32 Health Benefits of Aloe Vera #1 Top Beauty Treatments

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Aloe Vera is a type of (herbal) plant we could easily find it at our surrounding. Heightening about one or two feet, this plant has a distinguished look with large and thick leaves. Its green color offers fresh look which could beautify your garden in addition to its unique shape. Besides, it also works well in keeping its surrounding safe from any animal or insect to feed from the plant. Aloe Vera could also live in both outdoor and indoor and this makes people love it more and more. Due to these basic advantages, people like to plant and care this plant at the garden as well as inside the building. They like to have this plant more because it does not too much and complicated care from its first planting to the treatment.

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Nutrients Value in Aloe Vera

It is well and largely believed that Aloe vera contains the most of bio-active compounds could be found at plants. Those compounds range from vitamins, minerals, antioxidant, amino acids and the likes. Detail explanation on those compound is below:

Antioxidant” state=”closed

The antioxidant contained at Aloe Vera belongs to a very large family known as polyphenols. This type of antioxidant, together with other good essences of Aloe Vera, could help to prevent the growth of various types of harmful bacteria causing the infection of human body.It is even often stated that Aloe Vera contains various types of anti ranging from anti-septic, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-biotic and anti-microbial. This rich essence closely relates to the ‘ingredients’ of Aloe Vera consisting of sulfur, cinnamic acid, urea nitrogen, salicylic acid and phenol. Those all the essences which could prevent the growth of various microorganisms causing related diseases.


A complex carbohydrate called Acemannan is found at Aloe vera. This cell enables Aloe vera to allow nutrients reaching body cells so at one time, it could both nourishing the cells and releasing them from any threatening toxins.


At least, Aloe vera has vitamin folic acid, A, B (B1, B3 or niacin, B6 and B12—which is rarely found at the plant—), C and E. C and E vitamins work well in nourishing and moisturizing skin and fighting aging symptoms. The use of Aloe Vera would be particularly very beneficial for oily skin to decrease the oil volume and make the skin fresh.


Mineral types found in Aloe vera are magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron, potassium, chromium, sodium, manganesse, copper and selenium.

Amino Acids  and Fatty Acids

There are 18 of 20 amino acids of body found in Aloe Vera, including folic acid, the most essential one. It is also noted that among those 20—some people believe it is 22—there 8 main essences and those eight are found altogether in Aloe Vera. Amino acid is particularly important in building the protein ‘fortress’ inside the body as well as healing mosquito bites inflammation and becomes one of the best ways to prevent mosquito bites when used as lotion.

Meanwhile, the essence of fatty acids is also quite much. At least, the most three important acids are found at Aloe Vera in addition to other secondary one. The three are HCL cholesterol (lowering fat level in the blood), B-sitosterol and campesterol. The secondary essences include stearic, oleic, caprylic, myristic, linolenic, palmitic and linoleic. This type of acid works very well in reducing symptoms of allergies—from various types—as well as acid in indigestion condition.

Aloe Vera Advantages

After paying attention to the brief introduction of Aloe Vera and the essences it contains, you might imagine that there would be various advantages and benefits you could rely on from the plants. The assumption is totally true and that was why, Chinese and British herbal medicine consider it as a true healer particularly when consumed orally. Well, if you are curious about how it could be that wonderful, pay attention to the explanation below about health benefits of Aloe Vera.

1. Supporting the Immune System

Aloe Vera is popular as one of soothing herbs which could prevent any problem of inflammation, particularly from its immune-boosting polysachharides. The polysachharides  would stimulate the work of macrophages, which is the white blood cells of immune system serving to fight against viruses. The existence of anti-oxidants also support this function so the immune system could be stronger more and more.

As a consequence, the body would not easily loose the power to fight any threat from bacteria, virus or other causes of various diseases. One other thing to take a note is that Aloe Vera is also an antipathetic so it would work better in both preventing and healing fever.

2. Helping in Detoxification

Why Aloe Vera is good for detoxification process is due to its ‘status’ as gelatinous plant just like seaweeds and chia seeds, in addition to the fact that it contains a bunch of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. The gel of this category of plant would move through the intestinal line for absorbing toxins found along the way while getting them eliminated through the colon. When this process could be conducted regularly, detoxification and the waste elimination of body would run well and would affect on your overall health.

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3. Helping Digestion

The function of Aloe Vera in detoxification closely relates to its other function, which is helping digestion. When the toxins and waste could be well, properly and regularly eliminated, the digestive system would run better, at least from one side. It is suggested, therefore, to consume Aloe Vera as treatment for constipation as it is categorized as adaptogen  which could help to heal either diarrhea or constipation.Other benefits of Aloe vera for the digestion is clear from its characteristic as vermifuge which could help any intestinal worm to get out from the body. The function of Aloe Vera to help digestive system is considered as laxative due to the essence of alloin or barbaloin.


4. Supporting Periodontal Diseases

Two of most common teeth problems, which are teeth decay and gum disease (like periodontis and gingivitis) could be healed by making Aloe Vera as the mouth rinse, according to some researches. It is even considered that Aloe Vera could replace the function of chlorhexidine. By making Aloe Vera as the main essence of mouth rinse, it would be able to kill plaque-producing bacterium called streptococcus mutant and a yeast called Candida albicans. Those two are two common main causes of any mouth or teeth problems.

5. Helping to Heal Mouth Ulcers

As what is explained at the previous point, making Aloe Vera as a mouth gel would also work very well in healing mouth ulcers and sores, preventing black spot on tongue causes as well as treat the spot. Simply put and apply the gel at the ulcer or sore and repeat the treatment regularly until you find a better result. This is not only believed by ordinary people, but also scientifically proved through some researches.

6. Losing Weight

You may be very surprised to know that but it turns out to be true and scientifically proved that Aloe Vera, as well as one of benefits of green tea could help much in losing weight. This particularly applies if you ‘use’ this plant while doing healthy diet and adequate physical activities. The main reason on why Aloe Vera has the bunch of function for losing weight is its essences ranging from vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzyme and so on and so forth.Due to those essences, it is well known that Aloe Vera could help weight loss program through improving body’s utilization, digestion and absorption power as well as increasing overall health of a body. Detoxification—supported by Aloe Vera essence—also plays a very big role in supporting weight loss because it would lighten the toxic volume—usually appears as a fat—on your body and give you more energy.

7. Lowering Glucose Blood

People believe that Aloe Vera is one of herbal treatments for diabetes. This is also supported by a few scientific researches found that in both human and animals, Aloe Vera works very well in lowering glucose blood level as well as cholesterol level. Aloe Vera does this through enhances the insulin sensitivity and manage blood sugar altogether.

Aloe Vera for Beauty Treatments

8. Healing Various Skin Problems

As the most outer part of body, it makes sense why skin possibly suffer various problems as it has a direct contact to the sun light, dust and other free radicals outside the body. The problems could range from what is closely related to the healthy to the beauty. The real evidence of it is the huge use of Aloe vera for the cosmetic products.The good news is that various skin problems could be healed, treated, managed and even prevented by Aloe vera due to its various characteristics.

9. Moisturizing Skin

Aloe Vera plays a role as all in one skin treatment as it is effective to both beautify and support the healthy skin. Some of those characters and function are, first, antipruritic, serving to relieve and prevent itching. Second, astringent, to enable contraction of body tissues to reduce bleeding of any minor abrasion. Third, emollient to soften and soothe the skin. In addition to those two three essences, Aloe Vera could also assure the skin hydrated, rejuvenated and moisturized.


10. Promoting Skin Elasticity 

This herbal plant could also increase skin elasticity by improving collagen and elastic level. It is also very helpful in strengthening and synthesizing skin tissues, inducing improved blood flow to the skin and distributing oxygen supply to the skin cells.All of those benefits could be maintained by just applying the Aloe Vera gel right from its leaves to the skin. Meanwhile as the consequence, Aloe Vera treatment on the skin is not only good for keeping the beauty and health of skin, but also for preventing or treating various skin diseases and problems such as erythema.


11. Treating Acne

Among other skin problems, acne is probably the most popular one as it could not only damage skin health, but also skin look. This problems is also easily found with no discrimination on gender, age even occupation. Aloe vera could prevent and heal acne using its two main essences, which are Auxin and Gibberellins. Those hormones are anti-inflammatory properties which could reduce any skin inflammation and help it to heal faster.One of the prominent reasons on why acne appears is about the slow skin regeneration while the direct contact to the dust, dirt and sun light is so intense. Through its gibberellins, Aloe Vera could prevent acne because it accelerates the growth of new cells so the dead cells do not stay too long at the pores and cause acne.

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12. Beautifying the Skin

As mentioned at previous passage, Aloe Vera could beautify the skin by making it rejuvenated, hydrated, moisturized and even full of glow. Applying Aloe Vera on skin would smooth the oxygen distribution to the skin cells so the skin would get what it deserves to have and it will clearly appear from outside. It is even mentioned that people from anyage could get benefit from Aloe Vera for their skin treatment. Teenagers could use it as cleansing materials, while adults could use it to taking away dryness and cooling down any menopausal hot flushes.


13. Disguising Stretch Mark Look

Applying Aloe Vera gel to the stretch mark would also help to disguise it, as most of dermatologists suggest. This closely relates to the work of Aloe Vera in treating the cells on the epithelial layer of the skin. When the cells at the area could be well treated, it would help to return the original texture and color of skin while disguising and removing the trace of stretch, tan, sunburn and the likes. For treating sunburn, you could also rely on the benefits of red dragon fruits. Other than that, the benefits of raw turmeric for skin and uses and benefits of witch hezel for health & beauty are also reliable to combine to Aloe Vera.

14. Removing Wrinkles 

This particularly applies to aging signs in the skin ranging from wrinkles, soft and fine lines at the face and the less elasticity. The good combination essence of Aloe Vera, ranging from beta carotene, vitamin C and E as well as a plethora of antioxidants would help in heightening skin elasticity while keeping skin firm and hydrated and improving the production of collagen. When this could be properly done, the aging signs emerging at the skin could be minimized.

15. Fighting Aging Signs

This particularly applies to aging signs in the skin ranging from wrinkles, soft and fine lines at the face and the less elasticity. The good combination essence of Aloe Vera, ranging from beta carotene, vitamin C and E as well as a plethora of antioxidants would help in heightening skin elasticity while keeping skin firm and hydrated and improving the production of collagen. When this could be properly done, the aging signs emerging at the skin could be minimized.


16. Accelerating The Recovery of Wounds

Aloe Vera could accelerate the recovery period of burns and wounds, particularly when compared to conventional medicines, based one some scientific researches. Those studies suggest that Aloe Vera is effective for topical medication especially for first and second degree burns. You could do this treatment by simply cutting a leaf of Aloe Vera and apply the gel to the skin you want to heal. Aloe Vera would immediately work soothing the inflamed or burned skin through enhancing collagen and hyaluronic essence. This is due to its character as vulnerary (helpful in healing wounds) and analgesic (helpful in relieving the pain of wound)

17. Preventing Hair Fall

Enzyme and natural vitamin essence in Aloe Vera would help in preventing hair fall as well as supporting hair growth. In particular, the specific enzyme for this function is called proteolytic which could heal and repair the dead skin cell at the scalp. This means, therefore, that Aloe Vera does not only work well in preventing hair fall, but also a complete solution for hair treatment.

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18. Supporting Hair Growth

It could be a great conditioner making the hair shiny and smooth. Additionally, Aloe Vera could also fight against some hair problems such as itchy scalp, dandruff and others. It is not surprisingly to find that a hair care treatment expert said that Aloe Vera does as well as Keratin for the hair care and treatment. To find a better result, it is advised that you also combine it with black pepper to use one of benefits of black pepper.

19. Natural Scrub 

Aloe Vera could be used for scrub to get fresher and cleaner skin of body or face. Mix the Aloe Vera gel with a cup of sugar and two tablespoons of lemon juice. Stir the ingredients together and use it directly as your private natural scrub. 

20. Sun Burn Treatment

In healing the burn, it would be better to cut a steam of Aloe Vera leaves then place it at the refrigerator then rub it into the burn skin.

21. Treating Dry Skin 

For treating your dry skin, you could mix the gel of Aloe vera with a pinch of turmeric, a tablespoon of lemon juice, a teaspoon of milk and honey and a few rose water and make it as paste through blending them altogether. Apply it to your skin and give about 20 minutes for the paste to work and solve your dry skin problem.

22. Traditional Treatment for Face

Aloe Vera for acne treatment could be mixed with honey, blended walnuts and flour. Mix all the materials together, blend them and apply the paste to  your acne. This receipt would work well as it combines the healing properties of Aloe Vera with the antioxidant essence of honey. Not only treating your acne, this treatment could also give you smooth and clear skin, particularly the skin face.

23. Sensitive Skin Treatment

If you have sensitive skin, Aloe Vera could also do something for you. Take some Aloe Vera gel, cucumber juice, rose oil and yogurt then blend them into paste. Apply the paste to your sensitive skin and wash it clearly 20 minutes afterward.

24. Teeth Whitening

As mentioned before at the previous passage, if you have problems in your teeth, you could make the gel of Aloe Vera as the material to rinse. Since the gel tastes bitter, you may not like to swallow it down so mix it with enough water and manage your rinse so it would not be swallowed.

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25. Mouth Ulcers Treatment

For healing mouth ulcers or other types of mouth sores, you could just apply the gel without combining it to other essences. However, as the problem of taste, which is bitter, it would be good for you to mix the gel with any sweet essence such as sugar or honey.

26. Mousrurizing Skin after Shaving Day

Applying Aloa vera gel directly to the skin would  be beneficial for two purposes. First, as moisturizer before the skin face does make-up, second , as the after shaving treatment to treat any small cuts because of shaving. For being a moisturizer, you can combine it with raw milk, okra and honey due to benefits of raw milk on skin, the benefits of honey as well as the health benefits of Okra.

27. Healthy Drink

Some people also use Aloe Vera as juice material by combining it with sweetener such as sugar and honey. This particularly applies for those who want to get much and more benefits of Aloe Vera for their health instead of beauty. Aloe Vera is even used as the salad material. Just as what we find at juice, the part of Aloe Vera for these two purposes are the gel, particularly the fresh gel taken from Aloe Vera ‘living’ leaves.

28. Natural Hair Care

For your hair care, you could use Aloe Vera mask. It is your choice to mix it with other essences or not, but you could apply it to your hair quite longer than the Aloe Vera paste treatment. Do this every once a week or two weeks and find out that your hair gets more beautiful and smoother.

29. Aloe Vera Gel

In addition to the gel, you could also use the sap or latex of Aloe Vera. The sap is a yellow liquid found and stuck to the skin of Aloe Vera from inside part. This sap is commonly powdered and used as laxative to heal any digestive problems such as constipation, diarrhea and so on.

30. Easy and Cheap Treatment at Home

Paying attention to the information above would probably make you can not wait for using Aloe Vera as your either health or beauty treatment. You may also still get surprised to know that the beautiful and refreshing look of Aloe Vera is as much as its essences and benefits which is not only diverse, but also very very much advantages.

How to Use Aloe Vera

Meanwhile, here is the specific way how to process Aloe Vera for beauty treatment. Thus, you can process it as gel, juice, or powder. Yet here is the way to make Aloe Vera gel:

  • Take two or three Aloe Vera Rods
  • Peel the skin off. Be careful that the skin is thick and thorny.
  • Then, you get the Aloe Vera meet which is jelly and slimy.
  • Chop the meet and place it in a bowl.
  • For face and hair mask, you can add it with honey.
  • Meanwhile, the gel is ready to use.

Actually, Aloe Vera is the best traditional treatment of beauty. Indeed, you can use the Aloe Vera Gel for face mask to prevent acne, promote glowing and healthy skin. Also, the gel is best for hair which is to nourish hair and make it smooth and long.

Aloe Vera at Our Surrounding

Unfortunately, there is only a few people who exactly know for detail that Aloe Vera has a bunch of herbal benefits for both beauty and health treatment. Most of them only plant and care it for beautifying the garden without knowing what it really offers and what the hidden treasure it has. This is such a big irony as at the cosmetics or supplements they use or consume, Aloe Vera becomes one of main ingredients. However in the daily life, they seem not care much on the natural Aloe Vera at their surrounding. Whereas, if they want to use it naturally or proceed it by hand, it would give better result since it would offer maximum benefits without any chemical essences such as preservative and color essences.

Anyhow, to not let you become one of the most people with less knowledge on their surrounding and close hidden treasure, this writing would explain much about Aloe Vera ranging from its physical appearance, essences contained inside, advantages and benefits to the way you could slice, mix and process it for your own or you family’s use. Hopefully, you could extend your knowledge as well as the willingness to choose natural or handmade product to get the best result for your beauty and health treatment.

Following is the detail explanation about Aloe Vera classified into some sub-passages. Pay your very much attention and find out that you could do something much more from your surrounding to get better result and even the best treatment.

Aloe Vera Herbal Plant Facts

Aloe Vera is a type of green cactus which is rich of popularity mainly from its root and folklore. Technically, this plant grows in dry climate—such as India and parts of Africa—and do not need any serious care treatment such as bunch of water supply, fertilizer and the likes. This also means that Aloe Vera could grow well at the tropical are just like Indonesia.It is well said that this plant has been used since long time ago by Egyptians and as they got to know more and more about its benefits, they called Aloe Vera as the plant of immortality. Sanskrit even call it as Kumari, which means princess due to its ability to support beauty treatment. This plant comes from the Liliaceae family, the same family of where garlic and onions belong to.

Aloe Vera has very unique look with the thick and soft prickly leaves at its side edges. The leaves, which shape long (about 12-19 inches or 30-50 cm), is usually ‘fat’ at the base then getting slimmer at the tip. Its look is also fleshy dark green. Indonesian people like to call it ‘lidah buaya’ or the tongue of crocodile as the shape resembles the shape of tongue. The thickness of the leaf is due to a gooey translucent gel tasting bitter. The gel is made up mostly (96%) from water, various compounds of organic and non-organic and other good essences. The much volume of water at the Aloe Vera leaf could be clearly looked through its outer look of leaf which is refreshing and so natural.

The last thing you have to know about Aloe Vera is that you are not recommended to consume it at long period of time. It would be okay to consume it when it is needed but it is not advised to make it as daily meal or supplement. As you might imagine right now, this caution only applies for Aloe Vera consumption. If you use it for your skin or hair treatment, you could use it routinely during a long period of time as long as you think you still need the treatment. The better action to take is consulting to your doctor before taking—and consuming—Aloe Vera as your reliable natural essence for your health and beauty treatment.