13 Health Benefits of Holding Hands for Mental Treatments

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Do you love to hold the hands of the person you love? In this article, we will discover what are the benefits of holding hands. First of all, holding hands refers to the action which bonds the relationship of love and friendship. This action is kind of ways to express the communication between people. It builds the good interactions and trust to each other. Then, it is believed that holding hands can bring good impacts to the life. By holding hands, it creates the connection of nerves in the skin which communicates to the core of the nervous system. As a result, it activates the chemical reactions that make us feel loved, happy, warm, and cared for. Indeed, holding hands can bring the good psychological effects to the human body.


Besides, there are other ways which can be expressed to communicate with people. For instance, you can hug a person you love the most and also with many other ways. However, in this article, we will just describe the health benefits of holding hands as written below.

1.Raises Oxytocin Levels

The first benefit of holding hands is the way it raises the oxytocin levels in the body. What is oxytocin? Well, it is known that oxytocin is the hormone which is responsible for creating the connection or as known as “love hormone”. This kind of hormones will be boosted as the person builds the connection or interaction between people such as holding hands or hugging. Furthermore, this hormone will give the positive effect on the body such as bringing the happiness and the warm feeling as well.

2.A Healthy Activities

The way we live in this life will affect the health of mind and body. Taking one example, if you consume best foods, then it will give you the healthy body for sure. So does the holding hands. This action is great since it will bring many positive impacts as well. It is also a kind of healthy activities. It creates the good connection and is the shape of good communication between people. Thus, if you can create the better activity like holding hands for your daily life, why do not you start the action from now on?


3.Expresses Love

We can not deny that by holding hands, it creates the connection and build the good communication between partners in a relationship. Indeed, this is related to the presence of a hormone called Oxytocin in the body. It is the one who plays a role in strengthening the communication in the relationship and creating the bond for the better quality of relationship as well.

As a result, couples can express love by holding hands. This action will activate the nervous system resulting in the good feeling for the person. It enables us to feel happier and more loved. Thus, if you want to express your deepest love to your parents, lover, or your friends, you can start holding their hands and share the best moments with them!


4.Relieves Stress

Not only for building the good communication with others, but holding hands plays a role in reducing the stress hormone called cortisol as well. This action can create the connection and the good feeling between the person. A light touch of the hand can help relieve the stress physically and mentally. To conclude, if you face the stressful days, try to hold your beloved person as a way out. Indeed, it will give you the happy feeling and make you feel warm for sure. For the tips, to relieve the stress, you can just take a long deep breath and just let the bad feelings go. Besides, by doing yoga and some other exercises can help you get rid of stress risks.


5.Relieves Pain

The stress you feel in your life can lead to the mental health problems. For the example, if you feel bad all the ways, you will think in desperate and it will give the bad impact to your body including the pain. By doing this, you can put the trust on them by holding their hands. Thus, if you want to prevent this, you can try to hold the hands of the person you love the most. Indeed, by doing this action, you will be happy to see the results for yourself as it will endure the pain for sure.

6.Makes A Bonding

As described before, holding hands is a great way to create the bond between the people. The relationship you create with someone can be just greater and stronger if you can build the good connection in it. One of the ways to reach it is by holding hands. This action can give the positive impacts to the relationship. You can build the good bonding to your parents, friends, and the person you love. Hence, as you know that holding hands can give you many benefits you may have never expected, then give this one a go now!


7.Fights Fear

Have you ever watched the scary movie? You must have seen the scene when the actor was holding hands to fight their fear. Yes, this one really works! It is known that by holding hands can make you feel safe. At this point, it stimulates the brain to use more adrenaline. It makes the connection to feel braver than before. Also, it creates the trust between the person to take care of each other. To sum up, holding hands is great for you who wants to fight off the nerves and the fear.

8.Makes Comfort

You can hold the hands of the person you love while walking on the street. It will create the comfortable feeling and everybody loves this one. It creates the bond and the lovely sensations for sure. Also, it provides the safe feeling as well as building the connection in a relationship. As the example, for creating the good love, you can hold your beloved one’s hands in the cold winter. It will build the strong relationship you may never imagine before.
Parents can also hold their young children’s hands as it will build the good connection between them. It will make the children feel comfortable and safe. Indeed, by holding hands you can monitor the children’s behavior and way of thinking in their life stages.


9.Lowers Blood Pressure

As stated before, holding hands brings the positive impacts to the life. It creates the safe and comfortable feeling. At this point, this case is related to the lowering blood pressure in the body. It is known that holding hands can lower the blood pressure resulting in the lower level of stress. This is good since it will promote your body health. Hence, the action of holding hands is not only great for the mental health but also for the body health as well.


10.Maintains Heart Health

One of the health benefits of holding hands is by maintaining the heart health. In this case, it is associated with one of holding hands benefits which are lowering the blood pressure. As we can control the level of blood pressure in the body, then it will good for reducing the risks of heart disease as well. It will maintain the heart health and prevent the heart problems such as stroke and heart attack. At this point, holding hands can reduce the stress risks which is the contributor for the heart health problems including a stroke. For the tips, if you want to have the healthy heart, try to apply the healthy lifestyle from now on such as consuming good foods and doing the exercise regularly.


11.Promotes Brain Health

Holding hands can activate the areas in the brain which respond to the lowering of stress level. It is the greatest relief and can make the person feel calm as well. As you can reduce the risks of stress, then it will be good for the brain health. Moreover, the happy feeling as the result of holding hands action is also great for the brain health. Besides, holding hands can reduce the levels of cortisol which is the hormone of stress that can be linked to the diseases like autoimmune diseases and the body infections.


12.Promotes Sleep Quality

In fact, holding hands can give the person a sense of a calm. As a result, it can give you the relaxation as well as promoting the better quality of your night sleep. For the tips, if you want to have the good sleep at night and the best rest in the really long time, thus you can try to hold the hands of your beloved ones before the bed time.

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13.Boosts Immune System

As a matter of fact, the high level of cortisol can weaken the immune system so that holding hands is necessary for you. For this reason, holding hands can boost your immune system as the level of cortisol is being lowered. Then, by holding hands, it will promote the mental health and protect the body against the risk of diseases including the infections and the damage of free radicals.


To conclude, holding hands can be included as the healthy action you can do to achieve the better life. In this case, holding hands is not only the action which helps you to feel safer and calmer than before. Indeed, it is more than that. It can promote the mental health and boost the immune system as well. What is even greater from holding hands is the way it can build the good connection between the people around you. Thus, if you can create the better life and healthy life by holding hands, then you can start to do this action in your daily life with the person you love the most!

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