43 Benefits of Honey For Eyes, Beauty, and Overall Health

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Still in the theme about health benefits, now we will talk about benefits of honey for eyes. Benefits of honey is very much, besides for health, honey is also beneficial for various diseases and other complaints related to the human body. Honey is one of the most magical and very powerful liquid and beneficial to the health of the body. In contrast to the benefits of fruit, in this honey fluid can be used and used to treat various diseases and diseases such as curing canker sores, boost immunity, get rid of acne and so on.

The benefits of honey for health are so numerous and varied. One of the benefits of honey that can increase our body stamina. So it is not surprising that a lot of ads of  food and beverage healthy stamina enhancer on television always contain and place honey even with small levels.

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Before we talks about benefits of honey for eyes, we will talk about nutrients in honey.

Nutrients in Honey

Honey is a mixture of sugars and other compounds. In relation to carbohydrates, honey especially fructose about 38.5%) and glucose (about 31.0%), so it is similar to synthetic sugar syrups produced inversely, which is about 48% fructose, 47% glucose, and 5% . The remaining honey carbohydrates include maltose, sucrose, and other complex carbohydrates. Like all other nutritious sweeteners, most honey contains sugar and contains only a small amount of vitamins or minerals.

Honey also contains small amounts of some compounds considered to function as antioxidants, including chrysin, pinobanksin, vitamin C, catalase, and pinocembrin. The specific composition of a number of honey depends on the interest available to bees that produce honey.

Analysis of honey in general:

  • Fructose: 38.2%
  • Glucose: 31.3%
  • Maltosa: 7.1%
  • Sucrose: 1.3%
  • Water: 17.2%
  • Sugar: 1.5%
  • Ash (chemical analysis): 0.2%
  • Others: 3.2%

The viscosity of honey is about 1.36 kilograms per liter. Or equal to 36% more viscous than water). After we know about it, now we will talk about benefits of honey for eyes. Here are the list of benefits honey for eyes:

1. Treat inflammation of the cornea

In 1981 Dr. Emara M.H, Head of Eye Physician at Al-Mansura University, has proven the efficacy of honey to treat inflammation of the cornea, blindness to the cornea of the eyes caused by the herpes virus, and inflammation and dehydration of the conjunctiva (the lining of the eyelids).

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2. Help Treat Eye Disease

A study and compilation of scientific studies on the healing power of honey to treat eye disease in the United States, conducted on 120 patients with various eye disorders, showed that 85 percent improved and felt better results or in other words felt their eyesight better.

While in the Journal of American Apitherapy of the AAS Society, Dr. Mamdouh AbdulRohman, professor of pediatrics at the Faculty of Medicine at Aini Shams University in Egypt described how a person with coronal ulcers successfully treated with honey drops.

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3. Help Treat Glaucoma

Dr. Carey also said honey eye drops are beneficial for the treatment of glaucoma because it does the same thing as pilocarpine, a drug used for glaucoma patients by drawing fluid out from behind the eyes without any negative side effects. Honey eye drops are rich in antioxidants and essential minerals including zinc which is essential for good eyesight.

Benefits of honey can protect the eyes against the effectiveness of damage caused by glaucoma. Hygroscopic properties contained in honey are able to pull out excess fluid in the eye and reduce ocular pressure.

The strong anti-inflammatory properties of honey can also overcome the major systemic inflammation of glaucoma. While recent research has shown that glaucoma is a central nervous system disorder, honey is a neuronal tonic with unparalleled success.

4. As Source of nitric oxide

Honey is naturally capable of increasing the production of nitric oxide, which is indispensable for efficient blood flow to the optic nerve and other important parts of the eye especially the retina. Researchers at the International Bee Research Association also reported that honey is a natural remedy for dry eyes rather than artificial eye drops.

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5. Refreshing Tired Eyes

Do you feel tired after sitting for hours in front of the computer? Or do you feel tired after read so many documents? If yes, honey is the best thing to help that problems.

Put honey on closed eyelids. Take a rest and relax your body with playing good music as background. After around 30 minutes, clean the honey with cold water. And your eyes will feel fresh again.

6. Reduces Wrinkles

Do you feel worry about wrinkles? Yeah, it is a normal reaction for everyone. Maybe we are want to live as young as possible. Thankfully, besides benefits of honey to treat eyes, honey with amazingly nutrients can reduce wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes.

The steps are: close your eyes, put on the honey on the eyes. Let it be around 15 minutes. Then wipe it with warm water.

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7. Healing Eye Infection

Are you have eye infections? Or do you have used honey for eye infections? Honey which created as the best medicine to cure all the kind of eye infection, whenever it caused by bacteria, virus, or another microorganisms. Just like we know, honey has antibacterial properties, which is make it important in healing of eye infections.

The thing that you have to do is mix the same amount of honey and boiling water and dip the cotton ball with mix ingredients, then apply it to your eyes with infection wound. Do it daily for the best results.

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Benefits of Honey for Beauty

In addition to health and pregnant women, honey has been used for facial skin care treatments since pastyear. No wonder that since antiquity has been a lot of beauty products that use honey as the material of manufacture. Here are the benefits of honey for the face:

  1. Honey is believed and has been used with a blend of other herbs to get rid of acne
  2. Honey is used along with other herbs to remove blackheads
  3. Eliminate black spots
  4. Eliminate acne scars
  5. Brighten skin
  6. Minimizes facial pores
  7. Makes skin look radiant and radiant
  8. Can be used as a facial mask
  9. Can be used as ingredients to clean the facial skin from free radicals
  10. Gives smoother facial skin.

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Apart from all the benefits that have been expressed earlier, honey has been known in various circles are very helpful in the field of beauty, here are some honey roles for the field of beauty:

  1. Prevent premature aging
  2. Prevents skin wrinkles
  3. Prevents darker skin when old
  4. Prevent acne
  5. Honey can prevent skin irritation and allergies.

Benefits of honey for hair:

  1. Honey to black hair
  2. Honey to make hair stronger
  3. Honey removes branched hair
  4. Honey to eradicate “Fruit Hair”
  5. Honey to make hair more straight

Apart for benefits of honey for eyes, honey is also beneficial for beauty treatments.

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Benefits of Honey For More Health

In addition to addressing and assisting problems of eye health that we talks in above, honey is also effective for:

  1. Overcoming allergies and acids
  2. Overcoming stomach pain
  3. Preventing stress
  4. Reduce the risk of heart attack
  5. Preventing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease
  6. Prevent jaundice
  7. Prevents tumors in various parts of the body

For pregnant woman, here are the health benefits of honey:

  1. Increase power and provide endurance during pregnancy
  2. Honey can increase the appetite of pregnant women
  3. Helping the fetus in the womb grows normal and healthy
  4. Strengthen the fetus
  5. Vitamin C found in honey, effective to improve the brightness and endurance of pregnant women
  6. Honey helps reduce nausea
  7. Prevent the occurrence of hepatitis B disease in the fetus later
  8. Honey can prevent pregnant women avoid various diseases during pregnancy that may interfere with the fetus.
  9. Honey has a very rich nutrient for the needs of mothers during pregnancy

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How to use Honey as an eye sore medicine

The honey used is the sterilized choice honey. Its use is by way of dripping 1-2 drops of honey. This therapy will usually cause the eye to be sore for a while with tears coming out. After eye drops eye honey will generally improve 85% and brighter vision.

Research results of honey therapy used as eye drops. Most eye patients treated in the study using honey showed encouraging results.

Honey can treat many cases in treating the eyes, this last experience we observe, that although honey can treat eye disease, but still there must be eye care when the eye pain. The following is the fruit of our experience when our family members experience sore eyes.

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Tips for eye pain quick heals with honey

  1. When there are abnormalities or feelings that the eyes seem to be out of the ordinary, or you feel like the eyes are hurting, immediately do not look forward to dripping pure honey on your eyes. Repeat several times until healed.
  2. During periods of eye pain, do not rubbed the eyes, this will only cause injury.
  3. To clean the dirt on your eyes, or just want to sweep using cotton that has been soaked warm water before on glass container / glass or stainless steel.
  4. Clean your eyes with this cotton with a single sweep from the outer to the inner end.
  5. Notes: One eye for just one cotton, and remove the cotton if it has been worn for one eye.
  6. Do not have the assumption, just clean the eyes with tissue. Precisely this will add to the external wound.
  7. Separate towels, pillows, bolsters, and all that is commonly used simultaneously while still sore eyes, this is to prevent bacteria lying on the eyes of others.

Meanwhile, there are many benefits of honey for eyes that you can use as natural treatments. Also, it;s easy to find honey, so you can use it daily and bring a good vision health.

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