17 Unexpected Symptoms of Depression : Early Signs

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You must be familiar with the word depression. Depression is a kind of mood disorder, which is commonly characterized by the feeling of sadness, helplessness, and worthlessness. In the matter of fact, every people already suffers from this disorder and this is pretty normal. But, it becomes very dangerous whenever you’re feel it regularly day in and day out because this will lead you to many diseases. Do you know what is the symptoms that you’re feeling depressed? Here are the symptoms of depression.

  1. Loss of Daily Interests

This is the most obvious symptoms that you will get whenever you have depression feeling. So, whenever you feel depressed about something, whether it’s about your personal life or your job, you will be more likely to lose some interests on various activities, even your hobbies.

When you’re depressed, you have no interest anymore to have a little chit chat and conversation with other people and also, you have no interest to do everything that you love or doing your hobbies anymore. Basically, when you feel depressed, you’ve lost the ability to feel the pleasure, joy, and happines and you need to overcome this problem as soon as possible with the tips that already provided below.

  1. The Feeling of Helplessness

Another symptoms that show that you have the depression is the feeling of helplessness. Whenever you’re doing something, you will always think that there is nothing that you nor other people can do to improve your situation. In fact, whenever you’re in this situation, you don’t want everybody else to help you although they wanted to help you and you also needed some help from them, actually. This symptom is very dangerous since if you’re feeling this symptom, the chance of you wanted to do a suicide is higher than the usual condition.

  1. Changes in Appetites

The other symptom that could be the sign that you’re feeling depressed is the change in the way you eat or consume something. Whenever you’re depressed or have some anxiety feeling, you will be more likely to have some kinds of change related to your appetite because you’re no longer concerned with the physical well-being.

So, people with depression will have the change in appetite in two different ways, some people can eat at bigger portion than they usually take or they also can eat at smaller portion than they usually take. In fact, for some people, whenever they’re having a depression, they don’t want to take a meal at all because they already lost their appetite completely. As the result, you will loss the weight or gain some weight rapidly in just a short amount of time.

  1. Easier to Angry or Irritated

This is another common symptom that you will experience whenever you’re having a depressing feeling inside of your mind is that you will easily get angry when everything doesn’t seem right. In fact, whenever you’re in the depression feeling, your tolerance level is low, and you just want to have a fight with other people that makes you feel little bit annoyed. So, the depression feeling makes you can’t think clearly about what happen around you and yet, you have a short temper which will make your relationship with other people getting worse than before. In summary, the depression feelling could make you add some new enemies in your life.

  1. Self-Loathing

The other symptoms that you will get whenever you feel the depression is that you will feel the self loathing, which means that you will blame everything on yourself whenever everything is not right. When the things that you’ve done doesn’t end right, you will feel the excessive guilt and you also feel that you’re worthless. As the result, you will be more likely to curse yourself and in the some moments, you have the courage to hurt yourself without thinking too much. This is the dangerous symptom since if you’re not overcome this feeling as soon as possible, there is a higher chance that you want to commit the suicide.

  1. Reckless Behavior

This is the complication that will occur when you have prolonged the depression. You will tend to do something silly and stupid that you couldn’t imagine in the normal condition. You could act like a drunk person who already drink tons glasses of beer. For example, whenever you’re feeling depressed, you will abuse other people who don’t do anything wrong to you, or you will drive a car recklessly that could be harmful for you and other people. Overall, you will do something that you couldn’t never imagine under the normal circumstances but sadly, in the negative way.

  1. Having Sleeping Problems

The other symptom that could be the sign that you’re suffering from depression is the fact that you have a strange cycle of sleep. When the normal people could sleep at least 7 hours per day, in the case of people who are having the depression, they could sleep shorter than that or longer than that.

In the common cases, people who suffer from depression tend to have a shorter amount of sleeping time than the normal people because the anxiety feeling is one of the major causes why you become insomnia and sometimes you find it really difficult to sleep at the night. But in some cases, people who have the depression could sleeping for a very long period of time too.

  1. Having the Lack of Energy

This is another common symptom that occurs whenever you’re having the depression. So, the increase level of depression in the people’s mind could affect their productivity throughout the day. Whenever you’re suffering from depression, you will feel very tired and feel very sluggish during the day, and you will also feel exhausted when doing your daily job. In fact, you will take much longer time to do your task than the usual condition, even if you’re doing some small and easy tasks. In addition to the tiredness that you feel, you could also feel that your body become heavier than before, which without a doubt will affect your productivity during the day.

  1. Lack of Concentration

Another symptom that you will get whenever you’re having a depression is the reduced level of concentration. It is very impossible you could think every problem with the straight mind whenever you’re depressed. In fact, people with the depression problem would act something without thinking too much and that thing would cost them in a negative way. The people who have a depression also find it difficult to maintain the focus when they’re doing their usual tasks and this thing without a doubt would affect their productivity as well.

  1. Losts Interest in Sex

Well, when you’re having the depression, you will more likely to have a loss interest of having a sex. So, why the depression could make you become so disinterest with sex? We all know that the desire of sex starts in the brain, and then works it way down. So, the desire to sex is commonly due to the release of the chemicals in the brain called neurotransmitter. These neurotransmitters will stimulate the intensity of communication between the brain cells, which then these chemicals will stimulate and facilitate the blood flow through your sex organs.

In the case of people with depression, the depression feeling will lead to the improper brain circuits, which then will lead to the broken communication between the brain cells and the blood flow can’t properly occurs. This symptom surely will affect the intimate relationship with your partners. So, you need to avoid stress and depression as quick as you can. Don’t take everything too seriously and have some enjoyable together with your partner.

  1. Unexplained Physical Pain

Other symptom that you will get whenever you’re having the depression is unexplained physical pain. Sometimes, when you feel depressed, there are some pains that you feel and these pains quite unexplained. You have no idea why these pains could occur to you, because before you’re getting depressed, your body is fine.

These pains that you feel during the depression could attack you in many forms, but the common unexplained pains that you could get whenever having the depression are stiff neck, chest pain, back pain, headache, and abdominal pain. So, when you feel these symptoms, you need to relax yourself a little bit. But, beware when you have this symptom since this symptom might be the sign of serious problems related to the health of your organs.

  1. Thoughts of Death and Suicide

Well, you probably know that this symptom could occur whenever you’re having a depression. This symptom is closely related to all of the symptoms that already stated above. It is no surprise at all when the people having the prolonged depression, they will feel that they’re worthless and thus, they just want to give up for their lives.

For example you’re having the depression because of the acute disease that attack your body, and you’re already trying all of the different treatments and medications, but yet your disease won’t go away from your body. This is very frustating and you will feel that there is no other way to end your pain than to kill yourself. So, people who are having the depression will tend to think that the suicide is the only way to stop them to suffer more from their own problems, and this is very dangerous.

  1. Heart Problems

This is the comlications that you will get whenever you’re living in the depression in a long time. Some studies indicate that the feeling of depression could lead you to the heart problems. In fact, studies in America shows that the 33 percent of patients who have the depression feeling inside of their mind also have the heart problems. So, the question is why the depression feeling could lead you to the heart problems?

So, when you’re depressed, you will tend to have the unhealthy lifestyle like staying up late in the night, doesn’t have enough time to sleep, and also consume more alcohol and smoking all the time. These habits will lead you to the heart problems. Also, according to the scientists, depression could stimulate the release of stress hormones. These stress hormones could lead you to the inflammation and the induce of plaques in your arteries, which will accelerate the damage in your heart.

  1. Digestive Problems

When you have some digestive problems, then it could be the sign that you’re having the depression in a long time. So, what is the relation between the depression with the digestive problems? As you already know, the depression could affect somebody’s appetite, either they will eat at smaller portion than their usual, or eat at bigger portion than their usual. So, of course there are two possibilities that could occur related to your digestive system.

The first one is the digestive problem whenever the people who have the depression eat at the smaller portion. So, people who eat at a small portion could suffer from the nutrient deficiency, which then will lead to stomach cramps, constipation, and malnutritions. In the other hand, people who have the depression and eat at the higher portion could suffers from the obesity, which then will lead them to diabetes.

  1. Stroke

The other complications if you’re already suffering from depression in the long time is that you will be more likely to get the stroke disease. Same as already explained above, the increase risk of stroke could happen since the people who have depression are tend to get the unhealthy life, whether they wil take some alcohol, excessive smoking, and also less exercise.

The unhealthy lifestyle plus the less exercise means that you could have the excessive fats in your body, which then will accumulate and could form the plaques that can narrow the arteries. When your arteries become more narrow than before, it will blocks some of the blood supply o your brain, which without a doubt will lead you to stroke disease.

  1. Cholesterol

Well, this complication of depression is pretty obvious isn’t it? Well, when you’re having the depression, as already mentioned before, you will also tend to eat unhealthy food, eat at bigger portion than the usual portion, have a less exercise, and also you don’t even care about the health of your body. This is pretty dangerous and could increase the risk of you’re having the cholesterol. The accumulated fat from the result of these unhealthy foods could lead you to cholesterol.

Also, according to the health experts, stress could encourages the release of the energy from your body in the form of metabolic fuels, which then will also force the liver to secrete more of the LDL cholesterol or the bad cholesterol in the body. The studies also shown that the anger the stress could produce in you, the higher your triglyceride and LDL cholesterol levels. So, it is your choice to overcome these stress feeling or suffering from this disease.

  1. High Blood Pressure

The other complications that you would likely to get when you’re having the prolonged depression is the high blood pressure. So the question is why the depression could lead you to the high blood pressure? Well, your body produces a surge hormone when you’re in the depression feeling. These hormones of course will increase your blood pressure so that your heart will beat faster than the usual condition and also your blood vessels will be more narrow than before.

Other than that, again, the unhealthy lifestyle could lead you to the high blood pressure. The excessive smoking, the excessive consumption of alcohol, and always feel depressed and anxiety towards your problem will stimulate your body to make your blood pressure increased rapidly in the short amount of time.

The Diagnosis of Depression

Now you already know everything about the symptoms of depression. After that, you might wonder how can this depression feeling diagnosed? In fact, there are some indications whether you’re truly suffering from the depression or not. Here are the depression diagnosed.

  • Physical Exam

The first thing that the doctor would do to check whether you’re suffering from the depression or not is through the physical exam. Your doctor will ask about your medical history and how far you can do some physical treatments that conducted by your doctor.

  • Blood Tests

Aside from the physical test, your doctor maybe will check your blood to evaluate the value of your bloods since the medical condition could possible stimulates the depression feeling too.

  • Psychological Exams

This is the most common things that your doctor would do to diagnosed whether you’re suffering from depression or not. Basically, the doctor would ask about your daily habits, or to share your feeling or thoughts or any other problem that could cause some stress inside of you to them. Also, commonly you will be given the questioner from your doctor that you need to fill it to diagnose whether you’re having the depression or not.

How to Treat and Heal the Depression

  • By taking antidepressants

The first treatment that you will likely to get is taking antidepressant. There are many antidepressants that commonly the doctor prescribed to you such as prozac, zoloft, lexapro, paxil, celexa, effexor, and many more.

  • Therapy Sessions

The other common treatment to the people who have the depression is attending the therapy sessions. In fact, this kind of way is pretty efficient to reduce the symptoms of depression since the therapy sessions will teach people a new way to think and act. By attending the therapy sessions, people will also learn how to overcome every situation that potentially could stimulate the depression feeling. Also, in the teraphy sessions you could share your problems to your therapyst and other people, which without a doubt would reduce the depression feeling in the people.

  • Keep the Optimism

This is the simple task to do, yet so important to heal the depression inside of your mind. Whenever you feel depressed, you need to keep the things in your mind that everything is gonna be fine in every difficult situation so that your depression feeling could be reduced. Keeping the optimism mind in every situation is one of the most fundamental thing in your life to achieve something great. So, keep your optimism all the time and you will be avoided from the depression.

Now you already know everything that you need to know about depression. Please remember that the happiness is the key to have the healthy life. Whenever you’re having some difficult moments, you need to calm down and keep your mind clear. Depression is not going to get you the better feeling but in the other hand, it will give you some bad effects for your health. Stay healthy.