18 Health Benefits of Water Spinach (No.7 Amazing)

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Water spinach is one kind of spinach which has red leaves and branches. The vegetable is quite popular in the market since the trend of organic vegetables is rising bigger now. Water spinach is more likely to be cultivated in organic way and sold to the modern market such as supermarket and mall. Surprisingly, it turns out to be having higher nutrients than green or red spinach. This tropical vegetable has 51 calorie for each 100 grams. It is much higher than the green spinach which only has 36 calories for each 100 grams. Therefore, water spinach is popularly known as the energy sources. It also has abundant of calcium with amount of 368 gram calcium in each grams which will strengthen and healthy the bones structure and the teeth for not being porous easily.

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Now, the health benefit of water spinach is not so known by most of people. This is because the existence of water spinach is not as big as the green ones. Here, you will know more the health benefits of water spinach of which explained further by the following words. Let’s get started!

  1. High Containing of Iodine and Zinc

The iodine and zinc in each 1 ounce water spinach can reach up into 2,2 mile grams. This is quite potential to be the alternative method to cure anemia. Moreover, it can also be used to stabilize the hemoglobin blood so that you don’t feel such dizzy or weak. Your blood pressure will be always normal and steady when you include these water spinach vegetable into your daily menu.

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  1. Digest System Smoothing

In order to avoid constipation, it will be much better for you to consume as many as vegetables, especially the water spinach which are rich of fibers and vitamins. You can choose any kind of spinach actually, but the water spinach has more vitamins and fibers which are very crucial and essential to smooth your digest system. You can include spinach vegetable as the part of your daily menu such as soup, salad, or any other dishes.

However, you need to notice that the dishes made from spinach is better not to be warmed after 8 hours since cooked because it will contain the poison which will infect and be dangerous for your body and stomach.

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  1. A lot of Mineral to Maintain the Kidney Healthy

Water spinach contains much water to help your kidney work in filtering the blood. The water containing inside water spinach is about 82 grams for each 100 grams. Of course it is so healthy and good for your kidneys to work optimally and filter the blood along the vein. So, why don’t you start to consume water spinach by now on?

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  1. Hair Growing

Who knows that water spinach contains rich of B vitamins which are really great for the hair? For you who are suffering from the hair falling, bald or any others hair problem might be really recommended to consume more water spinach into the daily menu. The B vitamin will work effectively to nutrient the hair into the roots and health the skin head for having a better and healthier hair.

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  1. A Vitamin Source

A vitamin is really good for the eyes health. Like others high A vitamin containing vegetables, water spinach also has beta carotene which will brighten your eyes. Another function is to maintain the eyes to be not having a low vision sight. Therefore, start consuming water spinach into your daily menu soon.

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  1. Scar Healing

C vitamins inside the water spinach will nutrient and health your skin by regenerating the skin cells into a fresh and new production. When you are having scars or damaged skin, consume water spinach will help you to fasten the skin recovery. It is caused by the lots of C vitamins containing inside the vegetables. Consuming water spinach can also help you to cure the scar and injury from insect bites. Therefore, always do stock the water spinach inside your refrigerator every single day.

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  1. Free Radical Prevention

Free radicals which settle inside the body and cells can be destructed by consuming much water spinach. You can consume it every single day as your daily menu option since it has a lot of anti-oxide and C vitamins which will help you to absorb the poisons and throw them away from the body. Do not over cooked the water spinach, simply steam or boil it instead. It will naturally clean the body from such heavy poison material contained inside the body.

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  1. Immune Powering

If you or your family are often suffering from fever or easily got sick, it means your immunity system is quite poor. The water spinach can repair the immune because it contains B1, B2, B3, and B6 vitamins which can increase the immune system and repair the body cells to be regenerated well. You may consume the water spinach minimum 4 times a week to have a better immune system.

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  1. Appetite Trigger

Are you having problem with your appetite? Not really into the food and having a bad time when eating? It might be caused by the full of gas and acid gastric condition. So, you don’t have such a good appetite and you need to recover it soon. You can try to consume water spinach soup with rice. The combination of water spinach and rice can neutralize your gastric from gas and acid and create your gastric into a better and more comfortable condition.

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10. Cancer Prevention

Avoid is better than cure. It does imply to the cancer management. When you are young and healthy, you need to prevent yourself from suffering cancer and keep maintaining the healthy life style. You must follow the health regulation and do not neglect the effect of cancer for your body since it is not an easy and simple disease.

Consuming water spinach might prevent you from having cancer because it contains a lot of vitamins, anti-oxide, and minerals which will prohibit cancer to go to the worse stage. Water spinach is really admitted as one of the best vegetable to cure and prevent cancer.

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11. Healthy Heart

Unhealthy life style can trigger the heart attack and make the bigger potential to suffer the heart attack. Therefore, lets starting to consume water spinach every day to cure and prevent the heart attack. Water spinach has a lot of nutrition and vitamins which can maintain the health of the heart and keep it free from any cholesterol blockage.

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  1. High Blood Tension Reducing

Spinach is rich of potassium and low sodium. Spinach also has a balanced mineral which is so useful for hyper tense and stroke. The folat acid which contains inside the spinach will help you to decrease the high level of blood pressure and relax the blood vein which will finally smooth the blood flowing all over the body.

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  1. Diabetic Prevention

What’s more health benefits of water spinach? Thus, Spinach can prevent diabetic by the magnesium containing which can prohibit the complication of the diabetic case. By regularly consuming water spinach, it will help your body to stabilize the blood sugar and prohibit it from doing too much fluctuate.

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  1. Brain Healthy and Memory Increasing

Along with the growing age, the human ability to memorize something will also decrease. In order to maintain the brain health and increase the memory, you need to consume more vegetables such as water spinach regularly to be one of the best solutions to prevent the case. Spinach has much vitamins and minerals to maintain the health brain and its activity so that you will not get suffered from such dementia or Alzheimer.

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15. Bone and Muscle Nutrition

High calcium and potassium inside the water spinach can strengthen the bones and muscle along your body. It can also minimize the risk of bone porous or osteoporosis as early as possible by regularly consuming water spinach and eat it as the part of your daily menu.

  1. Cardiovascular Risk Reducing

Spinach is the source of the folat, which can reduce homosistein, amino acid, and any other dangerous essences found inside the blood vein. High homosistein inside the blood can create some risks of heart attack and stroke. Spinach is also containing inositol and choline which are very useful to prevent the blood vein hardening.

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  1. Skin Refreshing

One of the best benefits of water spinach is refreshing the skin. This is because water spinach has A vitamins in very high level which can keep the skin moisture and nutrient the ephidermis cells which can fight agaiants acne, wrinkles, and any other skin problems.

  1. Kids Growing

Zinc, mineral, and iodine which contain inside the water spinach are very good for the children and teenager growing. If you have children in growing age, give them daily menu water spinach to support their growing age better. Spinach is also good for a woman who is in menstruation period. Spinach has low calories and free cholesterol which can maintain and produce new cells which release during period session.

Meanwhile, most of Southeast Asian people love to consume this vegetable in daily menu. Indeed, there are many health benefits of water spinach as it contains many nutrients and minerals for body.

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