44 Benefits of Baking Soda – Beauty – Household Work Uses

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Baking soda (Hydrogen Carbonate) is the chemical material that uses in cooking ingredients. By its function, baking soda uses to bake a cake making its dough baked well. Surprisingly, baking soda is not only uses in baking process yet it has many beneficial in household properties such as to clean stuff. Thus, here are the benefits of baking soda you need to know.

There are many many benefits of baking soda. Therefore, this section would be divided into three categories, which are health benefits, beauty benefits and other benefits or miscellaneous. Please pay very much attention to every detail as you may eventually know and finally conclude that this powder is really really amazing. It is light, cheap and full of diverse benefits.

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Baking Soda Advantages for Health

1. Manages Kidney Disease

In a study, some British researchers find that sodium bicarbonate could slow down the decline of kidney function to two-thirds scale than treatment without sodium bicarbonate. This closely relates to function of bicarbonate as an alkaline essence which body also naturally produces to keep pH controlled and buffer acid. Therefore if a patient could provide alkaline from outside, the recovery of kidney problem would get easier. This implies that if you have found one of symptoms of kidney stones. For example, you may consider to use baking soda for your treatment in addition to consult with your doctor.

2. Cancer Treatment 

It is also known through a scientific research that the additional bicarbonate supply would help to increase pH of acidic tumors. As a consequence, it would supply more alkaline to tumor as well as inhibit metastasis. This process would slow down the development of tumor or cancer.


3. Manages Occasional Heartburn 

If you pay attention to the ingredients of medicine with counter antacids character, you would find the name of bicarbonate. This implies that baking soda is also beneficial for countering antacids and coping with occasional heartburn and indigestion as well.

4. Indigestion Remedy 

If you feel indigestion pain symptoms, then use baking soda as traditional remedy. The good news is that you could do treatment at home as you just have to provide a half teaspoon of baking soda then stir it into adequate water. You could then consume it an hour or two each after your meals.

5. Helps Psoriasis and Other Skin Problems

Psoriasis and other skin problems, such as itchiness, could also be healed using baking soda. It is also a solution to both treat and prevent mosquito bites. The way you could do this treatment is just simple. Add the baking soda (about one and half cup of it) to bathwater and at your bath tub and soak inside. Other than that, you could make paste and apply it to your skin, particularly an area with itchiness, insect bite, sunburn and the likes.

6. Supports Athletic Performance

It is commonly known that baking soda is used for doping before athletes go to any play or exercise. They like to consume baking soda capsule to enhance their performance, particularly increase speed among runners and swimmers. Its alkaline essence could increase pH of the blood and reduce acidity in the muscle. While this is not recommended to be applied at home, the effect of baking soda is even considered the same as the effect of carbohydrate in supplying energy to body.


Baking Soda for Oral Health

7. Teeth Whitening

Yellow teeth could decrease your confidence and baking soda deserves to be your solution dealing with this problem. Mix baking soda with your toothpaste right before you brush your teeth and do it once regularly for a few days. Baking soda contains benefits as the health benefits of sodium in removing the bacteria inside your mouth. For better result, you could also combine coconut oil to your toothpaste along with baking soda.

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8. Supports Oral Health

As mentioned at the previous point, baking soda is also good for teeth care. Furthermore, if you look at and pay attention to the ingredients of toothpaste or mouthwash, you would likely find ‘bicarbonate’  as one of the mentioned ingredients. It is the essence of baking soda. It would be greater for you then, to add baking soda with your toothpaste or making it as the rinse materials. It is proved that some of oral problems could be healed by baking soda, particularly plaque which could cause further and other oral problems.


Baking Soda for Beauty Treatment

Indeed, another benefits of baking soda is for beauty treatments like you can use it for face, skin, and nail.

9. Fights Pimples

Pimples and acne are two of the most disturbing skin diseases. Those two problems do not only indicate that bad condition of your skin health, but also could damage your performance as well as comfort. To get rid of pimples and acne, you could use baking soda and it would give you the real result due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory characters. It is even mentioned that in addition to fighting and healing, this powder could also help to reduce the risk of acne and pimples.

10. Fights Acne

Here is how you have to do with baking soda for fighting your acne. Make a paste of 1 teaspoon baking soda and adequate water then apply the paste to the acne or pimples during 1-2 minutes. Afterward, wash the skin using cold water then finished. Repeat this simple yet powerful treatment once a day. For better result, you could also mix the solution with raw milk as one of benefits of raw milk on skin is to prevent and treat acne.

11. Treats Yellow or Stained Nails

Repairing your nails’ look does not always require you to go to beauty saloon. You can also do it at home using baking soda for treating problems you find. Yellow or stainy nails are two of the most common found problems at nails and you may not totally like it. Baking soda could remove the yellow color or the stain through its exfoliating and bleaching properties.

On how you would do it, you just have to provide adequate water, a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide (3%) and certainly baking soda. Put them together in a small bowl then stir them right away until the powder of baking soda dissolves. Then, put or immerse your nails and hands to the liquid soon. Do this treatment at least once every two weeks. As an alternative, you could make it as paste and apply to the nail using cotton.

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12. Heals Sunburn or Sunburn Blisters

Sunburn or sunburn blisters would affect much on your look because your skin color would not be naturally even. The sunburn usually leaves a trace and burning feeling so that everyone would be very passionate to rid them away. Fortunately, this problem could be solved by baking soda as it has alkaline essence, soothing effect on the sunburned skin, drying properties and mild antiseptic.

Those all essences would support each other to dry out the sunburn in relatively quick time.
For this treatment, you have, at least two types of treatment. First, you could mix baking soda with some cold water, soak any cloth to the liquid then put the cloth in the liquid then apply to the affected area during 5-10 minutes. Or, you could fill your bathtub with water and baking soda. Soak yourself in the bathtub up to 15 minutes. Out from bathtub, you could make contact of your body with the air dry after making it dried without towel.

13. Improves Complexion of Skin

Complexion or even color of skin is one thing that could make you look naturally beautiful. However, it is often found that the color of face is uneven. Some part have fair color while others are dark. If you have this kind of problem, you could rely on the baking soda to solve it as it is an exfoliating agent which could help in removing the dead skin cells. Therefore, it would evenly serves as the agent and gives even treatment for your skin face.

Apart from what you find at previous points, you could  only choose one  type of treatment by making paste to get this purpose on you. However, you could choose whether you would mix the baking soda with water/rose water or with fresh lemon juice and virgin olive oil. When the paste is made, you could apply it to the face during 2-5 minutes and wash it later on by either cold or lukewarm water. Adding strawberry juice would make your treatment give a better result as one of benefits of the strawberry is to improve skin complexion. The same ‘rule’ applies for guava scrub due to its one health benefits of guava. 

14. Relaxes Body

You could soak or immerse yourself in a liquid—bathtub—consisting of water, baking soda and apple cidder. You would get refreshed after having this like-spa-treatment while the tub and drain would also be automatically cleaned by the baking soda essence as the liquid. Doubly interesting, right?

15. Serves as Harsh Deodorant

If you have a problem with body odor, you may consider to use baking soda. It is one of the best natural deodorizers which could decrease body odor through absorbing sweat and moisture from the skin. Furthermore, baking soda also has antibacterial character, so it would help killing bacteria which cause body odor.

16. Cleanses and Soften Hand

Making scrub from baking soda for softening and cleansing your hand is as easy as you might think about. Simply mix the baking soda with the water and make a paste or scrub to rid away any dirt and neutralize its odor.

17. Hair Treatment

Using cosmetic and other products for your hair is good for nurturing its growth, beutifying looks and maintaining care. However, the ‘trace’ of those products may stay up at your scalp and hair. It would then cause any dirt or bacteria regeneration. Therefore, you could mix your shampoo with baking soda which would clean away all of those dirt. To get a better result, you could also combine honey to the solution due to one of health benefits of honey for hair treatment. If you have olive oil, add it altogether and you would experience the real different treatment for your hair. Surely, you do not have to ponder whether olive oil is good for your hair

18. Soothes your Feet

After making a long foot walk, you may want to give extra care to your feet. This is also particularly important for those who have skin or muscle problems in feet area. All you need to do is providing three tablespoons of baking soda on your bath tub with warm water and immerse your feet inside. Additionally, you could also scrub your feet using baking soda paste for additional exfoliation. The paste could also be used as scrub for other parts of body, for sure.

Baking Soda for Household Cleaning Uses

Other benefits of baking soda usually correlate with household works so this section would also be very beneficial for you as you would be aware that baking soda could help you do various things and make them easier to do. Some of those benefits are mentioned below and first ten point are explained along with the instruction. Meanwhile for the remaining points, you could adjust with the examples provided at the first ten.

19. Clean Brushes and Combs – Rinse the dirty brushes and combs to the liquid of baking soda combined with warm water.

20. Freshen Sponges – Used sponges would not work as well as before so you could freshen it by baking soda. Soak the sponges in baking soda solution to repair its shape.

21. Removes Oil and Greases Stains – Oil and grease stains would make your garage look dirty and not nice. Use baking soda to the area of stain then scrub using a wet brush.

22. Cleans Microwave – Use a damp clean sponge to apply baking soda to the outer and inner part of the microwave.

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23. Cleans Oven – Sow baking soda to the parts of the oven then spray with water to make it dampened. Let the condition remain in a night then clean it away for the next day.

24. Cleans and Freshen Sports Gear – Take 4 tablespoons of baking soda and mix it a quat warm water to clean and freshen smelly sport equipment. You could also make a paste and sprinkle it using a brush.

25. Cleans Floors – Some dirt and grime would damage the look of your floor and you could use baking soda to solve the problem. Use a half cup of baking soda and mix with  a small bucket of water then rinse cloth for being applied later to the floor.

24. Cleans Furniture – Dirty and dusty furniture could be your big problem if you do not take immediate action to clear them away. Apply the baking soda using a damp sponge then rub it lightly. Afterward, wipe off the furniture using the dry and clean cloth.

25. Scrubs for Fruit and Vegetable – In washing your fruit and vegetable, you could just sprinkle little baking soda using a clean damp sponge, scrub them on and rinse. By doing so, you have just assured that what you and your family consume is safe and healthy.

More Uses of Baking Soda in Household

  1. Freshen Stuffed Animals
  2. Cleans Shower Curtains
  3. Cleans Coffee and Tea Pots
  4. Polishes Silver Flatware
  5. Septic Care
  6. Freshen Linens
  7. Deodorizes your Wash
  8. Cleans Carpet and Vacuum Cleaner by Removing Odor
  9. Freshen Closets
  10. Deodorizes the Cat Box and Pet Bedding
  11. Deodorizes Sneakers
  12. Deodorizes Drains, Lunch Boxes, Garbage Disposal and Dishwashers
  13. Cleans Cars
  14. Deodorizes Refrigerator, Trashcans, Cutting Board and Recyclables
  15. Cleans Baby Clothes Gently
  16. Cleans Cloth Diapers
  17. Boosts the Liquid Laundry Detergent
  18. Being as A Camping One Stop Solution
  19. Extinguishing Fire

How To Use Baking Soda

To use baking soda for this purpose, you could make it at home. Simply mix baking soda, a tablespoon of water and adequate essential oil then apply to the armpit using cotton ball. If you would like another way, you could mix those ingredients and make them as a powder or cornstarch.

Side Effects of Baking Soda

The excessive and long time period use of baking soda could damage your skin and hair as well. Therefore, make sure you do a patch test before using baking soda treatment to exactly know whether your skin in sensitive to the material. This is a must to take a note although baking soda is also effective in dealing with sensitive skin, particularly when combined with cinnamon as its one of benefits of cinnamon is to deal with sensitive skin. Please pay attention at the first trials so you could wisely decided whether or not you would use baking soda for your beauty care. Meanwhile for using baking soda in maintaining your health, it is highly recommended that you consult with your doctor to avoid any worse thing happen. Suggestion from your doctor would also make you use baking soda in more proper way.

Baking soda contains 100% sodium bicarbonate which is available and affordable at the very low cost. A box of baking soda costs not much more than 1-3 dollar(s) so everyone could access and use it as they like. It is mentioned that this material has long time been used by various culture in daily needs particularly for cooking cakes or making breads with rising texture. It was originally known as nahcolite, the natural form of it and later, has been used for another different purpose, which is for cleaning. Later on, at 1846, two experts began to manufacture and sell the nahcolite in a form that we now know it as baking soda today. Baking soda became more and more popular and at the 1930s decade, it was known as a proven medical agent.