20 Health Benefits of Goats Milk #1 Amazing Sources

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Talks about milk, usually every people always thinks about cow milk or soy milk. But do you know about goat milk that has a lot of benefits and more powerful than the two others milk?

From some information, goat milk is a milk that produced by female goats after childbirth, in time between 0 until 3 days produced colostrum milk that contains a lot of nutrients rather than cow milk.

Goat milk is the best drink in the world after breast milk and has a lot of benefits for human health. Goat milks has a composition and nutrients structure which is very similar with breast milk, so goat milk  is easier to digest and decomposition or assimilate within human body like breast milk. Besides of that, goat milks contains a sources of nutrients which rich in good fat, protein, enzymes, minerals and vitamin.

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Nutrients of Goats Milk

From the result of research from experts, nutrients in goat milk is potassium which is very useful to stabilize blood pressure, regulate the function of heart, and reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis, stroke and heart disease.

Nutritional value per 1 cup (244 g)
Total Fat10 g15%
Saturated fat7 g35%
Polyunsaturated fat0.4 gNA
Monounsaturated fat2.7 gNA
Cholesterol27 mg9%
Sodium 122 mg5%
Potassium 498 mg14%
Total Carbohydrate11 g3%
Dietary fiber 0 g 0%
Sugar 11 g
Protein  9 g 18%
Vitamin ANA9%
Vitamin DNA31%
Vitamin B-12NA3%
Vitamin B6NA5%
Vitamin CNA5%
Calcium (Ca)NA32%
Iron (Fe)NA0%

With routinely gives goat milk to the children, the children will has good bone density, increasing hemoglobin, also fulfill of vitamin A, B1, B2 and B3 which is good for growth and development of brain cell and neuron that can improve the intelligence.

Amino acids which contains sulfur methionin, cystine, and cysteine substance that important for building the health of brain and nervous system, and play a role in the formation of blood cells for detoxifying the harmful chemicals that enter the body.

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Goat milk is believed has a lot of powerful health benefits. It is based on research that says goat milk contain enough of nutrients and minerals, such as phosphorus, calcium, sodium and fluorine. Therefore, goat milks claimed has a health benefits that almost equal with breast milk.

By looking nutrients contents which is very diverse and complete, it is not surprising if health benefits of goat milk is has many benefits and vary. Here are the list of health benefits of goat milk:

1. As Anti Inflammation

Goat Milk is homogenized naturally. Fat bubbles which contain from goat milk can break themselves become smaller particles when compared with cow milk. This is useful to make digestion and absorption of food more easier by the body. Well, for  people who suffer with colon or digestive problems which caused by inflammation, goat milk is very good for consumption. The probiotic properties which is contained in goat milk can improve the development of a better digestive system.

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2. Contains essential fatty acids

Goat milk contains around 35% higher fatty acids rather than with cow milk which contains 17% of fatty acids. Besides of that, goat milk feels more useful when drunk in the state of raw, even for those who intolerant with lactose. Goat milk is useful too for lowering high cholesterol. Antimicrobial fatty acids like caprylate and capric acid found in goat milk which is useful for repairing digestive system.

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3. Improve digestion system

As mentioned above, goat milk is very good for digestive health. This milk has ability to calm down your digestive system and suppress hunger effectively so it is very suitable for weight loss. Besides of that, no protein complex in goat milk make this milk has less allergenic rather than cow milk.

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4. Does not cause allergies

Many people complain that cow milk can make them allergic and susceptible to respiratory disease. But you do not worry, goat milk is very good as an alternatives about that and very powerful and beneficial to overcome that problems. High fat content in cow milk is caused the stacking of mucus which can trigger allergies. The fat bubbles which contained in goat milk just only one-tenth from fat in cow milk. So because of that, irritation of your colon because consuming milk can be avoided.

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5. Acts as a metabolic agent

Based on research and studies conducted on goat milk, concluded that goat milk has strong sources with increasing the ability to absorb iron and copper, especially in people with disturbed digestive systems.

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6. Help to prevent osteoporosis

Usually people with osteoporosis will consume cow milk to increase calcium needed. There is no wrong if now consume goat milk, because goat milk is very rich on calcium and amino acid tryptophan. Calcium which is very helpful in growth, bones density, prevent osteoporosis and liming the bone for people who are getting older.

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7. As a good and natural nutrition

Goat known as bio-organic sodium animals because has benefits to increase the courage, flexibility, and vitality for people whom like goat milk. Sodium bio-organic is a an element that keeps the joints flexible and healthy. Besides of that, goat milk is also used as medicine to maintaining and regenerating the nervous system.

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8. Can treat TBC and Asthma disease

One of the health benefits of goat milk is also for people with respiratory diseases such as asthma, tuberculosis(TBC), bronchitis, lung infection. Because goat milks contain flourin and betacasein which is good for people with asthma, tuberculosis, bronchitis, and pneumonia.

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9. Good for pregnant woman and breastfeeding woman

One of the health benefits of goat milks is as an additional nutrient for pregnant woman and breastfeeding woman.

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10. For pregnant woman

Goat milks play roles in formation and development of infants during in the womb. Consumption of two glasses of goat milk when early in pregnancy useful to help the process of fetal grown and help in development of infant’s brain. Also useful to maintain stamina and prevent the weak condition and less powerful.

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11. For breastfeeding woman

It requires nutrients to feed the baby perfectly. Breast milk is the best food for the baby, but most breastfeeding woman has forced to stop breastfeeding because the breast milk flow is getting smaller while the baby needs more breast milk as it progresses. Drinking goat milk twice a day can help increasing breast milk production, if the baby is 6 months old, goat milk can be given according to the needs of baby.

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12. For facial skin beauty

Did you know that goat milk can be used as facial mask and scrub? This method is useful to smooth the skin and shrink the pores on the face, so the skin face will free from various skin problems such as acne. And now many outstanding soap of goat milk for beauty purpose.

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13. Treating anemia

Consumption of goat milk routinely can improve the condition of people with anemia which is the disease caused by iron deficiency. This is because goat milk can increase iron used by the body and stimulate renewal of hemoglobin.
 Different with cow milk, goat milk minimize the interaction between calcium and iron in the body. The interaction between calcium and iron has a mutual inhibiting effect. For example, calcium in cow milk can decrease absorption of iron in the body.

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14. As probiotics

Goat milk rich in oligosaccharides or substances which is contain simple sugar. With the same composition as breast milk, oligosaccharides from goat milk act as probiotics in our body. This substances can cleanse the colon from fungi and bacterial which produced by food scraps.

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15. Easily absorbed by body

The another health benefits of goat milk is goat milk can be slightly better for people whom intolerant with lactose. This is because goat milk contains slightly fewer lactose than cow milk, so it more easily absorbed. Besides of that, the protein clump of goat milk that formed by acidic activity of the stomach is softer so that it will be easier to digest. This can benefits the babies who often spit up or have digestive disorders such as reflux.

14. Help to treat allergies on skin

One of the health benefits of goat milk is help to treat  allergies on skin and other organs. Lactoglobulin, play a role as retain protein caused by allergies.

15. Increasing vitality

Goat milk can overcome the problem of impotence or frigidity and increase the vitality of adult men and women. So the adults who consume it keep strong and not easily tired.

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16. Help reduce the pain that caused by cancer

Goat milk can help reduce the pain that caused by cancer disease. Enzyme xanthine oxydase and niacin (vitamin B3) which function to overcome cancer cells or tumors and also can reduce the effect of chemotherapy toxin.

17. Help pancreas work

Goat milk contain A2-betacasein and amino acid esensia which are function to help the work of pancreas as producer and creator insulin that useful for people with diabetes.

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 18. Treating Ulcer Disease

The content of magnesium in goat milk is very useful in treating ulcer disease. Goat milk does not contain a complex protein so it is safe for consumption and no need to worry for allergies if consumed.

19. Maintaining Heart Health

Goat milk is very useful in maintain heart health because it is contains very high of calcium. If we routinely consume goat milk, it can smoothing the blood circulation, reduce the risk of stroke, controlling blood pressure and heal from inflammatory of blood vessels.

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20. Good for diet

With contains of less fat than cow milk, goat milk can be alternative to include your menu diet. Because the fat content inside of goat milk is less than cow milk, and protein and amino acid in goat milk are still equivalent to the amount protein and amino acid in cow milk.

Thus, there are many health benefits of goat milk. However, it’s tasty and creamy and you can drink it once a day. Stay Healthy!

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