10 Benefits of Bitter Gourd for Diabetes (Traditional Cure)

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Bitter gourd is a very popular vegetable in some of the Asian countries such as India, Indonesia and many other places in the African regions.

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Nutritional values of bitter gourd

below is the table for the nutritional values for bitter gourd

Energy17 Kcal<1%
Carbohydrates3.70 g3%
Protein1.00 g2%
Total Fat0.17 g0.5%
Cholesterol0 mg0%
Dietary Fiber2.80 g7%
Folates72 µg18%
Niacin0.400 mg2.5%
Pantothenic acid0.212 mg4%
Pyridoxine0.043 mg3%
Riboflavin0.040 mg3%
Thiamin0.040 mg3.5%
Vitamin A471 IU16%
Vitamin C84 mg140%
Sodium5 mg<1%
Potassium296 mg6%
Calcium19 mg2%
Copper0.034 mg4%
Iron0.43 mg5%
Magnesium17 mg4%
Manganese0.089 mg4%
Zinc0.80 mg7%
Carotene-ß190 µg
Carotene-α185 µg
Lutein-zeaxanthin170 µg

This vegetable has many scientifically proven health benefits and is well known for its ability to lower blood glucose in curing diabetes. Apart from that, bitter gourd has many other health benefits. Below are the benefits of bitter gourd for diabetes.

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1. Lower Blood Glucose

Bitter gourd can lower the blood glucose in your body and blood. This because bitter gourd contains a chemical called Charantin. Charantin is known to reduce high blood glucose levels and has been proven scientifically, too. This is why bitter gourd is very good for people who are suffering from diabetes.

Bitter gourd has a positive influence on glucose metabolism all over the body, not like any other diabetes medicines which are only effective in one target organ or tissue. Bitter gourd can be taken as bitter gourd juice every morning and on an empty stomach without any side effects to lower down the blood sugar.

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2. Blood purifiers 

Bitter gourd can be for daily consumption for anyone who is currently suffering from diabetes or those who are in the prevention of diabetes from happening. Bitter gourd is scientifically proven to the blood purifiers for its blood-purifying properties. This makes bitter gourd effective not only for curing diabetes but also to cure many blood – related diseases and disorders such as  itching caused by blood poisoning or  blood boils

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  1. Cures for stomach related diseases

Bitter gourd is known for its high fiber content which can help in preventing constipation and cure any stomach relates diseases. Bitter gourd also helps neutralize the secretion of gastric juices. which is the caused of the widely known as gastric problems.

Bitter gourd juice can also be used for healing and curing cramp in women during their menstrual period pain. In some part of African regions, people eat the raw fruit of bitter gourd or soak it in either olive oil or honey to help to cure stomach problems.

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  1. Helps in Losing Weight

If you are on a mission on losing your weight and to gain a better looking body image or simply to boost your confidence, you can add bitter gourd to your regular diet for losing weight. Many studies showed that bitter gourd juice is very important for fat metabolism which can help you to lose weight quickly and easily. To add bitter gourd on your diet, you can consume it as juice or even add it as in your salad.

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  1. Helps in skin diseases

To add on its many benefits, bitter gourd can helps you heal any skin related diseases, especially if the diseases are caused by blood poisoning or dirty blood which is clogged in your body, such as piles. For those who are suffering from piles know clearly how painful this disease can be.

In order to use the bitter gourd to cure piles or any other skin related diseases you have to make a paste from the roots of bitter gourd and applied it regularly on the infected area. Bitter gourd can also be used to heal cholera at the early stages, and this is one of many traditional uses of bitter gourd.

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  1. As anti bacteria 

Bitter gourd can be for consumption as it has a certain feature which has been proven in many studies to increase and protect your immune system and helps fight any bacteria or virus infections such as measles, chickenpox, herpes and also deadly diseases like HIV.

You can drink bitter gourd juice if you are having flu or a cough and it can even heal throat infection. It can prevent the bacteria which can cause malaria from growing. The way bitter gourd works is by slowing down the growth of the bacteria or viruses and then kills it when it has already weakened.

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  1. Improves eye sight 

If your body is lack of vitamin A or beta – carotene then it may affect your eyes sight. Apart from that, eyes sights can be affected if you recovering from certain types of diseases. Many researchers have found that bitter gourd contains a high amount of beta carotene and vitamin which is simultaneously proven to help with any eyes related problems and diseases and also improve your eyes sight.

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  1. Helps your digestive system

Studies shown that bitter gourd contains anthelmintic. Indeed, this particular property is known to cure gastrointestinal diseases, kills parasitic-worms that grow inside our body, cures and kills any toxic substances in the stomach. Bitter gourd also protects the good bacteria in your stomach which is useful for your digestive system.

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  1. Anti cancer

Studies also shown that bitter gourd contains two acid compounds which are the property of anti cancer, those two compounds are a – electrostatic acid which is found in the seed of bitter gourd dihydroxy – a -eleostearic acid which is found in fruits of bitter gourd. These two compounds of bitter gourd can prevent cancerous cells from developing at the very early stage.

If you are battling leukemia or anemia, the bitter gourd can be an exceptional medicine to cure both of those diseases. Bitter gourd can help in producing healthy red-blood cells and white-blood cells in the body. It also controls blood pressure.

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  1. Heart Health

Apart from being known to cure diabetes and prevent cancerous cells from developing at the early stages, bitter gourd which is also known as bitter melon is scientifically known to help bad cholesterol from performing in your blood and helps it from clogging to your heart hence keeping and protecting your heart health, also reducing any chances of heart attack. Also read: Health Risk of Obesity

How to Use Bitter Gourd For Diabetes

As mentioned before bitter gourd or bitter melon is known for the benefits of curing Diabetes as it can increase the insulin production in your blood and body. Now you can also make bitter gourd juice at home and get benefits of bitter gourd for diabetes:

  1. All you have to do is wash the bitter gourd and peel its skin, then cut the bitter gourd into pieces.
  2. Apply a bit of salt and turmeric on it then mix it together.
  3. Hold it for some time then extract the juice from it.
  4. You can also add little extract of lemon to the juice.
  5. The juice will be bitter, but no matter how bitter it gets do not add any sugar, even if it is the sugar for diabetic people or honey.

You have to drink the juice as it is as the bitterness will do wonder for diabetic people.

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Side effects of bitter gourd

Even though we have seen many benefits of bitter gourd and bitter gourd juice can be for the drink on an empty stomach, it is only to be consumed in small quantity every day.

  1. Due to taking bitter gourd juice in a large amount can cause nausea and stomach pain.
  2. Pregnant women are also not advisable to consume bitter gourd in any form because it can cause to premature labor as bitter gourd tends to stimulate the uterus.
  3. Even tough bitter gourd is a diabetes remedy, it is still to be consumed under a strict doctor’s advice and direction, especially if the patients are under going some medications at the time of consuming it.
  4. Bitter gourd is not to be taken in case of ulcers or heart burns.

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