Amazing Health Benefits of Ampalaya Leaves Tea Every Morning

Ampalaya is actually known more as bitter gourd or bitter melon. Click here to see further about the health benefits bitter melon fruit. It is a unique tropical plant that is recognized both as a vegetable as well as a fruit. The ampalaya is an adible part of the Momordica charantia plant. Although it is […]

Surprising Health Benefits of Bitter Melon for Diabetes That Is Proven

The health benefits of bitter melon for diabetes has been known for many years. Therefore, this natural treatment is popular among diabetes patient mainly for those who prefer treatment with less side effects. Not only for diabetes, the fruit also good for various symptoms. Furthermore, the plant also easy to cultivate in many countries. The […]

Top 10 Health Benefits of Karela Leaves – Super Potent

There a lot of hidden gem you probably don’t realize available in your back yard all the time in the form of herbal plants, fruit tree or just bushes. Among them are health benefits of karela leaves which have been well known as effective home remedy. Karela is fruit tree commonly found in Asia regions […]

10 Benefits of Bitter Gourd for Diabetes (Traditional Cure)

Bitter gourd is a very popular vegetable in some of the Asian countries such as India, Indonesia and many other places in the African regions. You may also read: Health Benefits of Bitter Melon Fruit Health Benefits Of Bitter Leaf Health Benefits of Bitter Kola Nutritional values of bitter gourd below is the table for […]

27 Health Benefits of Bitter Melon Fruit (#1 Top Treatments)

Bitter melon is widely known around Asia as vegetable but the fact is, bitter melon is actually a fruit. Though a lot of people cannot stand with its bitter taste but if you cook it in the right way, the bitter taste could be reduced significantly and leave you a delicious vegetable that gives you […]

24 Top Health Benefits of Ampalaya (No. 12 is Excellent!)

When you heard “Ampalaya”, then you may feel unfamiliar to this word. As the consequence, Ampalaya or known as bitter melon or bitter gourd is a common cuisine for Indian. It is also known as Momordica charantia as its scientific name and balsam pear as its English name. Ampalaya also belongs to Cucurbitaceae. This edible […]

20 Incredible Karela Juice Benefits (No.1 My Evidence)

Most of us avoid to eat or do not like to consume karela because of the bitter taste. But behind the bitter taste of karela, it has a variety of benefits that be good for our bodies. One of these benefits can be obtained from the fruit of karela is to lower blood sugar levels for […]

66 Proven Bitter Melon Benefits (No. 1-25 Incredible)

Bitter melon benefits for human health already known around the world, especially for diabetes purpose. Bitter melon is known as the vegetables that contain lots of health benefits. Bitter melon is rich minerals, calcium, and phosphorus, as well as carotenoids. Bitter melon have another name: Momordica charantia (Latin), Balsam-pear/bitter ground (English), Ku gua/Foo gwa (Cina), Pare/paria […]