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health benefits of AsafoetidaAsafoetida is a special type of compound that are used in many Indian cuisine. It has a unique herbal formula for greater medical advantages. Below article will explain the health benefits of Asafoetida when you decided to consume this type of item in your daily consumption.

What Is Asafoetida?

Asafoetida is a culinary herb and the roots of Rhizome plant that are dried to form a gummy type like material. This plant is a native habitat of Iranian countries and surrounding country. However, its widespread use and production is also prevalent in and nearby the Indian region. This dried latex is called Asafoetida or Hing by Indian name.

The important factor for which this herbal gummy extract was thought as an healthy spice was its capability to provide a smooth taste to curries and soups. Thus, it is well known with many other unique names such as food of the Gods and many more, such names are an attribute to its never-ending health and beauty benefits it offers upon consumption.

It is regularly cooked to enhances the taste of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy components in food. The spice is mixed to the food at the time of boiling. Sometimes dried and gummy asafoetida can be combined with salt and eaten with raw vegetable. This spice is then used as a digestive medicine, in food as a complimentary addon. It specially tasked as a taste enhancer and is a standard ingredients of Indian foods, particularly in curries as well as in numerous vegetable dishes.

The ingredients is put in sealed plastic tupperware. However, its purrid smell and flavour become much easier to the nose and much less strong upon boiling in oil. Sometimes, it is cooked along with garlic and onion. In its intact form, its smell is very horrible, the purrid aroma will surround other spices kept nearby if it is not kept in an airtight bags.

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Asafoetida, known as Hing in India, is a material extracted from several type of herb. It is available in tablet or powder form. It is generally used for the purpose of cooking as an additive, as a food preservative and also to add a bit of scent for daily meal intake.

It is an anti oxidant, anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, anti viral in nature. Hing rich in nutrients as well. It contains phosphorus, iron, fiber, carbohydrates, calcium, niacin, carotene and riboflavin. It has proven effect in traditional medicine as well.

Hing has a variety of health benefits for the body. It is used to cure toothache, sore head, overcome stomach problems and cope with ear pain as well. Likewise, there are some health benefits of this materials that you should be aware. Therefore, in this article we will tell you the health benefits of hing or Asafoetida.

1.  Prevent Cancer

One of the health benefits of asafoetida is the prevent cancer. Asafoetida antioxidant properties fight against cancer-causing cells and protect the body from free radicals. It stops the growth of malignant cells and thus prevent cancer.

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2. Relieve Earache

Anti-inflammatory properties and asafoetida antibiotics may help alleviate ear pain caused by the infection. Slightly heat coconut oil, add a pinch of asafoetida in it. Use this mixture as a drop inside the ear to ease the pain of an earache.

3. Relieves Toothache

Asafoetida can relieve toothache and fight against oral infections. It also treats infective gums. See also: Benefits of Chewing Gums

4. Soothing Headaches

Asafoetida anti-inflammatory properties heals inflammation in the head, and in effect treating the headache. Add a pinch of asafoetida for a cup of water. Drink this mixture three times a day to relieve headaches.

5. Stomach problems Treatment

Asafoetida is an effective medication which heals a number of problem regarding the stomachache. It solves discomfort such as indigestion, uncontrollable intestinal gas, worms in the stomach and irritable bowel syndrome. Consume small dosage of asafoetida regularly by adding it to your food for every day of the week.

6. Curing Respiratory Problem

Asafoetida can be used to treat breathing problems such as dry cough and asthma. It also acts to smoothen the respiratory tract and thus can heal chest pain. Mix asafoetida with dry ginger and honey to achieve this health benefits

8. Treats Allergies

Beside improving the skin to become smoother, Asafoetida can also performs to heals skin allergies. Various skin allergies coming from sun ultraviolet ray or dryness can be solved by using Asafoetida within a few days of usage.

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9. Scalp Health Maintenance

Scalp causes the rise to hair dandruff. When the scalp health deteriorate, it indirectly causes the hair roots to be broken. This may cause to hair fall and baldness. Asafoetida improve and control the normal acidic level of the human scalp. It also protects the scalp safe from sweat, oily and acne skin. It normally eliminate the scalp issues like acne, oil, dandruff and dryness. Hence, the total hair strength, texture, scent and quality improve.

10. Anti-Asthmatic Benefits

Asafoetida can effectively treats these respiratory syndromes. It enhances the production of antibodies as soon as a person has influenza. In effect it is a powerful medications against cold, bronchitis and asthma. This effect also normalizes the process of easing respiration. See also: Symptoms of Asthma

11. Anti-Epileptic Benefits

The spice is also a powerful anti-epileptic medicine. It is still in widespread usage and act as a normal way of preventing the diseases.

12. Digestive Treatments 

Asafoetida forces out the toxic elements from the human intestinal tract. Then, it helps in easing the process of proper digestion by restoring the normal PH level of the stomach and also able to prevent constipation

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13. Opium Antidote

Asafoetida provide the benefits of being consume as an antidote for Opium.

14. Worm Repellent

Also, the horrid smell of Asafoetida can be used in favor of its worms repelling advantages. It should be consumed at night with lukewarm water. It flushes out the intestinal worms when consumed in regular interval.

Asefetida Benefits for Heart Treatments

Meanwhile, here are the health benefits of asefetida for beauty tricks:

15. Anti-Dryness Benefits

Pollution and stress related causes the skin and hair to be dry and broken. Asafoetida performs like a dryness improving substance that provide smooth and plumpy skin. It can clear off all the signs of dryness in skins like freckles, wrinkles, pigmentation, dullness, peeling, and cracking.

16. Anti-Ageing Benefits

Asafoetida can be combined with water to enhance your tight looking face by acting as an efficient anti-wrinkle face mask. This herbal condiment makes a popular anti ageing herbal treatment. It provide the the means to eliminate wrinkles, fine lines and age spots visible from the face.

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17. Skin Whitening Benefits

Asafoetida acts as a whitening agent that induces fairness in skin regimen and removes dark figment, acne and smoothen oily skins. It normally hinders the production of Tyrosine substance in the skin. Tyrosine causes the melanin in human skin that enhances premature ageing and skin darkening.

18. Anti-Acne Benefits

Asafoetida might be out of your skin care regimen. This great herbal medicine hinders the production of acne that cause bacteria on the skin pigment. It makes skin conditions able to stop the growth of bacteria.

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19. Hair Conditioning Benefits

Asafoetida can also be turnned to be your hair conditioning shampoo. It magically functions to keep moisture in the head. This greater advantages makes it a functional moisturizing agent that can stem the problem of hair dryness and frizz to a much desired degree.

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20. Hair Fall Controlling Benefits

Asafoetida greatly enhances the texture of the hair. It also protects the hair towards unnatural and daily hair fall. It is then used as a medicinal solution to baldness in males and thin hair in females. We must look towards the property of the greater hair tensile enhancing and dandruff preventing advantages of Asafoetida, ever since it protect from hair fall and improve hairy scalp.

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Asafoetida Benefits for Reproductive Systems

Thus, here are the health benefits of Asafoetida for male and female’s reproductive systems:

21. Contraceptive Benefits

Normally, this herbal spice has been consumed as effective contraception for women in case they want to avoid pregnancy. They also used it as an abortive pill.

22. Anti-Impotency Benefits

Asafoetida is a powerful natural ingredient that can be used to treat a few problems related to impotency. It is scientifically concluded as a stress regulator. They also participate in increasing the blood flow of penis towards males.  It also enhances sexual tendency in woman

23. Eases Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual Cramps are a discomfort for all women out there. Asafoetida fixes this suffering by mitigating pain nerves around the lower abdomen and waist. Then, this substance can be consumed at times of painful menstrual cramps to reduce an ongoing pain sensation.

24. Radiance Promoting Benefits

Asafoetida performs like a glowing enhancer that make a never ending radiant to the skin. It enhances the flow of oxygen to facial nerve, which makes them lively and plumpy. You get a red tinted fair skin that glows prettily. The good side benefit of this glowing promotion benefit is the elimination of dark spot circles under eyes completely.

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However, the advantages always come with simple precautions. You should take note of not taking another substance while using Asafoetida if you have a history of depression, alcoholic consumption, and drug abuse  as it may have unwanted side effect.

The listed health advantages, glowing skin and hair make Asafoetida a magical invention for human consumption. This specially made cooking additive offers such outstanding medicinal advantage that can make you look youthful to your real age and cherishes your spirit eternally.

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