Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Rehmannia Root

Rehmannia root has been used in china as the traditional medicine for thousands years. Some scientific studies support the health benefits of rehmannia root to improve general health and to heal particular kind of diseases. Rehmannia itself is a flowering plants originated from china and has ben believed to be effective herbal remedy. Nutritional Information […]

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Indian Sarsaparilla Root #1 Top Herbs

These days, society lives in a world full of toxic which causes many killing diseases. A lot of people are currently suffering from cancer, heart attack, skin problems, kidney diseases and other serious illness that may cause death. Nonetheless, as the technology goes better day by day, the research findings are getting various as well. […]

Health Benefits of Oregon Grape Root Extract – Anti-Microbial Agents

The Oregon grape is a plant whose rhizomes (root and root-like stem) are used to make herbal medicine. They are notable for curing abdominal diseases such as stomach ulcers, stomach upset, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and also bowel cleansing plus other infections. On the other hand, they are also useful for treating psoriasis and as […]

Proven Health Benefits of Calamus Root – Herbal Treatment

How far do you know about calamus root? Or may some of you haven’t seen or heard about calamus root yet. Well, in this discussion, we are going to talk about calamus root and its health benefits. Calamus (Acorus calamus) is a tall green monocot of flowering grass. It is a popular plant with many […]

10 Incredible Burdock Root Benefits for Hair Health

The burdock root comes from the burdock plant, which originates in Europe and have since been introduced into North America. The plant is otherwise known as the cockle buttons, burr seed, beggar’s buttons, thorny burr, among other names. The burdock plant is characterized by its large leaves and purple petals that resemble thistle flowers. Meanwhile, […]

15 Benefits of Angelica Root for Health (#1 Top Herbal Cure)

Angelica root or Dong quai has the scientific name of Angelica sinensis. Dong quai is a member of the Apiaceae family. So they are still related to carrots, parsley, or celery. Dong quai is often used in Chinese medicine to treat health problems in women. Therefore, dong quai is also called “female ginseng”. People has been used […]

18 Health Benefits of Marshmallow Root (Amazing)

Who doesn’t love marshmallow? From kids to adults love marshmallow, the sugar-based candy made from the combinations of sugar, water and gelatin. Well, actually the marshmallow candy that is widely produced now is the modern version while the ancient version is actually using the marshmallow plant root before gelatin was found. Though there is not […]

18 Health Benefits of Konjac (#1 Top Herbs from Asia)

There are so many varieties of herbs that you could find the marketplace today, some of them are really coming with great benefits, while others are only used to encourage herbs sale. One of the herbal plant that recently is gaining its popularity is Konjac. Some people thought konjac falls to the second category of […]

28 Health Benefits of Yucca Roots (No.9 is Very Impressive)

Yucca is a perennial shrub plant which native to Central America. This plant is usually used as ornamental plant but the root of the plant can also be consumed. Yucca leave has been used since long ago by people native in America especially Athabaskan people to make rope, thread and basket while yucca root has […]

28 Health Benefits of Arrowroot Powder (No.21 Amazing)

Arrowroot powder prepared from arrowroot that has been mashed. Arrowroot (Maranta arundinaceous) of the family Marantaceae. Arrowroot much cultivated in the Philippines, Caribbean, and South America to take the tuber, which is a producer of refined flour and easily digestible. Arrowroot powder is one of the best natural source of carbohydrates, easily digestible and easily mixed […]