10 Top Scientific-Based Health Benefits of Tobacco Tea

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Based on research studies, tobacco has been proven containing more than 3,000 organic and inorganic chemical compounds that most of them are actually beneficial for human health. For centuries, tobacco has been used by people as medicine and only in the latest centuries, the good name of tobacco is always linked to several fatal diseases because tobacco is always associated as the main ingredients of cigarette and commercially cultivated for that reason only. So, the health benefits of tobacco tea are long forgotten because people tend to remember its harmful effect only.

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What is Tobacco Tea?

When it comes to trend sometimes you cannot predict it or when occurs, you will find it strange but still it is in trending now. Tobacco tea is one of those trends that considered to be strange but considered an ‘in’ trend. So, what is tobacco tea? Surely you have been familiar with what tea is. Tea is beverage made from certain dried herbal plants and then brews it into a healthy beverage. However, the tea mostly people know is made from plant well known as Camillia Sinensis. Tobacco tea could be a strange tea for some people and to make it is not as simple as brew dried tobacco leaves and make it into tea because it is totally disgusting to drink because tobacco tea is widely used as herbal insecticide to be used in garden. So, it is not something recommended for people to drink. However, aside from all the negative things about tobacco, surely you know that there is no single thing in this world without benefit and tobacco is no exception. Below is the list of health benefits of tobacco tea you should know.

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  1. Nicotine Is An Anti-Inflammation

In higher dosage, nicotine could be addictive and that’s why people should avoid cigarette in the first place because its amount of nicotine is quite high to cause addiction. However, scientifically nicotine has been used as medicinal properties because it could act as anti-inflammatory agent and has been proven to help delaying the onset of patients who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Furthermore, there are some patients who are suffering from rheumatism and arthritis stated that tobacco could help them dealing with the pain, though further studies are required to support that opinion.

  1. Nicotine to Treat Alzheimer

Besides Parkinson’s diseases, certain studies have been conducted as well whether nicotine found in tobacco could be used to treat Alzheimer. The result is quite amazing because among those 3,000 organic and inorganic chemical compounds found in tobacco are harmala alkaloids that are effective to prevent the breakdown of dopamine and serotonin which is essential monoamine neurotransmitter which could lead to condition like Alzheimer. One important thing to remember, though nicotine is possible to treat some brain conditions, it doesn’t mean you could smoke in order to be smarter. Some people thought they could be creative while smoking but still it is not something you could use as reason to smoke as well.

  1. Relaxing Effect of Nicotine

It is probably true that nicotine is the gem of tobacco and even for centuries, some traditional tribes were considered tobacco as blessing from God because it could provide relaxing effect in lesser dosage. Nicotine could help increasing the serotonin and dopamine level in the brain and effectively used to treat some brain conditions by conducting specific therapy. However, what you should be careful is when taking tobacco in high dosage because instead of relaxing effect, you will likely lead to hallucination and even death. So, it is strongly forbidden to use tobacco as home remedy if you have no idea about how much nicotine contained in the tobacco.

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  1. Treatments to Cancer

Even back in 1560 when Jean Nicot, a French ambassador in Portugal from where the name nicotine was obtained, found that this strange herbal plant could cure tumor a man and since then the popularity and experiment about tobacco has been conducting until now. The latest research study conducted by University of Louisiana at Monroe also showed the similar result that fresh tobacco could help controlling the development of cancerous cells in patients with breast and prostate cancer. So, tobacco has been considered as future treatment for cancer though further researches are still strongly required.

  1. Solution to Depression

As mentioned in the point number three, the relaxing effect of tobacco could be used in certain therapy related to brain conditions and among them is depression. Do you know what the main root of depression is? According to some studies, the lack of serotonin and dopamine is the reason why someone could suffer from depression. However, nicotine the chemical compound found in tobacco is likely able to increase the level of those two essential chemical compounds and in some research studies with depression patient, treatment using nicotine from tobacco is able to decrease the depression. When it comes to depression, there is no easy way to deal with it because the episode could come anytime and sometimes without reason. Tobacco is probably an alternative that one day could be used as part of treatment proven scientifically.

  1. Natural Remedy to Skin Condition

Traditional people have been using tobacco to treat some skin conditions and even in modern world, some scientists have proven that there is positive link between tobacco and healthy skin. It is because tobacco contains vitamin C that is friendly for skin and effective to treat some skin conditions like enzema, sunburn and even acne.

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  1. Treat Poisonous Bites

The fact that tobacco tea has been used to treat poisonous bites like from snakes has been well known for centuries. Even in the early 19th century, in 1828 a scientist have stated in his research about how effective tobacco in treating poisonous bites from reptiles and insects. How to apply it, the patient could drink the tobacco tea so he or she will remove the poison through vomiting and the tobacco tea is applied to the bitten area to relieve the swollen because it contains potent anti-inflammatory properties. In other words, tobacco tea is recommended first aid for poisonous bites, just mix dried tobacco leaves with water and apply it directly to the skin, the disinfectant properties will help protecting the open wound from further infection.

  1. Prevent Tooth Decay

Some Asian people are using tobacco for ‘nyirih’ by mixing betel leaf, tobacco and Areca nut to be chewed or by rubbing it to their teeth. Well, though the look is not going to be nice because the areca nut could produce orange color while mixed with saliva but it is probably the reason why traditional Asian people have strong teeth even when they are old. Some studies have proven that there is a strong correlation between the using of tobacco to prevent tooth decay, so it is not only traditionally speaking but also have been proven scientifically.

  1. Natural Treatment to Dandruff

Dandruff occurs when the production of sebum in the scalp is excessive. The mixture of tobacco tea and coconut oil are the great combination that could help controlling the excessive sebum in the scalp to remove dandruff and at the same time relieving the itchy feeling caused by dandruff. Furthermore, based on Ayurvedic, tobacco tea are also able to help dealing with Alopecia areata that could lead to baldness. Tobacco is quite safe for external use but it could be harmful for your body if it is consumed or the smoke is inhaled.

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  1. Tobacco Contains Disinfectant Properties

In the early twentieth century in 1924 tobacco is used to treat wound due to its disinfectant properties. Research back in 1889 also stated that those who could tolerate tobacco are likely at lower risk of typhus and diphtheria. In other words, tobacco could protect people from infection.

Cautions of Tobacco Tea

Those ten health benefits of tobacco tea are so little because there are a lot of studies have found that tobacco there are more benefits of tobacco tea like treating rheumatism due to its anti-inflammatory properties, night-blindness because there are some active compound to slow down the degenerative of cells, tuberculosis even asthma. Unfortunately, what we know right now, tobacco is just the main ingredients of cigarette that is very harmful for human health. Well, perhaps the caution below may tell you why the health benefits of tobacco tea could be long forgotten.

  • When tobacco was well known as one of the herbal plants with medicinal properties, the nicotine found in tobacco is the gem. However, further research the high dosage of nicotine could be harmful and even fatal for human health. It means, unless the dosage is strictly regulated, tobacco is dangerous for human health.
  • Though tobacco has been proven to have certain organic compound that are great for human health but still using it as home remedy should be done carefully especially for those who are currently taking specific medicines from their doctor.
  • Generally speaking, compared to the therapeutic value, the harmful effect of tobacco is probably higher. That’s why, the using of tobacco strictly regulated by government.

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In summary, tobacco tea is probably having a lot of organic properties that could deal with certain health conditions. However, you should aware as well that the harmful effect of tobacco is probably higher than its value. In other words, don’t use those ten health benefits of tobacco tea as reason to smoke because those benefits only apply to those who are using or taking tobacco in the right way.