18 Health Benefits of Marshmallow Root (Amazing)

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Who doesn’t love marshmallow? From kids to adults love marshmallow, the sugar-based candy made from the combinations of sugar, water and gelatin. Well, actually the marshmallow candy that is widely produced now is the modern version while the ancient version is actually using the marshmallow plant root before gelatin was found.

Though there is not an exact date when marshmallow is found but some history documents have stated that Ancient Egyptians are the ones who invented marshmallow. Actually, this article is not about marshmallow candy but about marshmallow root which is once used as the main ingredients of marshmallow candy and surprisingly this marshmallow root has a lot of health benefits for human.

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What is Marshmallow Root?

Marshmallow is also well known as mallow plant with scientific name, Althaea officinalis. The term ‘marsh’ is actually derived from how the mallow plant is actually growing in marshes. So, the combination of those words is what you get now, marshmallow.

The health benefits of marshmallow root is actually more surprising than the fact it was used as the main ingredients of world’s most favorite candy. The word Althaea itself is originated from Greek word althainein which has meaning ‘to heal’. In other words, before it was used as marshmallow candy, marshmallow has been well known as herbs plant used for medical purpose.

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In Ancient Egyptian, medicines made from marshmallow root is considered as gift from gods and only used by the royal family only. You could consider yourself lucky because you don’t need to be a royal to get all the health benefits of marshmallow root as mentioned below.

  1. Home Remedy for Sore Throat

Since ancient time, marshmallow root has been well known for its benefit as home remedy for sore throat. In modern time, it comes with reasons because marshmallow root contains certain compounds like antitussive that could help in decreasing the irritation occurs in the throat. That’s why, nowadays, marshmallow root is used as main ingredients in some medicines, in case you care with what you consume.

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  1. Natural Solution to Some Digestive Issues

The same compound that treats sore throat is also able to treat some digestive issues like heartburn, stomach ulcers, bloating and many more. Those kinds of discomfort you feel in your stomach are caused by the acid and marshmallow root will sooth the feeling. You could make tea from marshmallow root and for optimal result; you could mix it with other herbs that are also effective to sooth digestive issue like ginger or peppermint oil.

  1. Improves Body Metabolism

To make sure your body metabolism is in its best performance, you have to make sure first that your digestion is in excellent performance as well. Marshmallow root could help in improving the function of digestion and as the final result your body metabolism is also improved because all nutrients are absorbed optimally, all cells are oxygenated completely and other organs are working excellently.

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  1. Eases Up some Respiratory Problems

As mentioned in point number one, marshmallow root is excellent to treat sore throat but it is not the only benefit of marshmallow because it also able to ease up some more respiratory problems like bronchitis and severe cough. Though further studies are still required but some cases have proven that marshmallow root is also excellent to treat asthma.

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  1. Could be Used to Treat Burn Wound

Burn wound could be really painful and not easily treated. If you are so into natural way to treat burn wound you could rely on marshmallow root to accelerate the healing process. Marshmallow root contains some anti-bacterial properties that will prevent further infection and at the same time contains some excellent compounds to treat the wound.

  1. Natural Solution to Some Kidney Problems

Kidney problems could be varying from problem with urination, kidney stone, inflamed kidney and many more. Some studies have shown that marshmallow root is considered as diuretic properties because it could help in increasing the secretion of urine. The extract marshmallow root is also able to treat urinary tract infection as well as prevent the development of kidney stones.

  1. Great for Hair

One of the amazing benefits you could get from marshmallow root is that this root is also great for hair. You could use marshmallow root as natural hair conditioner to whatever the problem you have with your hair because it could treat dry, brittle and even limp hair.

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  1. Could Treat Some Skin Disorders

Most of skin disorders are not going to be fatal but could be really annoying if you don’t treat it well and completely. The best thing about marshmallow root is that it almost has no side effect at all even for those with super sensitive skin.

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  1. Homemade Skin Treatment

The anti-irritant properties, antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory properties found in marshmallow root is great to treat your skin and even provide solution as anti-aging. Instead of using cosmetic products that have been mixed some dangerous chemical is better for you to use homemade skin treatment made from marshmallow root.

  1. Widely Used as Cosmetic Ingredients

In modern world, marshmallow root is also used as one of the main ingredients to make cosmetics due to its antioxidant properties that could act as excellent anti-aging. It could be your alternative choice of cosmetic in the future since you have known how excellent the benefit of marshmallow root for your skin is.

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  1. Could Act as Immunity Booster

Through some studies, marshmallow root is great to fight infection and increase white blood cells. It means, marshmallow root could act as excellent immunity booster as well.

  1. Natural Remedy for Cold

Cold is not going to kill you but when you caught cold, sometimes you could feel like dying and you don’t even have energy to leave your home and meet your doctor. Natural remedy to cold is just a cup of tea made from marshmallow root to kick away the cold.

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  1. Easy Way for Weight Loss

If you are in diet program, why don’t you add marshmallow root to your diet? It is because marshmallow root is able to make your stomach feel fuller in longer time. So, you could control your appetite in much better and easier way.

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  1. Fight Bacterial Infections Effectively

Bacterial infection is considered as healthy condition caused by external factors. So, it is not easy to deal with because they are so unpredictable especially among viral infections. In other words, perhaps it is the time for you to consider keeping some marshmallow root in your cupboard just to prepare.

  1. Contains Anti-Inflammation Properties

Some studies have shown that marshmallow root is containing some powerful anti-inflammatory properties. The good news is no matter how acute the condition is, marshmallow root is powerful enough to fight and deal with the conditions. Surely, you could find out it’s a relief since inflammatory is the key factor to some serious diseases.

  1. Reduces Water Retention

What is water retention? Well, in simple word it could be the reverse of dehydration when your body is getting too much water. By taking marshmallow root, some active compounds contained in this herb could help your body increasing the urination and at the same time balancing the fluid in your body.

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  1. Promotes the Production of ‘Good’ Cholesterol

Cholesterol is not always bad but there are also ‘good’ cholesterol that is essential for your body well known as HDL cholesterol. To maintain the enough stock of HDL cholesterol, marshmallow root that contains anti-lipdemic and anti-ulcer properties will help you promoting the optimal production of HDL while reducing the production of LDL or the bad guy.

  1. Soothes Rashes Caused by Allergic Reaction

When it comes to allergic reaction, the first sign that occur is rashes in your skin. This condition could make you really uncomfortable especially when you cannot meet your doctor or find the medication immediately. To sooth the itchy sensation caused by the rashes, you could use marshmallow root but still you need to deal with the main factor that causes the allergic reaction in the first place.

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Words of Cautions

The first caution you should know about marshmallow root is that this root is no longer used as the main ingredient of marshmallow because it has been replaced by gelatin. So, don’t consume marshmallow candy for the health benefits of marshmallow root because instead of health benefits, you will only bring harmful effect to your teeth.

  1. Though marshmallow root is considered as safe herbs with almost no side effects but drug interaction still could occur, especially to those who are taking some medicines. To be in the safe side, consult this matter with your doctor for further information.
  2. Some studies have shown that marshmallow root is probably able to affect blood sugar level, so if you are currently diabetic and conducing some treatments with drugs is better for you to talk to your doctor first if you want to take marshmallow root as part of the medication.
  3. One of the health benefits of marshmallow root as mentioned above is it could reduce the water retention, so if you have a surgery schedule in the near future, you should stop taking this herb at least two weeks before the schedule.

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There are some interesting fact about marshmallow root that this root could be used as teether for the babies or infants and some natural compound in the marshmallow root will help in soothing the irritation of teething babies while in the Middle East, the marshmallow root is used for cleaning Persian Rugs because according to them, the root is great to preserve the natural color of the rugs.

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