20 Health Benefits of Black Cardamom (#1 Top Beauty Tricks)

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Black cardamom, according to international market survey belongs to top three the most expensive spices in the world after saffron and vanillin. This original spice comes from Indonesia, of which widely used and extracted in many dishes and food worldwide. Black cardamom has various forms of package; fresh, powder, extract, and oil. Essential cardamom oil made of cardamom fruit seeds which are insulated without peeling process and topped with steam distillation.

In Indonesia, cardamom is widely used into mix of traditional food which combines tons of spices ingredients. How about the taste? Do not you dare to ask since nothing can beat the strong and rich aroma of the food are. However, not only being beneficial for food mixing, cardamom also be utilized as health product to keep our healthy body. There are some health benefits of black cardamom which you may know more below. Check them out!

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  1. Smooth Metabolism and Digestion

Consuming cardamom in any kind of forms can increase saliva production. It means that your digestion can be way smoother. Cardamom has high fiber to prevent constipation and atsiri oil to limit the gasses form inside your stomach. The anti-bacteria essence in cardamom can also cure infection on your colon. You better consume cardamom in fresh mixing on your food or you can also drink cardamom oil.

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  1. Launching Blood Transport

Like others spice, cardamom can be a good flavor to launch your blood flow along the body due to its potassium and fiber contained inside. Your veins need to be clean and free subtraction, therefore, the oxygen and food nutrition can be transported well. Consuming more cardamom can help you get such benefit and reduce your blood pressure as well.

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  1. Preventing Gastric Acid

Gastric acid seems like not serious disease, but wait until you know the hidden fact. When your gastric acid rises up, your colon will react and move rapidly stimulate the very painful sensation. Keep you acid level well by consuming cardamom as your daily food mixing ingredient in order to help your gastric to maintain its acid level as balance as possible.

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  1. Preventing Osteoporosis

In order to maintain your bones strength, you need to consume more C vitamin and potassium. For elderly women particularly, they need more potassium to fight the menopause which cause their reproductive organs go slower. Cardamom can be a healthy ingredient choice for your kitchen essential to be consumed everyday together with your daily menu.

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  1. Analgesic

Cardamom is an analgesic because it can cure such cells pain, soreness, and convulsions. Cardamom is an anti-inflammation also to heal the sore on your throat and teeth. Consuming cardamom oil can treat your painful way better. Mix it into your food or warm boiling water as your additional vitamin.

  1. Kidney Maintaining

Cardamom has a diuretic function rolling importantly in kidney health maintenance. When you have such urinary diseases like nefritis, sistitis, kidney stone and any other diseases, it would be best to consume more cardamom in your daily menu. Consuming cardamom oil can be also curing and breaking your kidney stones to be gone away out of your body.

  1. Body Immune

Consuming cardamom will increase your body immune towards bacteria or any other patogens. It is best used when you make a soup, then pour some cardamom essence, powder, or fresh slice into the soup. It is so tasty and delicious. You may also add extra garlic and peppers to strengthen the taste.

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  1. Anti-Depressant

When you get stressful or mind blowing, try to use cardamom essential oil as the aromatherapy to refresh your condition. The anti-oxide and oxygen containing in the cardamom essence oil will reduce your stress level causing into depression. The best way to consume cardamom is by drinking a cup of cardamom tea or oil essence with honey to stimulate your hormone healing that stress.

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  1. Blood Circulation

Healthy body is healthy blood circulation. You have no fat or any other obstruction inside your blood vein. In order to clean your blood circulation, consuming cardamom can be a good treatment to do since it has tons of anti-oxide content which provide your body with much oxygen to reduce the diseases.

  1. Curing Asthma

The calming and warm effects in cardamom can help you curing asthma, bronchitis, cough, and influenza. Cardamom will dilute the sputum causing those diseases and obstructing the breath system. The best way to get the optimal function of cardamom is by drinking the cardamom essence with honey or pouring it into soup to be eaten.

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  1. Smell Good Mouth

Are you having trouble with bad breath? No worry, you have cardamom to help you by now. Chewing fresh cardamom will clean your tongue and gums so that there is no more bacteria hidden which are the main causes of bad breath. You may also chew cardamom when you get sprue to heal the infection way faster.

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  1. Anti-Carcinogens

Cancer is the biggest enemy of all human living. Naturally, every human has an initial cancer cells, yet it can be gone away along as your lifestyle choices. Preventing cancer as early as possible is very important, that is why you need to balance your life style and diet menu into healthier. Consuming cardamom will prevent the cancer cells to be emerged more since cardamom has such chemical compounds of DIM (diindolilmetan) dan IC3 (indol-3-karbinol) which are very effective to prohibit cancer like breast cancer and womb cancer.

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  1. Preventing Sinus

Antipasmodiac effect on cardamom is very essential to prevent asthma and sinus for adolescence. It is because the oil essence in the cardamom of 1,8 cineole essence will give you such warm effect to cure the itchy sore and nose. According to some herbalists, cardamom is best used in form of powder and essential oil. It is also good to be consumed by passive smoker to neutralize cigarette effect and the poisons containing inside. It will automatically clean your lungs and prevent the lungs cancer.

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14. Curing Sore Throat

Cardamom is way very essential to prevent the cough and sore throat since it contains spasmodiac to minimize the inflammation and sputum production. You can make your own cardamom essence by mixing cardamom essential oil with lemon and honey to be drank in the morning regularly during the disease. The natural essence of lemon and honey can work best together with cardamom to reduce the sickness and stimulate a warm and comfort sensation for your throat.

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15. Healing Heat Stroke

Indian people often use cardamom fruit or cardamom oil to cure the sickness of heat stroke by chewing the fruit directly or making a drink from cardamom oil essence. Heat stroke is a condition where your body is weak and exhausted due to bright sun light suffered. Cardamom has a rich of anti-oxide content to reduce the heat wave along your body cells and temper it down slowly. It is so good to be consumed for people who live in such tropical country getting full day light of the sun every day or for the people who often being outside for working or any other activity.

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Black Cardamon Benefits for Beauty

Indeed, there are many health benefits of black cardamom, here are for beauty treatments:

16. Antiseptic

Another health benefit of cardamom is an antiseptic. You can consume cardamom on the mixing products of ice cream, coffee, or any others food and beverage. You can clean the colons by consuming more cardamom and reduce the bacteria by its antiseptic function.

17. Detoxification and Stimulant

Inside the cardamom oil, there are chemicals essence of anti-oxide and anti-bacteria so that this essence oil can be such detoxification of exhausting poisons away out of the body. It may also stimulate the enzyme secretion process to help the metabolism process. The most stimulant effect is reducing your stress and depress out of the body away.

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18. Skin Health

Cardamom oil has such anti bacteria and anti-oxide which are quite strong to give some impacts for the body. This essence oil has C vitamin and manganese, of which giving benefits to fair and bright the skin, curing the acnes and black spots, and also being the anti-aging extract. You can now find cardamom mixed oil inside your body lotion or any other make up liquid. If you want to make it by yourself, you can do it. Simply mix cardamom oil and your daily used body lotion into one bowl and wipe it on your body. The cooling and fresh sensation are the next things you will get.

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19. Moisture Lips

In order to get moisture lips, cardamom is widely used around the world in its oil essence to be added into lip balm products. It can moisture and prevent the lips from dry and crack. Use cardamom oil essence on your lips right before going to sleep will make you have such a moisture and soft lips in the morning. Use it regularly for a better effect.

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20. Clearing Dandruff

Like ginger, cardamom is very useful to heal not only breath and digestion system but also dandruff and hair problem. Cardamom essential oil is very good to cure dandruff and skin hair problems because it has anti-fungi and anti-bacteria contents. You may mix and pour cardamom essential oil with others essence such as cedar wood, bergamot, cinnamon, clove, orange, and cananga oil. Ginger oil and rosemary are also good to be extracted with the cardamom oil so that you get such a healthy, fresh, smell good, and free dandruff hair.

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Meanwhile, there are many health benefits of black cardamom. This spice is common uses as seasoning in Asian food. Thus, you may try it on food and get the benefits.