23 Proven Health Benefits of Taro (No.19 Shocking)

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Taro or known as Colocasia esculenta isn’t the main food that you eat regularly. Thus, some people consider this food as food for village civilization or a pork food. Meanwhile, Taro have many benefits for the body as well for health, beauty or treatment for a disease. As a result, here is the benefits of taro.

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1. Energy supply

Taro is a food that is taken tuber to be used either for food or for flour. Thus, energy contained in taro is greater than it is in rice or potatoes. Also, taro contains carbohydrate that is perfect for your breakfast menu. So, you will have so much energy till evening.


2. Improve Digestion System

Taro contains fiber that is good for digestion. Fiber is a substance that serves to lubricate. Thus, fiber will make the digestion system become smooth. As the effect, it would be faster digestion and the regulation of fluids in the colon becomes more stable.

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3. Dehydration

Taro saves a lot of fluids in fibers tuber. Thus, it contains mineral to fit our ion body. Thus, most of people in village use taro to prevent dehydration. Indeed, you can blend taro as juice and you can drink it straight to get its super benefits.


4. Liver Protection

Taro has Thioacetamide-induced content where it works to maintain the hepatocytes function. Thus, in terms of neutralizing toxins passing from the veins hepatica, where toxins will be broken down and converted into ammonia which is excreted through the kidneys.


5. Maintain Moisture

Taro has hydrophobic properties where is collagen in the skin is able to retain fluid. The content of collagen in taro helps strengthen the bond between molecules. So, that the liquid is more difficult to evaporate from skin. This leads to skin condition becomes softer and more elastic and make a positive value to cosmetic function of skin.

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6. Diabetes

In this case, taro has capabilities similar to the action of insulin, but with a slower time. Thus, taro is able to convert sugar in the blood into glucagon which is a deposit of sugar in the muscles. As a result, blood sugar will be more stable if you eat taro regularly.


7. Malaria

Taro leaves become a prevention of malaria transmission. Thus, malaria is a disease that is transmitted by Culex pipiens where the patient will experience fever conditions until shivering. Thus, the contents in taro help to slow the culex pipiens grownt through blood.

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8. Anti-Oxidants

There is a substance in taro which have antioxidants molecule to fight free radicals. In this case, taro is useful to fight radical and press the risk of cancer cells growth.

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9. Stimulation of the Immune System

Meanwhile, taro contains polysaccharide. This substances are able to cope and maintain cell growth. Also, it automatically protect our immunity system to fight  many bacteria and virus. As a result, it stimulate or cells and immune system.


10. Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene

Taro leaves have a molecule to create good bacteria in mouth. Thus, it protect the immune system and help to combat the destructive bacteria from mouth. Thus, it’s a good part for tooth (called dental caries) and gum (called gingivitis) treatments.

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11. Anti Hypertensive

Taro contains collagen that serves to elasticity of blood vessels. Thus, elastic blood vessels associated with hypertension. It can treat hypertension because the blood vessels with high elastic level will affect the blood flows pressure. Meanwhile, heart will be more relaxed in pumping blood, so that blood pressure can achieve normal.

12. Detector Arsenite

Arsenite are harmful substances to body. Thus, this is the material of heavy metals that can make the body’s metabolism disturbed to the organ. Meanwhile, a research conducted in European countries found by performing polymerization of taro will get DNA from that plant which would later become detector for gold miners to find out the level of arsenite in the body.

13. Aldose Reductase

Aldose reductase is an enzyme that body uses to break down glucose into energy. In the chain of glycolysis without oxygen, in the same study found that by adding taro as diet coupled with exercise will increase your stamina for the remainder lactic acid fermented back. This makes the maximum calories burned, and make body build more effective.

14. Prevent Flu

Flu can be caused by influenza or that is often called hemagglutinin. By eating taro, it can activate cytokine molecules that function to the formation of immune system to fight the virus. Thus, taro may be used to prevent other diseases naturally.

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15. Preventing Obesity

With the high fiber in the womb of taro, it creates liver cells or so-called hepatocytes more active in solving the fat, especially, bad fat or called LDL. Thus, the accumulation of bad fats can cause more severe disease such as coronary heart disease.

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16. Accelerate Cell Regeneration

Taro contains enzyme trypsin, which enzyme containing digestive enzymes. Thus, it’s normally located in the digestive tract function in converting peptides into amino acids. Indeed, the amino acid is a form of protein that can be absorbed and used by body in the process of regeneration.

17. Stabilizing Heart

Balance electrolytes in heart needs calcium, sodium, and potassium which are delivered cells. Where some food is circulated widely made electrolyte imbalance, causing the heart to contract without rules or called arrhythmia. Thus, taro liquid help to balance the heart cells.


18. Preventing Urinary Tract Stones

Thus, taro can be your alternative way to prevent stone in urine system. Meanwhile, the natural contents in taro will absorb urine out. So, it’s good.

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19. Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia nervosa is the condition where someone cannot eat well. Thus, this is the bad impact of strict diet. Meanwhile, taro maybe the alternative food for them to keep eating but it’s still okay for diet. Also, the natural source of taro is full or nutrients to fill their needs.

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20. Skin Care

Taro contains vitamin C that is the source of skin nutrients. Meanwhile, it helps to moisturize skin. As a result, your skin will be smooth and glow. That is a perfect trick for ladies out there.


21. Eye care

Eyes are organs of one – the only organ that serves as a visualization, in which the organ has many cells that can project what we see, such as the lens, the cone cells and stem cells, etc.
Taro in that, it contains vitamin A which is not much different from the tomatoes or carrots, but enough to handle eye risk factors such as meiopia or farsightedness.


22. Anti-Inflammatory and Antibiotic

Taro which contains polyphenols contained in the leaves, its usage is by way of external use which I make by way of finely milled and then soaked in hot water, then applied and left on the wound.

23. Reduce Fatigue

Tiredness Excessive obtained from a day’s work can be reduced to us eating taro on a regular basis, it can be realized because of taro does not have a layer of fat and contain enzymes capable of producing energy without the assistance of oxygen so that the body in a state of fatigue is still able to perform metabolism, thereby reducing severe tiredness after working a full day.

Although many people believe that taro is a food that is not reasonable to eat but in this article you can read and try to directly benefit from the taro ranging from bulbs until the leaves can be used as a health and beauty.

Meanwhile, taro as a food ingredient that is beneficial to health, try to be more open and try to consider all the things given of God is appropriate that we are grateful and we resume practicing. Stay healthy and happy.