49 Proven Ice Cream Benefits (No.1 & 2 Shocked)

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Who did not know Ice cream ? Do you like ice cream? The answer of first question is no one. Everybody know ice cream. It is a really big question if someone does not like it. How about you, what is your answer for second qustions. It is must yes. If you say so, maybe you have a killer mother. She love you so much. She does not want you be cough or flue because of it.

Is that true?

We will answer the myth of ice cream here.

Ice cream is a frozen entree that included in the group that had the texture of semi-solid. Based on its composition, the ice cream is classified into three categories, namely economic, good average, and deluxe. Ice cream is usually buyed and consume daily for generally diversified economy. Quality of ice cream is usually determined by the raw material is high quality and hygienic manufacturing process. Nutrient composition per 100 grams of ice cream is 207 kilocalorie energy, 4.0 gram protein, and 12.5 g fat.

As one of the famous dessert, ice cream mostly liked by children and adults because of its delicious taste. We need to find when and why ice cream just created because today ice cream is very popular. For next time there is a big confidence that ice cream will becoe more populer.

There is a information that the ice cream was already known at the time of the emperor Nero. This emperor who lived in 54 BC. At that time, the emperor asked his men to go into the mountains and take the snow. Snow is then mixed with nectar, fruit, and honey and eaten.

Another story said the ice cream comes from the Chinese mainland just in the past dynasty in 618-907 years. King Tang of Shang asked for ice and brought to the palace. It was made be a dish of fermented milk is heated (koumiss), flour and camphor (Read : Health benefits of milk tea).

In America, the new ice cream popular in the 19th century, in the same time with the invention of the ice cream maker. Mention ice cream comes from the American colonists, coming from iced phase cram.

Along with the more famous this delicious dish, there are the myths about this one dish. Until now, even this delicious dish that is often followed by the myths that developed among the fans.

Unique Facts About Ice Cream

  1. Every American can spend 20 liters of ice cream per year. On average, every person in the UK eat nine liters of ice cream per year, but in America could be up to two times more people consume on average 20 liters per year. Yes, in America, ice cream is very popular. There, people can consume on average 20 liters per year. This is equivalent to five gallons of milk.
  2. Vanilla ice cream is the most favorite in the world. Among the many flavors of ice cream there, vanilla is the most popular. Vanilla occupy 20-29 percent of the flavor is there, and the next is the taste of chocolate (which is my favorite flavor ^. ^). But there is one manufacturer of ice cream, which is Ben and Jerry, could make up 46 ice cream flavors.
  3. Controversy inventor of ice cream cone. You know, when ice cream cone invented? Ice cream that uses a waffle as this ice begins on the mat the 1904 World Fair in St. Louis. About seven parties claim to find waffle cones for ice cream this. One of them is Ernest Hamwi, Syrian concession vendor, which converts the waffle into a container of ice cream.
  4. Ice cream cone World. Ice cream cone largest ever measuring 2.81 meters high, made Mirco Della Vecchia and Andrea Andrighetti of Italy. On top of it covered with white chocolate up to 700 kilograms and 2,000 decorated biscuit waffles round.
  5. Men prefer ice cream as a dessert. Before we know this information. All of us do agree that woman really like ice cream. But actually it is different with te survey results. The survey shows men are more likely to choose ice cream as a dessert than women. You may ask why? Just ask your self, do you like it more then your girlfriends?
  6. Given the name Ice Cream Sunday because it used to be sold on Sundays only. Ice cream sundaes are created for selling ice cream sodas on Sundays in American cities around the 19th century. Some traders add syrup on ice cream and that moment was changer the ice cream name. Ice Cream Sunday become Ice Cream Sundae. This moment is a big moment for ice cream maker and ice cream lover. Sundae with e was kicked Sunday with y.
  7. After the freezer the ice cream was developed in America with home made development.
  8. Around the world, approximately 15 billion liters of ice cream consumed annually, enough to fill 5,000 Olympic swimming pools.
  9. Hawaii and Wisconsin are  the only US state with the law governing the size of an ice cream container.
  10. President Ronald Reagan set July as National Ice Cream month in the United States.
  11. Elvis Presley with ice cream. IF you are Elvis Presley fans than need to know that four scoops of ice cream is a history. Six chocolate chip cookies also. You know why? Both of it is the last thing Elvis Presley was ate.
  12. You may guess who was The First President eat ice cream? George Washington is lukier than Obama or Jokowi today. Because on June 13, 1789, He is became the first President eat ice cream.
  13. Early reference to ice cream in English was in 1672.
  14. The world record for eating the ice cream was 11.66 liters UK in the eight minute.

ice cream ingredients 

We have talk about the unique facts so let us. Before we concern to the benefits. Let us talk about the ice cream and the materials. Ice cream there is two material, namely:

1. Base material

The base material of ice cream is milk. There are more than 100,000 types of molecules.

2. Addition Materials

In addition to water and fat molecules that include proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, enzymes, gases, and vitamins A, D, B6, B12, and K.

In addition, milk contains several bioactive components such as calcium, fatty acids, lactose, milk proteins, and minerals. That’s why dairy products, including ice cream also has a higher contribution to the health of the body.

Carbohydrates is one of substance that contains in ice cream. As a substance it is also contained others component, namely lactose. This substance can adding the ice cream flavor. It also can hold the  ice cream palatability. Palability is ability to feel or taste some food.

Another contains in ice cream are fatty acid and linoleic acid. Both of it can help our body especially for anti patogenik. Both of it can help to increase the activity of it. Substances of anti bacterial and anti viral also can grow with consume ice cream. Because indirectly it will be act as non-specific defenses. So do not be afraid anymore to eat this frozen food because cytomegalovirus, influenza, HIV, and pathogens can be demolished by it.

Ice Cream Benefits

The benefits of the nutrients contained in ice cream:

  1. Beneficial calcium to maintain bone density, strengthen bones, increase body energy, prevention of osteoporosis, cancer prevention, as well as reduce the risk of hypertension, protect teeth and strengthen gums.
  2. Chocolate is one of material contained in ice cream chocolate. This material also contains flavonoids. Human body need something can protect the heart arteries of fatigue and reduce the risk of heart disease. The Flavonoids is the answer. Contains antioxidant ingredients and prevents premature aging.
  3. The material contained in the chocolate ice cream contains flavonoids that can protect the heart arteries of fatigue and reduce the risk of heart disease. Contains antioxidant ingredients and prevents premature aging.
  4. Useful protein to build and repair muscle tissue.
  5. Vitamin A is contained in the ice cream is very good for eye health.
  6. Vitamin D can help the absorption of calcium and nutrients from food and store in the kidneys.
  7. Vitamin K helps increase blood flow in the body and open the blocked blood cells so as to prevent blood clotting.
  8. Vitamin B6 can help the metabolism of the body.
  9. Vitamin B12 can improve memory and nervous system.

In addition to the benefits of the ingredients contained in ice cream, there are other benefits that can be felt if we eat ice cream. Some of these benefits are:

1. Increase The Chances Of Pregnancy

Can help increase the chances of pregnancy. Based on research by the Harvard School of Public health, Boston. Consuming ice cream or milk product has a fat content regularly dpat help increase the probability of conception in the womb. Thus consume ice cream can help increase the odds of pregnancy.

2. Helps bone formation in fetuses

Many pregnant women are afraid to eat ice cream for fear fetus becomes too large. Though ice cream contains more nutrients needed for the development of fetal bone growth. Because it is for expectant mothers do not fear getting fat because of the consumption of ice cream. Originally consumed within reasonable limits it will help the growth of the fetus.

3. Overcome nausea

When he was in the early stages of pregnancy, some women experience nausea. By eating ice cream can help overcome the nausea suffered.

4. Reduce stress

The consumption of ice cream also can stimulate the formation of Thrombotonin hormone that can affect mood, causing a feeling of calm and relieve stress. It is recommended that consumed by teenagers who often fickle mood to avoid being trapped stress and depression.

5. Enhance immunity

Lactoferrin and cytokines in ice cream can increase the body’s immunity and combat the influenza virus and help the healing process flu, against various virus and HIV. So if it is the flu do not hesitate to consume ice cream.

6. Reduce the risk of cancer

The nutritional content of ice cream can also be zoomed certainty cancer.

7. Good For Part Of Human Brain

The results of the Institute of Psychiatry of London said that the ice cream is super good for our body. There is a part of the brain that serves to analyze, the orbitrofrontal cortex. The ice cream is super good to it. When we consumed the ice cream can make us more comfortable.

8. Reduce The Risk of Cancer For Premenopausal Women

Based on research conducted Institute of Community Medicine of the University of Tromso-Norway, explaining that the risk of cancer for premenopausal women consuming milk can be reduced by as much as 3 cups or more each day. Thus, eating ice cream can also reduce the risk of cancer because of the basic ingredients of ice cream is milk.

9. Lost Wight

This information is super good news for woman. Especially who like diet very much.
Eating ice cream can also help you lose weight, because it is consuming something cold can increase body temperature and burn calories and fat.

10. Make you smile.

  • Most of eyes have seen the smile. Did you?
  • Especially in childs face. And off course you have feel that, right?
  • Why they feel so happy when you’re eating ice cream?

It turns out it is not only because of the delicious taste of ice cream, but because the cold ice cream also can make a person happy. One study found that a spoonful of cool things that can really make you happy. Researchers from the Institute of Psychiatry in London track the brain activity of people eating vanilla ice cream. Once participants swallowing ice cream, they see a direct effect on the area of the brain called the orbitofrontal cortex, the part of the brain center that serves to analyze. Besides that makes us happy when we eat ice cream because ice cream is Thrombotonin stimulating hormone, also known as serotonin, which is responsible for assisting in the bedroom, study, and overall mood. Another hormone, dopamine, is released by the brain when you eat ice cream. This hormone is responsible for improving the mood of joy and pleasure.

11. Increase Sex Drive

Consumed ice cream can also increase your sex drive. Need help to feel excited? Ice cream may be your answer. That’s because ice cream has calcium and phosphorus in a fairly high level, both of which help to build your muscle energy reserves and boost your libido. If you are a woman, you may feel more willing to choose a vanilla ice cream flavor than others. A study of Chicago Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation (CSTTRF) was found that when men smell the scent of vanilla increased their passion.

12. Source of Energy

Although the nutritional content of ice cream varies between brands and types, abortion in general is a source of energy. Ice cream is rich in carbohydrates, with about 15 grams in a serving of one-half cup. There are fat in 7 grams and protein in 2 grams when we consume ice cream in one serving. Making it an energy dense foods. According to the US Department of Agriculture, there are 137 kilocalories of energy in one half cup of vanilla ice cream, about twice the number in one-half cup of milk. Ice cream is a super good choice. Especially when you need energy, or if you are pursuing a program to gain weight.

13. Source of Minerals and Vitamins.

Several important minerals we can get from ice cream. It is also a food source. This is mainly because the ice cream is rich in calcium and phosphorus, with about 10 percent of the adult recommended dietary allowance, or RDA, of this mineral in a single, one-half cup is sufficient. Ice cream also contains many vitamins, including vitamins E, D, C, and A. This is  as well as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid and vitamin B-6 and B-12 are also small amounts of vitamin K, a factor that is essential for blood clotting.

5 Myths about Ice Cream

After all of the benefits. We must know the fake fake information about ice cream. There are 5 (five) myths about ice cream, namely:

1. Ice Cream cause coughs and colds.

The myth that says that ice cream can result in cough and colds in children certainly not appropriate, because the causes of cough and colds are mainly viruses, and allergens in children who suffer from congenital allergy. On the contrary the nutrient content in the ice cream can help fight influenza viruses that can cause flu.

So you get answer right? There is no reason to deny ice cream anymore.

2. Ice cream cause cavities.

The main cause of tooth decay is actually a residual fermentation of carbohydrates and sugar on your teeth, then you should consume plenty of water after eating a sweet food (if it can consume alkaline water better, because the nature of the alkaline water can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria).

3. Ice cream lead to obesity.

Obesity is mainly caused due to excess fat and lack of physical activity, and metabolism and heredity. Contributions fat in ice cream per serving size is very small compared to the needs fat each day.

So for you my friend who has a “really good” body just enjoy your ice cream. Do not be feel bothering anymore about fat in it. It is a small thing to make the fat.

4. Ice cream must not be consumed when you’re sick.

When sick, the body requires more fluid intake to avoid dehydration, ice cream with delicious taste it feels easier to take when we are sick.

5. Ice cream should not be consumed by pregnant women.

Many pregnant women are reluctant to consume ice cream for fear fetus becomes large. Of course this will not happen, if we put the ice cream in its portion corresponding namely as a snack and not a staple food. Precisely with the consumption of ice cream that is rich in nutrients, dpat help bone growth in the fetus.