18 Main Health Benefits of Weightlifting Man and Women

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Health Benefits of Weightlifting could be best for your physical and mental effects. Weightlifting is one form of exercise that can build up our body muscle. Except maintain physical strength, weightlifting also have other benefits that can reduce weight. This type of gym may be carried out both men and women. But some of the myths that developed resulted in women makes them think twice before doing this weight exercises. One assumption that often spread is the woman’s body will appear manly because muscles swell. Is it true that weightlifting is not a gym for women? Here are some benefits of Weightlifting:

Main Benefits of weightlifting

  1. Burn more calories

Calories that are in our bodies resulting from food and when we did not perform any activity, it will accumulate. When we do weightlifting excercise then those calories will be used by the body to repair muscle fibers are being formed as a result of exercise. The body will burn calories in the well so that the body will be healthy and protected from various diseases.

  1. Strengthen bones

Frequently with increasing age, human bones are increasingly depleted and porous. This occurs will result in injury to the body. Weightlifting sports will make bones stronger and help solidify the bones back so that your bones will remain strong and porous so did not experience any injury to the body that can result in death.

  1. Keeping sugar levels to remain normal

Keeping your blood sugar levels in normal circumstances. It was found in research conducted in Australia for 4 months. Significantly respondents who have type 2 diabetes and do weight training, managed to keep blood sugar levels in stable condition. For weight training not only makes a pile of fat disappear but also give the body more sensitive to insulin. As a result, blood sugar levels remain stable.

  1. Facilitate diet program

Weightlifting is a sport that can simplify the diet, because weightlifting excercise can be 2 times more effective at burning fat and uses calories in the body so that fat in the body will burn more with exercise weightlifting.

  1. Increase stamina

Weightlifting exercise will make your heart better trained so that if you can do weight lifting exercise regularly then your stamina will increase. More stamina increases because the heart has been trained to work stronger so you will not feel tired.

  1. Make a muscle getting stronger

Weightlifting exercise will train the muscles to work more strongly with load carrying. Muscles that work with weights will be used to lift the load so that the muscles will become stronger and not easily injured.

  1. Lose Weight

Weight training will help you to build muscle that will trigger weight loss faster. It also will increase your metabolism and helps tighten the skin, not only that, by doing weight training will also increase the testosterone which is the key to help burn fat. Not enough with that, weightlifting also as a care treatment for heart health, prevent sagging skin, build muscle strength and endurance, and improve posture. To that end, it is impossible to lose weight without doing weight training.

  1. Increase Weight

Not only for weight loss, weight training can also be used to add weight. People who want to gain weight, is likely to have the body type ectomorphs. And they have a very high metabolism. By so doing, they will tend to burn calories faster than someone who has the body type to another. Therefore, you need to balance the weight training and diet to successfully increase your weight.

  1. Weightlifting for Women

If weight training is done by women, it can keep you from osteoporosis, increase flexibility, improve posture, strength and endurance, and taking care of your heart health. If you are still afraid of the myth to gain muscle muscular like men in general, then you need to throw those thoughts away. Muscle hypertrophy will only occur in men who have enough testosterone. While the woman’s own body produces this hormone only about 1/100 of the amount of male hormones produced. Unless a woman is using steroids to trigger muscle hypertrophy. For that, you no longer need to worry.

  1. Weightlifting for Parents

Weightlifting can help to slow the loss of muscle mass that can occur with age. This exercise can also increase bone density that can help to prevent the onset of diseases that are affected by age. For example, such as osteoporosis and arthritis.

  1. Reduce the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Weightlifting can improve sugar metabolism processes in the body. To get these results, you need to perform it regularly for four months.

  1. Preventing injury

Weightlifting strengthen muscles and tendons, thereby reducing the risk of injury. Strong muscles and tendons are important, especially when the body is growing older, because at the age of old, a person becomes more susceptible to injury.

Weightlifting benefits for women

  1. Reduce the risk of osteoporosis

osteoporosis occur because the bones are weak and do not have adequate nutrition. By doing weight training then you will have a solid and hard bones so that osteoporosis can be avoided from the outset. Doing Weightlifting regularly helps  women to avoid osteoporosis, because women is a person with big chance of osteoporosis more than men.

  1. Reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes

Solid muscle will help your body in removing sugar and triglycerides in the blood so as to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries. In addition to your weight training can lower blood pressure up to 10-12 hours after the completion of weights. So it can make your heart get the necessary breaks.

  1. Tighten the body

Cardio exercise is actually enough to burn fat, but are not able to build muscle by weightlifting compared to the maximum. Doing weightlifting helps you to have an ideal body and toned. Thus you can avoid sagging skin.

  1. Assist in shaping the ideal body

Muscles are the main motors in burning fat. The more dense muscle you have the more fat that will be burned. Muscle mass tends not to make the body look bigger for women. But if you didn’t take an weightlifting, the excessive fat mass will take a lot of  place in your body so that your body looks folds of fat and look bad, and this is true for anyone both men and women.

  1. Improve the metabolic system

With the increasing age of women precisely since the age of 30 years, women are slowly losing their muscle mass. This will trigger a decline in the metabolic system of the woman solid body and causing fat to accumulate in the body more easily. Weightlifting will help expedite the system to back up your metabolism in burning fat even after you have finished the exercise.

  1. Burn fat up to 40% more

Weightlifting sport has the advantage that it can burn body fat up to 40% more than other sports. For those who want to go on a diet, weightlifting excercise is an appropriate alternative to help you lose weight that will be done with the fat-burning process that occurs as a result of weightlifting exercise performed. It is proven based on a third study that has been demonstrated to the respondents, the research on people who will go on a diet.

The first person to go on a diet without exercise, the second person to do as much aerobic exercise three days a week, while a third person on a diet and weightlifting excercise. The results are all experienced weight loss with an average of 9.5 kg. The third person managed to lose 3 kg more than the first and the second, so the weightlifting sports can burn body fat 40% more.

  1. Maintain cardiovascular health

The American Heart Association explains that weightlifting is also a great cardiovascular activity for heart health. Select the type of exercises that train many muscles at once like squats, push-ups and pull-ups. These movements are not only efficient but also will increase your heart rate to the optimum. However, people who have heart disease should consult their doctor first before starting any exercise activity.

  1. Beautify body shape

According to a study of the human body, our body will lose muscle as much as 10% at 30-50 years range of age, and will be filled with and replaced with a pile of fat. By the time humans reach 60 years of age, the muscles will be missing 2-fold reaching up to 20%, so that the body fat will be increased by 20%. Fat will cause the body become fat. Not only that, fat would also lead to hip enlarged so that the body is no longer ideal.

To prevent the occurrence of the weightlifting sports will greatly help to remove fats that are in the body, as well as maintaining ideal body shape in order to stay beautiful and increasingly formed.

The side effects of weight training for women

  1. Weightlifting makes women’s body look stocky

In fact the woman’s body does not produce the hormone testosterone in large quantities like a man. So although women do weightlift, the body will not look like manly men. Stocky woman that is typically consume artificial testosterone (anabolic steroid) in order to form his muscle mass. If you are doing weightlifting without taking steroid hormone, the results are visible body toned and proportionate. So it will not result in muscle mass that pops like a weightlifter.

  1. Enlarged Breasts

Gym for women such as lifting weights will improve the structure of the shoulder and chest. When the size of your breasts increase in size due to fat tissue it is buried there. If your breasts with fat deposits is by itself will seem bigger.

  1. Muscle processed into fat if you are stuck doing weightlifting

Most people assume if weightlifting will make the body fat. The reality is that the muscles will not be able to be processed into fat. Only one way to prevent weight gain after weight training body is to control the consumption of food. You can be fat if you eat food with excessive portions before the workout.

  1. Lift the load trigger hemorrhoid

Wrong breathing when doing weightlifting can indeed lead to hemorrhoids. When you do lifting, hold your breath for a moment. When the load began to rise, you begin to exhale slowly. The right breathing way when lifting will keep you from hemorrhoids and other forms of injury.

  1. Weightlifting triggers blood pressure

When you lift a heavy load, the blood pressure will rise and back again after you put it down again. Heavy lifters likely to lower cardiovascular disorder because it does exercise can normalize the systolic and diastolic pressures.

  1. Make the uterus becoming weak

Gym for women in the form of weightlifting is not often recommended, but if executed with the guidance of an instructor then this could help weight loss and ideal body shaping. Do not lift too heavy burden if you can not afford. This can affect your uterus. However, light weight training and do using a well technique have no effect on the uterus.

Proper weightlifting Techniques

  1. Always warm up with a quick routine before you do weightlifting. It is important to oxidize blood flow, relax muscles, heat through, and get them ready to do the heavy lifting. If you want to build muscle and avoid injury, the warm up part is very important.
  2. Start by doing some push-ups and sit ups basis, each a few sets with a short break between each set. Do a few sets, and gradually increase the number of repetitions in each set. You can start with 10 reps for each set and increase to 50 reps.
  3. Stretch the muscles each time you want to start weightlifting. Do it slowly, by stretching the arm for at least 15 counts . Do not bounce your muscles, and do not pull it too fast, or you’ll risk keen muscles and torn.
  4. Select the appropriate amount of weight. That’s the way to find out the proper weight, you will learn over time.
  5. Start with a light load, the weight that you believe you can lift it, then increase slightly until you get a comfortable weight. When you lift, a comfortable weight that will gradually increase along with your workout regimen, but make the achievement of a comfortable weight that is your first goal.
  6. Weightlifting that too heavy can cause the risk of injury and you will be counter productive forces, while weightlifting that are too light to put pressure on the joints has no benefits of practicing with the right to build muscle. Whatever you do, you’re just wasting time.

Once you do weightlifting, do not forget to cooling down. For cooling down, you can perform a certain activity or exercise that you like, or you can repeat the heating up. Doing some light stretching and letting your body will gradually complete the exercises to minimize soreness the next day, and reduce the possibility of injury or strained muscles.