15 Benefits of Chocolate Face Mask (Top #1 Beauty Tricks)

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Chocolate, the refined product of cacao is very widely favored by many people, particularly women. The sweet taste of chocolate can calm and fresh the feeling. No wonder if we can easily find chocolate in many kind of food and drink products such as cookie, cake, hot chocolate milk, ice cream, candy, or chocolate bar. Chocolate is also marked as a love symbol for someone. When the special day of love celebration comes, chocolate becomes the main actor of all celebration.

Furthermore, chocolate is not only taste good, it also has large numbers of benefits for the skin, particularly in term of chocolate face mask. The benefits of chocolate face mask are more known nowadays by the fact that many beauty clinic and beauty therapist suggest benefits of chocolate face mask to treat your skin beauty.

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Thus, the benefits of chocolate face mask will be described further in this article since it is now being the most favorite treatment with very affordable cost. Besides, who does not love chocolate with all good taste and odor? When you have the chocolate face mask treatment, you will feel just like tons of melting chocolate cover up your mouth too. Let’s check out more the benefits of chocolate face mask for your beauty.

  1. Freshening and Hydrating the Skin

The anti-oxide and C vitamins in chocolate are very useful to hydrate and nutrient the skin face in order to regenerate well and looks fresh and moist as a result. Chocolate face mask is much recommended for those who are having dried and rough skin face condition since it needs such hydrate effect to get the moist skin texture. Regularly have your chocolate face mask once or twice a month to get the best result.

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  1. Skin Poison Protection

The anti-oxidant inside the chocolate, especially dark chocolate can protect your skin face from such bacteria and poison from the dirty and polluted environment. Based on the research from American Health Foundation, the main anti-oxidant in the dark chocolate can protect the skin face and body almost over 100 times more effective than vitamin C and 25 times more effective than vitamin E. If you are living or working in a dirty and polluted environment, you need to maintain your skin face by doing the spa and facial of chocolate face mask.

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  1. Skin Nutrient

The chocolate face mask has another function to nutrient your skin face. As described before, chocolate has natural compound of vitamins, mineral, and complex vitamins to make your skin be healthier and fresher. There are some typical of unhealthy skin face which can be clearly identified such as dry, rough, black spots and so on. Routinely masking your face with chocolate mask will help you to overcome such problems.

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  1. Fair Skin

Chocolate face mask can be also used to fair your skin naturally. Chocolate has much anti-oxide which will stimulate the skin cells to regenerate and reduce the pigment production, of which the main reason why skin looks dark. You can add pure milk into your chocolate mask before applying into your face. A fair and fresh skin face is soon to be yours now.

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  1. Skin Moisturizer

Dried skin is one of the horrible problems of the skin face. If you have a dried skin, you will look pale, dull and not good looking. Dried skin will also stimulate us to get aging faster. Therefore, you need an extra treatment of such moisturizer in order to hydrate the skin from chocolate. Simply mix chocolate mask and pure milk to be applied onto your face. Routinely use it twice a week and you will see the difference in a short time.

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  1. Anti-Aging

Do you feel lack of confident due to the wrinkles and lines in your face? Wrinkles and lines probably are several major signs of aging, which is inevitable for every human being. However, you can at least maintain and keep your skin face looks younger and tighter by treating it with chocolate face mask routinely every day in order to moist and nutrient it as well. Chocolate has tons of anti-oxide in a very high level and pure so that the free radicals in the air will not be absorbed into the skin which is the main cause of aging and wrinkles.

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  1. Pore Cleanser

Are you having big pores? Feeling so annoyed when find out such pores trigger the dirt and bacteria to come and infect the skin? Now, you can start to overcome the problems by using chocolate face mask routinely. Chocolate face mask will help your skin face to smaller the pores in order to prevent such dirt and bacteria come and cause blackheads.

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  1. Skin Detox

Another benefit of chocolate face mask is detoxing your skin. If your skin is irritated and has such allergy, doing chocolate face mask is strongly recommended since its combination of caffeine, anti-oxide, and vitamins will throw away the skin from any poison and bacteria. Simply apply the chocolate face mask around the face night before sleeping and rinse it clean with warm water to get the best result.

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  1. Acne Treating

Acne is probably the most common and often case of skin problem. Many people suffering from acnes attempt so hard with any kind of ways to heal the acne. Unfortunately, some of them are doing the wrong treatment which cause the acne get worse. Chocolate face mask will help you to cure the acne by stimulating the skin cells to be opened and released the bacteria out of the skin. You need to apply the chocolate face mask and rinse it with warm water for a better result.

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  1. Smoothing the Skin

The next benefit of chocolate face mask is smoothing the skin. Having a rough skin is very not comfortable, therefore using chocolate face mask is highly recommended for you who are having rough skin. The pigmentation and metabolism inside the skin will be smoother too in order to make your skin looks smooth and fresh.

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  1. UV Light Protetcting

Chocolate has flavonoid compound which is very useful to prevent the skin from bad effect of sun rays of UVA/UVB. Those rays have ultraviolet which can trigger some serious skin problems such as cancer and infection. Chocolate will release such anti-inflame extract to protect the skin from sun rays infection.

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  1. Dead Skin Cells Removing

Chocolate face mask applied on the face will be very effective to remove the dead cells which cause pigmentation and skin will look dark and dull as a result. Scrubbing the dead cells is very important to maintain the beauty and healthy of the skin every single time. Therefore, scrubbing with chocolate mask is highly recommended for you to do at least once in a week.

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  1. Skin Regenerating

Chocolate has such protein where it is applied on your skin, then it will be absorbed into the skin and regenerate the cells easily. Destroyed skin cells are not good for the skin healthy because it will slower the skin metabolism and as a result, your skin cannot have a healthy and fresh looking anymore. Scrubbing the face with chocolate face mask is crucially recommended for you start from now on to get a healthy and free problem of the skin.

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  1. Blackheads Prevention

Chocolate face mask is being the very good news for those who are fighting with blackheads. It is caused by there are much of anti-oxide extract inside the chocolate compound and slowly it will remove the blackheads especially on your T-zone area (forehead, nose and chin).

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  1. Skin Brightening

The last extra ordinary benefit of chocolate face mask is brightening the skin face. It can be possible since the pigmentation of the skin will be dragged by the chocolate. It will also help you who have the dull and dried skin problems.

How to apply it?

  • You only need to mix chocolate mask with liquid milk to be then applied onto your skin face.
  • Make it a little bit condense in order to get the maximum use of the mask.
  • Use it at least once or two times a week because you need your skin to have such break to maximize the benefit of the chocolate absorbed inside the skin.

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Indeed, there are many benefits of chocolate face mask for your top one beauty treatments. Well, here are the steps to use chocolate mask on face:

How to Use Chocolate Face Mask

Indeed, as there are many benefits of chocolate mask, here the steps to use it:

  1. You can mix chocolate face mask with olive oil or almond oil to make it more effective on skin.
  2. You better use dark chocolate as the main compound of your face mask since the anti-oxide containing is higher than any other chocolates.
  3. Before you apply it, please wash your face first.
  4. Then, apply it to your face gently while massage it smoothly.
  5. Stay in the position at least one hour. It will also help your skin to be more immune towards bacteria attack.
  6. Lastly, wash your face again till it clean.

Notes and Tips

  1. In order to get the optimum benefits of the mask, better choose dark and pure chocolate, which means sugar free and not added yet by other compositions. The darker chocolate will be much better because it means that the nutrient components are higher than those which have more colorful and sweet taste.
  2. Avoid using the chocolate face mask on your bed just in case you can fall asleep and then your face will stick to the clothes and trigger some insects to come.
  3. If you are having a sensitive and such allergic, it will be better to consult to the doctor or beauty therapist first before doing the treatment. This is because not every person will be matched and comfort to be applied chocolate on their face.

Indeed, you can get many benefits of chocolate face mask. If you want to, you can come to a beauty center and ask them to service you with this new treatments. Yet, you can try the natural homemade chocolate mask like that.

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