therefore, keep the healthy eyes and their surrounding area should be done. The skin area around the eyes is quite thin compared to the other skin areas of the body. This causes the skin area around the eyes can be changed easily, for example, it can form the eye bags, wrinkle, or puffiness. To overcome this problem, we need to take care of them. One of the efforts that we can do is taking care of them with a cucumber. Cucumber is a wonderful natural eye pad that you can find for yourself. 7 great benefits of cucumber for eyes can be explained as follow:

  1. Cucumber reduces the puffiness and swelling around the eyes.

cucumber for eyesSwelling and puffiness around the eyes are caused by the water retention condition around the eyes. The water retention can occur from the dilatation of the vessels around the eyes or the accumulation of lachrymal glands (glands that produce tears). If your eyes are overuse and getting tired, the vessels around the eyes will dilate and cause the swelling or puffiness of the eyes.

The benefits of cucumber for eyes to reduce their puffiness come from its caffeic acid content. The caffeic acid is a substance which can bring down the water retention in the eyes. It helps to reduce the puffiness of the eyes.

2. Cucumber prevents the irritation of the eyes.

Irritation of the eyes can be caused by several factors, such as an insect bite or the allergic reaction of a product. These factors cause the inflammation around the eyes which appear as an irritation. Cucumber contains vitamin C which acts as the antioxidant to prevent the irritation of the eyes. This is the other great effects cucumber for eyes.

3. Cucumber reduces the dark circle around the eyes.

There are 2 causes of the dark circle formation around the eyes. First, it is caused by the dilatation of the veins around when the eyes are getting tired. Second, the dark circle happens because the hyperpigmentation of the skin around the eyes. As mentioned above, the skin area around the eyes is thin. It causes the skin pigment (melanin) produced easily and appearing to be a darker color. To face this problem, you can get the benefits of cucumber for your eyes there. The vitamin C contained in cucumber has a lightened effect to make your eyes area brighter and the caffeic acid contained can prevent the veins dilatation so the dark circle around the eyes can be reduced.

4. Cucumber refreshes the eyes.

Cucumber contains 95% water. It can be a moisturizer for the eyes which refreshes the eyes, especially after you run your activities under the scorching sun.

5. Cucumber prevents the wrinkle around the eyes.

Cucumber contains vitamin E which very healthy for the skins, including the skin area of the eyes. Vitamin E acts as the anti-wrinkle treatment which comes as the great cucumber benefits for eyes.

6. Cucumber helps to prevent the saggy eyes.

Cucumber contains collagen which can prevent the saggy eyes. This substance acts to tight the skin area around the eyes so your eyes will look firmer and rejuvenated. This is one of the great benefits of cucumber for eyes that makes you look younger than before.

7. Cucumber improves the good vision.

Beside all above benefits of cucumber for eyes skin area by applying it, cucumber can improve the good vision by consuming it. Cucumber contains vitamin A which is good for the eyes healthy, maintain the visual acuity, and prevents the eyes from cataract even blindness.

7 great benefits  have been explained above. Now, how to use the cucumber for eyes? Here are several methods to get its maximal benefits for eyes:

  1. Make 2 slices of freshly cut cucumber and apply them onto your eyes area about 15-20 minutes.
  2. Make the cucumber juice and soak 2 cotton balls about 5-10 minutes in it. Apply those cotton balls to your eyes area about 15-20 minutes.
  3. Make the cucumber juice and apply it directly to your eyes skin area. Be careful not to enter the eyes.
  4. Eat the cucumber at least 100 grams per day to get the optimal nutrients from them.

Methods number 1-3 are used to get the benefit number 1-6. You can choose one of those methods. However, you can get the benefit from number 7 by applying method number 4.

Always remember to wash the cucumber and keep them in the refrigerator before you use them for your eyes. In addition, it is best to make sure that your hands are always in a clean condition before you apply the cucumber for your eyes. Anytime you touch your eyes, the risk of infection always there.

Do that treatment method regularly not just one day. You’ll get the great benefits of cucumber for eyes after several days until weeks.