11 Health Benefits of Pork Tenderloin (Surprising)

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Pork is one of the red meats which is very popular for both western and eastern people, particularly those who are not Moslem. Moslem is not allowed to eat pork (haram). However, others love to eat this meat and claim as the best and most delicious meat in the world ever. Pork definitely has a tasty, juicy, and fatty taste. It is usually cooked into any kind of dishes such as baked pork ribs, crispy pork, pork steak, pork stew, pork soup, and so on.

Pork, especially the tenderloin part, has several health benefits which most people might never know before. People consuming pork usually because it tastes good and very tasty, of which they never find it in any other meats before. However, it is only tasty and juicy, yet there are some health benefits of pork tenderloin, although consuming pork meat in not moderation will give such bad effect for your body.

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Here are the further descriptions of the health benefits of pork tenderloin and others part of pork meat.

  1. High Energy Containing

Pigs which are farmed have a very high level of energy since they eat a lot and not doing many activities in the farm. Pork meat from the farmed pig has 100 grams of 457 calories. It is quite high, isn’t it? This energy and calories are useful for giving the energy for the body to do the activities, preventing the tiredness, keeping the immune, and increasing the focus on doing activities. The calories and energy coming from wild pig are less than the farmed ones. It is only containing 376 calories for each 100 meat grams.

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  1. High Protein

Pork, as well as beef and lamb, also has high protein containing. Pork has high protein level which is 11.9 grams protein in each 100 grams meat. The function of the protein for the body is quite useful, the protein can form the muscle mass, maintain the body strength and immune, and tide the fat. One to notice is that although the protein level inside the pork is quite high, you need to recognize that the fat is quite high too. Thus, it is not recommended to consume the pork over since it will trigger you into obesity.

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  1. High Calcium

Pork meat, either farmed or wild, has 7 mg in each 100 grams. As you know that our body needs the calcium to maintain the bones health. Therefore, consuming pork can give you some benefits of maintaining bones health, osteoporosis preventing, and growing you bigger when you are in growth ages.

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  1. High Phosphorus

If there is calcium, there will be phosphorus too. In each 100 grams of pork, there is 117 mg phosphorus. Phosphorus has several functions for the body such as preventing osteoporosis, bone and teeth health maintaining, and bone strengthening. Phosphorus is mainly contained in the shrimp, vegetables, and red meat too. Well, this is one of the best health benefits of pork tenderloin for you.

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  1. Anemia Preventing

Like others red meat, pork also has such benefit to cure anemia. Red meats like pork, beef, and lamb contain selenium, an extract which is useful to prevent anemia. Anemia is a lack of red blood plasm condition where the survivor will often feel weak, dizzy, easy to get disease, unfit, and tend to vomit. By consuming red meat such as pork which has tons of selenium, we can cure anemia and prevent it to happen.

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  1. Zinc Source

Pork has zinc which is good for our body, although it is not as high as others meat. Human body will need zinc to produce red blood plasm, prevent anemia, scar speed recovery, and maintain the immune. Zinc is such an essential compound for the body, thus we need to consume it from the red meat.

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  1. Additional Food Taste

Fried pork will produce oils, or we may call lard. Lard is produced from pork meat, of which has a very tasty and delicious when it is mixed into stir fried or dish additional ingredient. Lard also has same function as oil and palm vegetable in order to cook and give special taste to human food. Beware to not consume too much lard since it contains very high calories and fat which might be dangerous for your health.

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  1. Skin Health Maintaining

One more health benefit of pork is containing high level collagen. Collage is an essence which can be utilized as a skin maintaining protection for the body and face. By consuming pork and get the benefit of the collagen, you can help your skin to be free from acne, skin tightening, prevent and minimize the anti-aging, and hydrating the skin as well.

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  1. Soap Ingredients

Pork has such fatty acids which is contributing many benefits for the beauty industry. Those fatty acids can be made into soap and some beauty products by being the main ingredient of those products. You can find several products made from pork such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, detergent, anti-aging cream, and so on.

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  1. Muscle Forming

Pork has such high calories and energy which is very good to form the muscle, maintain the healthy body, and strengthen the body immune. It can also be used to tie the fat. That is why it is not recommended to consume pork when you are less moving and not doing sport cause it will trigger to some horrible diseases like cholesterol and heart attack.

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  1. Body Immune

Immune is such an important part of the body healthy maintaining. It works as the prevention of the body from any diseases, of which you also need to protect you r body from any viruses and bacteria. Immune is also essential when you are in a recovery or getting injured, by having a good immune, the recovery and injury process will be done soon. Consuming pork which has high level of fat and energy will help you to have a good immune to protect the body as well. Hence, you still need to eat pork in moderation cause the very high fat can be bit dangerous for you.

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Cautions of Eating Pork

Well, there are many health benefits of pork tenderloin but we need also to figure out about the effects of eating it too much. Meanwhile, here is the cautions:

  1. Trouble on digestive system
  2. Causes flu
  3. Trichinosis Dangers
  4. Headache
  5. High fever
  6. General weakness
  7. Muscle pain and tenderness
  8. Pink eye (conjunctivitis)
  9. Sensitivity to light
  10. Swelling of the eyelids or face
  11. Common viruses

Thus, beside the health benefits of pork tenderloin, we need also to know about the cautions and be wise not too eat them too much.

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Recommendation Pork Intake

Pork, particularly the tenderloin pork, has a similar texture and taste with beef. Therefore, it is quite difficult for those who are eating pork and beef and then be asked to guess the different of them as well. Pork is quite consumed into some dishes such as pork satay, pork baked, pork red chop, pork soy sauce stew, Hainam pork rice, meatball, noodle stew with pork and so on.

The taste is very good and you once again need to remember to not consume it too much since it can cause some horrible health diseases such as cholesterol, heart attack, cancer, and stroke. Also, you may need to pay attention to its cautions and Effects of Eating Too Much Red Meat Everyday despite of the health benefits of pork tenderloin.

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