19 Incredible Health Benefits of Dandelion Root Tea

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Dandelion rootsAs its name, dandelion root tea is extracted tea of dandelion root. It is different from dandelion coffee because dandelion coffee is made of extracted root of dandelion. Meanwhile, dandelion tea is made of the root and the rod of dandelion flower.

However, they share similar taste. Dandelion roots are indeed contain of numerous vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B6, tiamin, riboflavin, vitamin C, iron, calcium, potassium, folic acid and mangan. Apart of those numerous vitamins and minerals, dandelion also consists of  535% dosage of vitamin K and around 110% dosage of vitamin A based on a daily requirement.

There are numerous benefits of dandelion root tea, both for our health and beauty, that are not provided by the common tea.

8 Benefits of Dandelion Root Tea for Our Health:

1. Reducing Weight. 

Consuming dandelion tea will keep our body from excessive water and salt. It contributes in reducing our weight in the form of urine. The study shows that two cups of dandelion root tea can increase the urine output. Dandelion root tea also contains several good fibers that balance our metabolism and stabilize our weight. Moreover, it can reduce the calorie intake as well as provide sufficient vitamin and mineral that are needed by our body.

2. Opposing Cancer.

Dandelion flowers are rich of fitonutrien that helps preventing cancer and slowing down the growth of cancer cells, such as vitamin B6, tiamin, riboflavin, vitamin C, iron, calcium,  potassium, folic acid, and mangan. Several of those substances have diuretic trait that stimulate bile secretion, clean our liver, and reduce cholesterol. A clinical study by Cancer Center Windsor Regional about the influence of Dandelion tea to blood cancer patients and limfoma cancer patients found that dandelion influences the apoptosis.

Apoptosis is the moment when cancer cells feel “hungry” and they eat another cancel cells. Therefore, the number of cancer cells will automatically decrease. The scientists have found that dandelion roots perform better in diminishing cancer cells than chemotherapy. Dandelion root tea is proven effectively to diminish several cancer cells within 48 hours.

3. Promoting Liver Health.

Diuretic trait in dandelion cleans our heart from toxin. The substance found in dandelion is proven to help the flow of our bile and stimulate our liver. It also makes our digestive system performs better.

Antioxidant like vitamin C and luteolin are also considered good for the function of our healthy liver. Naturopaths believe that dandelion root tea is potentially beneficial for our liver detoxification and relieve the symptoms of liver ailment.

4. Promoting Healthy Digestive System. 

Since it is diuretic, it can increase the urine production so that kidney stones can be taken out. Dandelion root tea is also believed can cure constipation because it acts as a natural laxative. Besides, it heals kidney stone problem and increases our appetite.

5. Improving Our Healthy Bones.

Dandelion is rich of calcium which is good for our health. It is also good for osteoporosis patient.

6. Lowering Our Blood Pressure.

Since it has a natural diuretic, dandelion is believed potential to lower our blood pressure because it contains potassium and fibers.

7. Healing Diabetes.

Dandelion is helpful for diabetes patient because it stimulates the insulin production from pancreas as well as maintains the blood sugar level. Less insulin will make the level of blood sugar increases which eventually trigger diabetes. Consuming dandelion tea will not be effective if we do not have good eating habit. Dandelion tea will work effectively in healing diabetes as long as diabetes patient are aware of the diabetes triggering factors.

8. Preventing and Curing Urinary Tract Infection.

Urinary tract infection is mostly happened to women. However, men are potential to suffer from that illness, too. Quick action needs to be taken since urinary tract infection in men will give bad impact for our liver.  Meanwhile, in women, it gives bad impact to reproduction organ in the form of cyst. Dandelion tea can eradicate the bacterium that causes urinary tract infection. Moreover, its diuretic trait makes more bacterium come out through urine.

Dandelion root tea brings a good news not only for someone who suffer from certain illness but also for pregnant women because it offers benefits after giving birth. Moreover, it is also beneficial for the baby.

8 benefits of dandelion root tea after giving birth:

1. Improving the Volume of Breast Milk.

Dandelion root tea is proven effectively to expedite the blood flow. As a result, the breast milk volume is improving. If the blood flow is improving, the quality of breast milk is also increasing.

2. Improving Breast Inflammation (Masitis).

It is good for reducing cholesterol and fat in our body. Breast inflammation is caused by the blockage in mammary gland. Consuming dandelion root tea everyday will reduce the fat and expedite the blood flow around our breast. Along with the decreasing volume of the fat, we will be prevented from masitis.

3. Improving Body Temperature.

Consuming dandelion root tea can increase our blood flow. As a result, our body will become warm. For women, dandelion root tea also acts as a relaxation for bad blood circulation because of their hormone. Therefore, drinking dandelion root tea is one of the effective ways to increase our blood circulation.

4. Preventing Constipation.

Dandelion root tea can expedite the flow of edema liquid and prevents us from constipation. Therefore, drinking dandelion root tea after giving birth is strongly suggested.

5. Improving Edema.

It can expedite the flow of edema liquid that makes the volume of extracellular liquid lighter. Therefore, our kidney can function better and healthier.

6. Reducing Blood Pressure.

It can reduce our blood pressure since it is non caffeine and can expedite our blood flow.

7. Improving Hair Growth.

Some women experience hair loss after giving birth. It is a serious problem for female. Consuming dandelion root tea regularly can improve our hair growth.

8. Reducing Cramp Menstruation.

Cramp menstruation is caused by poor blood circulation and the hormonal changes in our body. Consuming dandelion root tea can  reduce cramp menstruation.

3 benefits of dandelion tea for baby:

  • Since it is non caffeine, it gives no certain effect to baby.
  • Increasing baby’s immunity.
  • Promoting the production of breast milk because the dandelion root tea that is consumed by the mother is directly distributed in the form of breast milk.

Apart from its numerous marvelous benefits for our health, unfortunately dandelion root tea  brings noticeable side effects.

Cautionary and Side Effects of Dandelion Root Tea:

  • Bowel irritation.
  • Increasing the toxicity risk of the drug lithium.
  • Mouth sores (only for people who are allergic to dandelion)
  • Anaphylactic Retort (It is a serious allergic problem. The symptoms are swelling, hives, low level of blood pressure and extended blood vessels. It is life-threatening since in severe cases, the patients experience the shock. An immediate treatment should be immediately taken, unless it can lead the patients to more fatal condition).


For having optimal result of dandelion root tea for our health, consulting the qualified doctor, herbal trainer or naturopath is strongly suggested since they are able to diagnose as well as treat our conditions properly, giving the precise dose of dandelion root tea in order to give us relief without experiencing side effects that might harm our health.

How to make:

Dandelion root tea is easy to find and make. However, we should make sure that the plants have not been contaminated by any chemicals before harvesting them. It is preferably to harvest the plants when they are young:

  • Take a handful of leaves and roots of dandelion, boil them for 3 minutes.
  • Strain them well.
  • Add sufficient amount of sugar or drink it without adding anything.

Perhaps dandelion root tea can be used as an alternative for the common tea since it offers numerous benefits for our health.