20 Health Benefits of Soybean Oil #1 Top Natural Remedy

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Most oil used for cooking food contain soybean oil which the main ingredient is the soybean itself. Even soybean oil is most consumed cooking oil. Soybean (Glycine Max) is included in Leguminosae or nuts group. Fat contained in soybean mostly is unsaturated fat which is very good for health because it can control cholesterol and blood sugar level.

The basic nutrition contains in 100 grams soybean consists of these sources:

  1. calories (173)
  2. water (63 %)
  3. protein (16.6 gr)
  4. carbs (9.9 gr)
  5. sugar (3 gr)
  6. fiber (6 gr)
  7. fat (9 gr)
  8. saturated (1.3 gr)
  9. monounsaturated (1.98 gr)
  10. polyunsaturated (5.06 gr), calsium (196 gr), omega-3 (0.6 gr), and omega-6 (4.47 gr).

Many other food products beside soybean oil can be produce from it such as tempeh, tofu, and soybean milk. With those all high nutrition contain, no wonder soybean oil have significance benefits for our health. Here they are 20 health benefits from soybean oil.

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  1. Good body immune system

Soybean has high vegetable protein which is very good for the human body immune. Consuming it everyday will keep protein level in our body enough therefore body is not easy to get sick. Protein is very good for the cell regeneration. When there a cell is needed to be fixed, enough level of protein able to cover it soon.

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  1. Strong body tissues and organs

Soybean also contains lecithin that able to increase the absorption of the fat soluble vitamin. The quick absorption keeps the body tissues and organs strong.

  1. Maintain brain function

Lecithin is also one of the brain component which contain fitosterol that helps to increase the brain nerves functions and prevent schizophrenia.

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  1. Maintain eyes health

Soybean also contains bioflavonoids and vitamin E for keeping the eyes health. It prevents catarac, glaucoma, and decreasing of retina’s function, especially for older person aged sixty years above.

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  1. Strong teeth

Strongest part of the teeth is enamel which need high calcium and protein to keep it strong. Teeth needs strong enamel for chewing the food. Soybean contains high calcium and protein which is very good for enamel’s nutrition. Beside that, good enamel prevents teeth from easily porous.

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  1. Prevent anemia

Soybean can prevent some disease too if it is consumed regularly. One example is such as anemia which is caused by lack of iron inside the body. Highest concern for vegetarian is having anemia because their diet food does not provide enough iron.

Fortunately, recent research says that Health Benefits of Tempe, a food from fermented soybean, contains really high level of it. Therefore the vegetarians do not need to worry again about where they will get it because they can fry tempeh with soybean oil. The iron contain has been in the form of feritiin which is the form of iron kept inside the body that easier to be absorbed by the body.

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  1. Maintain heart’s health and performance

Other than that, soybean also able to keep the heart health due to carbohydrate, fibre, vitamin E and K, fat acid, and lisin amino acid contained in it, makes food processed from soybean become low fat and cholesterol. When people consume those kind of food regularly, they keep their heart from any disease due to excessed work during blood pumping because atherosclerosis (plague formed form fat in the heart artery).

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  1. Maintain blood pressure

When heart work properly without excess effort, blood pressure will be kept normal and give good supply of blood to whole body. Good blood pressure also prevents stroke and give us more calmness in running our daily life.

  1. Prevents low blood pressure

Good blood pressure also prevents low blood pressure which in some cases will disturb our daily life because we cannot do the daily activities like usual. Low blood pressure cause heavy dizzy and we need to take some time to rest laying in bed to lose the headache. With good blood circulation in blood which soybean able to make, low blood pressure is not a thing to worry about again.

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  1. Prevent osteoporosis

Soybean has good isoflovids known as phytoestrogen which has similar characters as estrogen. Estrogen is needed for keeping the health of bones, make them strong. Women after menopause will lack of estrogen. By consuming food which contain soybean, they will give their bones enough estrogen in their old age, in the end osteoporosis can be prevented from badly happen.

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  1. Controlling transition of menopause

Menopause can be hard for women because it gives sign that they are not fertile anymore. Side effects of it are decreasing of skin moisture and for some cases able to lose the self esteem because there is no estrogen anymore. Soybean helps women during the transition in the menopause times. Phytoestrogen which is contained in it gives same effects for body same as the estrogen’s. Phytoestrogen will keep the bones health and maintain skin moisture. Therefor they will have enough transition until they fully accept that menopause phase.

  1. Decrease risk of diabetes

Other than keeping the brain functioning well, lecithin in the soybean also able to increase the metabolism of fat (lipida). In that case, it is very important to replace the carbohydrate diet in our food therefore the blood sugar level is kept maintained and reduce the risk of diabetes type-2 because patient with it is forbidden consume much carbohydrate.

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  1. Decrease cholesterol

Lecithin which able to faster metabolism of fat inside the body also reduce cholesterol in parallel within our blood. Fat will be dilute in the blood easily and absorb fast so it does not insoluble for long time in the blood.

  1. Keeping digestive system health

Too much insoluble fat inside our body can cause our digestive system is not smooth. By having enough lecithin from soybean, fat will dilute fast and increase our metabolism therefore toxic matter where is still inside our body will be released out easily.

  1. Lower risk of breast and colon cancer

Phytoestrogen contained in the soybean also able to maintain the estrogen level inside the body which prevents the breast and colon cancer from happening. Research shows that Asian women is lower number for the breast and colon cancer patient compared with women in Europe. One factor which cause this result because Asian women eat more soybean than Europe’s. This must show long term effect in preventing cancer by consuming soybean regularly.

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  1. Natural anti-oxidant

Soybean contains some active matters and the strongest among all is flavonoid. It can weaken the radical matter which come into the body and change it into smaller form so easier to release it from the body.

Not only for preventing some diseases and maintain health of internal organs, soybean oil also able to make good our performance by making our skin, nail, and hair health. Here are some of the beauty benefits from soybean.

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  1. Natural anti aging for skin

What’s more health benefits of soybean oil? Soybean able to regenerate dead skin cells fast which cause skin looks fresher and smoother because the vitamin B complex. It prevents black spots on the face caused by aging. It can be done by applying soybean oil to the face or make soybean milk then apply it to the face. Black spots fading away and tight face skin will become the result if regularly twice or three time a week applying the soybean oil or the soybean milk to the face.

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  1. Skin moisturizer

Vitamin B complex in Soybean able to control the dehydrate skin which makes skin looks moist and glowing. The way is mostly the same, it can be done by applying soybean oil or soybean milk to the whole body. By doing it regularly twice or three times a week, the body will have moist and health skin.

  1. Keeping nails health

Consuming soybean regularly for 6 months able make the nail getting stronger and shining so they will not easily brake. Broken nails are not good for performance, especially for women.

  1. Maintain hair health

Same as nail, applying soybean oil to the hair will make shining and glowing hair and not easily broken. Other than that, hair will be growth well in good volume. It can be done by applying the soybean milk to the hair and the head skin then let it be for almost one hour and wash it cleanly. Hair must be washed cleanly because if it is not, left excess of shampoo will cause scratch skin head. Do this regularly for twice a week then the hair will be black shining, glowing, and healthy.

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These benefits from soybean tell us that consuming it regularly everyday will keep our health and maintain our performance by health nail, skin, and hair. Therefor no need to shame eating tempeh, tofu, and using soybean oil as our daily food. Thus, there are many health benefits of soybean oil that we now know.

The Asian are luckier because soybean grows well in their land. That is why soybean has been main part of their food ingredients. But no need to worry for Europian because the soybean oil is widely used and distributed, then they will not lack of it. Beside not only in the form of oil, other form of soybean also has same high nutrition contains as the raw soybean and soybean oil. In the end, by eating more soybean, healthier we will be.

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