20 Health Benefits of Crying (#1 Physical and Mental Health)

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Crying, almost all people in the world already feel it. Usually, your first tear happened when you were born into this world as crying is a normal expression for baby. Thus, no matter if you are a child, a teenager, or even an adult, you still can crying. Some reasons to cry is to express that they have a problem in their life, or when you remember your childhood, and when you remember someone who already dies. Indeed, crying is not always express a sadness yet crying can express anything like very happy, very nervous, jealous to your couple, proud to something and more. Normally, women let their tears much more often than man as women have a more prolactin hormone which is said to be the thing initiate crying. That is why when a man crying, he was considered the same as women.

However, don’t let it make you down. It’s okay to let a tear or two because it helps us to maintain our health.
Crying is kind of expression or emotional moment. Usually, the source of crying is someone feeling to something too deep. Thus, it makes your eyes automatically produce a lot of tears and flow from your eyes. Crying also produce a lot of liquids inside your nose.it makes you like have colds when you crying. As a result, the question is “do crying has health benefits for our life? Whether physical and psychological?” Basically, crying is good for your life because your eyes produce tears, and this is the health benefits of crying.

Nutrients Value of Tears

  • Protein

Tears produced during emotional it contains 24 percent more protein albumin, which is useful in regulating the body’s metabolic system. The tears produced by the tear glands that were located in the upper eyelids. Protein is important in tears are lysozyme which has antibacterial action, lactoferrin, secretion of immunoglobulin A antibodies and proteins that bind together.

  • Electrolyte

Tears were flowing naturally have the composition and content of water, electrolytes and small molecules such as carbohydrates and fats, as well as enzymes. In addition, tears containing leusinenkefalin, adrenocorticotropic, and prolactin and some electrolytes, protein and fat binding immunoglobulin A. This whole electrolyte-electrolyte produce a salty taste, so the water tastes salty.

  • Fat

Thus, tears also contain fat. The first layer is a layer of oils/fats (oily/ lipid layer), which is the outer layer of tears, about 0.1 microns thick and is produced by the meibomian glands, sebaceous and sweat glands in the eyelid edge. Comprised of cholesteryl esters, cholesterol, triglycerides, and phospholipids. The main function of this layer is to make the tear film becomes stable. With hydrophobic properties, this layer prevents evaporation of tears too quickly. Like if you put a layer of wax on top of the liquid, it will make it difficult to evaporate the liquid underneath.

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1. Kill Bacteria

Crying can kill bacteria inside your eyes. As when you cry and the tears start to come out, bacteria inside your eyes will follow the tears and make your eyes clean and has a very little bacteria inside your eyes. Inside of tears, tears contains a liquid called lissome which is can kill a bacteria between 90 – 95%. Meanwhile, bacteria usually stays in a place or thing that is very dirty like keyboard computer, railing stairs, and toilet. Thus, just need 5 minutes bacteria can enter to inside your body and spread the disease.

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2. Smoother Skin 

By Crying produces tears and tears has minerals that are very useful for your skin. Tears contains protein and electrolyte. Meanwhile, both of that minerals can make your skin smoother, cleaning your skin and make your skin brightness. As a result, tears most streaming down face skin, so it’s good for your natural skin treatment.

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3. Healthier Eyes

It happens because after crying, your eyes produce a lot of tears and automatically your eyes feel moist. Thus, it means besides tears can clean your eyes from bacteria, tears make your eyes not dry. As a result, tears using the lubricant that makes your act with your eyes easily.

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4. Kill Virus

Virus inside our body has a lot. Meanwhile, we must clean all things that are we think negative or useless for our body. Actually, there are ways to helps you to clean and kills the virus like doing sports activity every day, eat a healthy food and diet. In fact, you can start kills the virus inside your body easily. Thus, crying helps you to kills the virus from producing a process of tears. Tears produce from inside your eyes called tear duck. inside a tear, duck occurs absorbing processes and inside absorbing process a virus and bacteria get extracted inside the tears. So, when you are crying it means you are already cleaning and killing a virus from your body.


5. Make your Brain Better

Crying is an emotional moment that can affect the function of your brain. It means when you have a problem and you don’t want to cry. actually, your brain is working very hard to solve your problem and hold your crying. Yet when you crying, it is over.It means your brain is getting better condition and can work normally as crying make your problem in your brain decrease and brain don’t have a work for hold your tears again.

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6. Headache Treatment 

What is the relation between crying and headache? Meanwhile, headache usually appears because you have a lot of problems. Thus, it makes your head very pain and the headache is coming. So, when you crying you automatically let go things out and it gives result to headache healing.

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7. Decrease Percentage of Colds

You know that crying just produce the tears from your eyes, yet sometimes or almost all people produce a liquid inside the nose when they cry. Actually, that liquid is very useful to help you to decrease your colds. As a result, it can clean your nose hole from bacteria, dust, or anything. So, it lowers the percentage of getting colds.


8. Remove Toxins

Biochemist named William Frey has conducted several studies on tears and found that the tears coming out from the emotional crying because it turned out to contain toxins. Meanwhile, the release of toxic tear it signifies that he carries toxins from the body and remove it from the eyes.


9. Make your Circulation of your Blood Better

If we hold back tears, stress will continue to accumulate in our minds. As a result, the blood pressure will also increase. From the foregoing, it is a clear correlation between tears and blood pressure. If you are no longer able to withstand the stress, then it is the better crying.

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10. Minimize Heart Problems

When you are sad, usually a person will experience a state on the chest that feels like on tap. It is a sign that the heart will respond spontaneously when you are in a sad condition. To minimize this, you can just cry. A study says that respondents tend to cry when you’re sad it turned out to be at risk of heart attack is lower when compared to those who keep from crying or sadness expressionless face anything.

Mental Effects from Crying

11. Remove Your bad feelings

There is always problems in life that makes us sad. Meanwhile, our lives often experience ups and downs in dealing with problems. Sometimes, the problem is when we unconsciously storing the negative energy of grief in ourselves. Thus, negative energy such as sad, angry, disappointed, and more is common happen to us. This can be stored in the limbic system of the brain (the part that deals with memory, emotion, motivation, etc.) As well as certain parts of our hearts. These emotions will interfere with our health if stored too long. Well, with a cry we can to remove and eliminate these negative feelings, thus making us more positive and happier in life.


12. Improving Social Relationships

You’ve become a friend to vent from your close friends? Did he tell the problem with the crying? Then how do you feel? Is there a sense of sympathy and empathy? If anything, you should come to cry with them, to feel the pain of their suffering. Then you help to strengthen. Crying is one of the reasons you become a close friendship and sticky. With the same cries, would improve relations harmony.


13. Decrease stress

You should know that stress and depression are different. The level of severity of depression will be higher. For example, when a person has been unable to cope with the stress and pressure that continues further, then that will be approached is depression. While lower stress levels and the absolute need for all people to be resilient mentally stronger. It’s just that most people are not able to cope with the stress that happened to him. Then what is done? Of course, crying is sometimes good. According to research, when you cry because of stress, you will shed tears containing chemical substances adrenocorticotrophic (ACTH) more. This will stimulate the hormone cortisol, a hormone related to stress directly in the settings to suppress the level of stress is higher level. This keeps the positive energy back and ready to face the problem.

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14. To Forgetting Things

By crying, you can also forget the bad thing that happens to you. It is not entirely scientific proven. Yet for some people, crying is not just to let out some stress but also to forget things that they did not want to remember. Even though sometimes, when you cry again you will probably remember you are bad memories.

15. Calm Yourself

Crying is not just happen when you are sad or you are stressed out, you could also crying when you are mad. Thus, it also helps you to calm down yourself by bit depend on the situation and the people that experience it. In the end of the day, you may be a better person.

16. Make Your Day Again

After you crying for a while, you will feel a whole lot better and make your mood to go up again. And turn your “bad” day into a “normal” day. It could also paint some happy expression for once more. So, it’s okay to cry, your day will be bright again after all.

17. You’ll be Okay Again

Don’t worry about anything. If you feel sad, then just cry out load. If you don’t feel like yourself today, then just express it. Sometimes, crying is the best thing to handle your sadness. Thus, when you let go these things, you will be okay again. As it is, you will be a better person.

Thus, don’t worry if you feel sad, you can just cry. You don’t have to hide yourself over the sadness. There is at least the health benefits of crying. Meanwhile, just call your mother, your best friend, or your lovers and go cry with them. So, don’t afraid to crying because it has a lot of benefits for you.