13 Health Benefits of Kaffir Lime Leaves (No.2 is Impressive!)

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Kaffir lime leaves has been good known by their typical smell, often are used as additional ingredients or natural preservative in most of Asian food. Kaffir lime leaves come from kaffir lime tree, which has average tall with thin branches. The leaves are light green with oval round. You may plant kaffir lime everywhere in your tropical area, including in front of your house yard and deliberately take the leaves for your delicious meal whenever you want.

The functions of kaffir lime leaves are not only for dishes mixing, they have large number of health benefits for your body. The essence of tanin, steroid triterpenoid, and atsiri oil are composed in this exotic leaves. You want to know more what are the health benefits of kaffir lime leaves? Check them out here!

  1. Stress Releasing

Kaffir lime leaves has an extremely anti-oxide composition by its atsiri oil which slightly reduce your stress level. The essence works by stimulating the brain to produce such hormone making you have a better condition and out of stress feeling. The best way to get the utmost benefit of kaffir lime leaves is by consuming them as parts of your food mixed, for example, salad pouring, chili sauce, and soup. You may also consume kaffir lime leaves by boiling it and drink the water after. It works well too!

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  1. Mind Relaxing

Over working and peak life might sometimes drive you mad and stuck into such stressful condition. You hardly sleep and often feel unwell, even though you are not sick. It is not but your mind is getting crowded and need a recharge treatment to make the condition better. These leaves contain relaxation essence which treats your mind and body into a comfortable and pleasant feeling.

You can make your homemade kaffir leaves essence by cutting the leaves into small pieces and scrubbing it with water, let idling for an hour or more and putting it on a bottle to be sprayed into your room. Breathing and smelling the natural smell of kaffir limes leaves will automatically lead you into peaceful and serenity ones.

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  1. Antibiotic

Little did people know that kaffir lime leaves has an antibiotic function to maintain your body from disease. When you are getting sick or feeling your declining immune, do not hurry to consume antibiotic purchased in drug store which might contain a lot of contra indications. Why don’t you use traditional medicine such as kaffir lime leaves to boost your immune and health? The leaf has a numerous beneficial essences to protect your body from ay viruses or bacteria. Simply drink the water of boiling kaffir limes leaves every morning before doing activities to make it functions well.

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  1. Influenza Medicine

Having bad influenza? No need to worry since you can use kaffir lime leaves to defeat the viruses. The leaves can attack the influenza by producing white blood plasm as the natural body immune. You can eat the kaffir limes leaves as your dishes mixed such as in your salad or soup or you can also pour it into your drink of water. It drives your influenza go away.

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  1. Boosting and Revitalizing Body

Kaffir limes leaves are not common leaves. They have crucial benefits to prevent your body from suffering any viruses which can make your body sick or destroy your healthy cells. Consuming kaffir limes leaves can revitalize your body cells and produce more healthy cells to boost your metabolism well.

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  1. Anti-Bacteria

Anti-bacteria are one of the most crucial functions of kaffir limes leaves which can cure diseases caused by bacteria. If your body has no containing bacteria, the diseases will not come and destroy your immune. You can consume kaffir limes leaves directly as food mixed or combine it with your infused water as your healthy daily drink. It is wonderful to see how it comes so well into your health.

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  1. Anti- Inflammation

Having sore throat or fever? It means something is going wrong with your body due to the organs inflammation. Kaffir limes leaves originally and naturally made to heal the inflammation by working effectively inside your body healing. The best way to consume is by drinking the kaffir limes leaves essence which has boiled with cup of water. You may add honey to add some taste and better serve it warm. Drink it regularly for once up to twice a day during your sickness and you will be amazed on how it works well. Try it!

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  1. Prohibiting Cancer

Cancer, the biggest and number one dreadful disease in the world has been such a terror for everyone. No one wants to get suffered from cancer since there is no exact medicine has been found yet to cure this disease. Wise people says that preventing is better than curing, that is why you need to stay healthy and aware of cancer stroke by consuming healthy and natural food only. In order to help your body to get healthier, consume kaffir limes leaves will help you to prevent cancer cells growth inside your body. Consume it regularly every day for a better impact.

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  1. Curing Sprue

As one the biggest vitamin C sources, kaffir limes leaves and limes fruit work well for curing sprue. Sprue is so annoying since it makes you get stuck of chewing your meal and you cannot even speak or open your mouth. Sprue is caused of lack water and vitamin C inside your body; moreover, it can be a clue of something going wrong in your organ. Consuming warm water of infused kaffir limes leaves can help you reduce the sprue and boost your immune to produce more vitamin C.

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  1. Healing Cough

What is more annoying than having bad cough while you are still in the middle of busy office week? When you have cough, you will usually drink medicine from the drugstore, meanwhile, you can try to heal it naturally by combining sneezing of kaffir limes leaves with honey or palm sugar and pour them into a cup of warm water. The vitamin C extract containing in the limes leaves can work even better and more natural to heal your cough and make your throat becomes clean and fresh.

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11. Limes Infused Water

There is no such fresh and healthy drink but infused water for sure. If you only mix some fresh fruit into your infused water, you may try to cut the leaves into slices and put it into a bottle of water together with others fruit such as apples, pineapple, cucumber, or berry. Let it a night and drink it in the morning. So fresh and cool!

Kaffir Limes as Food Dressing

Not everyone knows how to consume kaffir limes leaves unless mix them in daily food or drink. It turns out that there are many tips on how to serve kaffir limes leaves to be more consuming friendly for your tongue. You may take a look and get inspired then!

12. Mixing into Salad/Soup

Craving for salad or soup? Why don’t you innovate by adding some limes leaves into your salad and soup? They give not only distinctive fragrance but also contribute great impact of health benefit. Cut the leaves into small pieces and pour them on your salad and soup and they are ready to serve. It would be better to consume your salad or soup a minute after it is done made to make sure the benefits and fragrance of kaffir limes leaves are still mixed well. You may use any kinds of vegetables or fruit as your salad or soup mixing. It is really good!


13. Chili Sauce

Are you craving for something spicy and hot? Are you lacking of appetite? Spicy chili sauce can never be better without adding some slice of limes leaves. You can put it into the chili sauce you make or just simply mix it into the sauce. Eat with your favorite food and it is guaranteed that you will have more and more portion for its good fragrance.

Indeed, there are many health benefits of kaffir limes. Now, let’s learn how to consume it.

How to Consume Kaffir Limes Leaves

Meanwhile, to get the health benefits of kaffir limes leaves, let’s cook it now!

  1. Curry Noodle

For those who are having sick and need to eat something smooth but yummy, you can add some more limes leaves into your noodle liquid and let the good fragrance of limes leaves left behind. When our body is sick, it needs a stimulation ingredient to boost the appetite so that your body will not lack of vitamin and nutrition for healing and recovering process. Putting slices of kaffir limes leaves will make your curry noodle be more tasty and yummy. Plus, you get an extra portion of health benefit in it.

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2. Limes Leaves Fried Rice

There are more than thousand ways to process kaffir limes leaves into such delicious and healthy meal to consume. For most Asian people, fried rice is their typical menu which never goes wrong. Why don’t you innovate in making fried rice by mixing it into slices of kaffir limes leaves and blend them well?

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Limes leaves fried rice with additional eggs, meat, or vegetables like tomatoes is such undeniable food which everyone cannot get resist. You can blend the kaffir limes leaves into a powder or smooth slices to get a better function and taste. Serve it warmly and combine with more vegetable like cabbage, cucumber, or tomatoes. It is a brand new and super yummy food creation!

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