15 Health Benefits of Astragalus Root (#1 Faster Healing)

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Astragalus root sounds odd for mostly Indonesian. Therefore, knowing this herbal plant becomes quite important since the plant has such health benefit which surprisingly so good. Astragalus belongs to nuts family; its root is widely used since decades as one of the most super herbals to heal diseases by traditional Chinese healer. For some Indonesia, this might be their very first time to hear and know this kind of herbal extract. Yet, astragalus root extract has been widely known in most of China mainland and East Asia countries as one of the best curing and herbal medicine for several light and serious diseases. Therefore, by reading this article, you will get invited to know and notice more some amazing health benefits of astragalus roots extract to be consumed for body healthy.

Astragalus root has many components which are perfect for human body health. Those are saponin, flavonoid, and pholisacaride. Cholesterol reducing, heart attack preventing, and immunity are only some of the benefits. It can be extracted into tea, powder, or herbal liquid. The taste is quite bitter, but some producers innovate to add additional essence such as honey or any other natural sweetening to make this essence be friendlier to consume. Are you now being curious? To be more conclude in getting the information about astragalus root, let’s read more about the health benefits of astragalus roots below.

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  1. Immunity Empowering

Astragalus root benefit to maintain human immune suffer from any viruses is very essential. This root is superb to increase the body immune proven by a research done in Beijing, China by some researchers. In that research, astragalus root can control body immune system to be more effective in preventing viruses and bacteria come into the body.

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  1. Anti-Inflammation

One of the fatal yet dangerous disorders which might attack our vital organs is inflammation. It can trigger the heart attack, of which still being the most dreadful disease in the world. Astragalus roots acts as good anti-inflammation caused by saponin essence containing. It also has polisacaride which may stop inflammation activation inside vital organs and cure the inflammation in the kidneys.

  1. Tumors Preventing

Saponin which is contained in astragalus root can prevent and slow tumors growth inside the body. The researchers has been done by many researchers that astragalus can cure and prohibit tumor cells to cure heart cancer. Astragalus root can prove multi-drugs resist to be reversed and also complete conventional chemotherapy as published by Pharmacy and Pharmacology International Journal. It has been known since decades ago by traditional Chinese healers, therefore many of Chinese people less counted to be suffered from tumors due to their knowledge of consuming astragalus roots.

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  1. Diabetic Healing

According to the researches, the essences contained in the astragalus root are quite powerful to tackle diabetic type 1 and type 2. Those essences work effectively to balance the sugar blood and regenerate the body cells. To the diabetic suffer, it may be followed by kidneys disorder and it also can be cured by the astragalus root. Besides, astragalus root can increase the kidneys preventing system and maintaining the health of kidneys.

  1. Cardiovascular System Protecting

The flavonoid compound contained in astragalus root actively functions as anti-oxidant to repair plaque stack inside artery and prevent the blood vein constriction. China Integrative Medicine Journal published in 2014 written that it is strongly recommended to do astragalus root injection with such conventional healing mixing in order to overcome the valve heart inflammation.

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  1. Anti-Oxide and Anti-Aging

Free radicals are so scared by human due to its toxic which can poison and oxide cells. As a result, it can trigger some serious diseases and earlier aging. You can use astragalus root to be processed as medicine to function as anti-aging and anti-oxide as a shield to overcome the cells destruction caused by free radicals, oxide stress healing, brain function system increasing and longer living potential increasing. Such very great benefits, aren’t they?

  1. Chemotherapy Symptom Curing

Astragalus root mixed with Chinese herbals are very strong and effective in helping patients to be soon recovered and increase their life longer possibility. Some people who are doing chemo and feeling such painful of side effects like vomit, diarrhea, and bone marrow pain are strongly recommended to consume astragalus root as herbal treatment to overcome such problems and help the process of chemotherapy to be smoother.

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  1. Wound Faster Healing

Radix astragalus is what so called of dried astragalus root which is used from decades ago till now as the faster and the best wound healer in China. It has been proved in a research study done in 2012 by Pharmacy Institute of Zhejiang University, of which found out that wounds or scars in human body can be cured with radix astragalus and showed such a very effective and fast respond, even three times better and faster! It is official now that you don’t need to worry anymore with your scars since you can use astragalus root as the best traditional healer to treat your scars.

  1. Chronical Asthma Therapy

Chronical Asthma is a condition where you have breath system constriction for durable time, even years and entire life. Asthma is one of the unique diseases in the world of which cannot be exactly identified whether it is an allergy trigger or genetic factor. You may attempt to have a therapy of astragalus root which can be a therapy to cure asthma. It is not only healing, but also preventing the asthma attack to come in.

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10. Influenza Healing

Influenza, fever, and cough are mostly caused by bacteria and viruses attack our immune system when the body is not in a very well condition. In that case, immune should be functioning well in overcoming the problems. Astragalus root can increase body immune with ginseng, licorice, and angelica which are very essential to vanish and destroy the viruses and bacteria inside the body. Therefore, it is best served in warm or hot drink to be consumed. It is very effective and powerful!

11. Immunity

Astragalus root can be utilized to increase the immunity system in defeating the viruses related with influenza. According to Smart Publisher website, such herbal can increase and stimulate the body immune by several ways. Those are increasing white blood cells activation, and it will turn out automatically to produce antibody way more and neutralize the viruses and bacteria. Astragalus root can also increase interpheron production, of which virus infection defeating and stimulate natural body hormone to destroy the viruses and maintain the infection.

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  1. Ageless Therapy

Is there any woman who doesn’t want to be ageless? Surely, the answer is no one. In China, astragalus root is quite known as ageless treatment. There are many researches have been done to know the effect of astragalus to treat aging and the potential of anti-oxide inside.

It turns out to find out that astragalus root can less the aging symptoms particularly on the face, regenerate the destroyed cells, defeat free radicals and prevent such chronical diseases coming in. Consuming astragalus root significantly can cure skin, less the black spot, wrinkle, and acne due to aging. It is absolutely a very safe and essential herbal beauty to be favor of everyone.

13. Reducing Stress

Having stress and anxious in some period will be very dangerous for our healthy. High level of stress hormone will create several health disorders. As a result, you need to manage your stress management and do healthier life style, one of the ones is by consuming tea from astragalus root which is quite effective to treat and reduce the high level of stress hormone by relaxing our body to be calmer. It can automatically also stimulate the cells tension to be lower and make the hormone becomes more balanced and peace.

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14. Insomnia Healing

If you are now dealing with insomnia, you are strongly suggested to consume astragalus regularly before sleeping. It will make your body and mind being quitter and more relaxed. Astraglus root will also repair body metabolism, balance hormone, and repair healthy of your body in entire part. You will feel more relax and get easier to go sleeping.

Moreover, insomnia is such a unique condition where the external factors are also contributing greatly. Thus, before sleeping, make sure you have such a nice and comfort bed room condition, fresh and clean body, and go away out of your gadgets and any other insomnia triggering.

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15. Allergy Curing

Astragalus root extract can less allergy symptoms, particularly those which are causing by cold and extreme dried weather. Though the mechanism is not quite known, but it seems to be the natural chemical components inside astragalus root can avoid histamine releasing. Histamine can cause some allergy symptoms such as sneeze, itchy eyes, skin rash, cough, and so on.

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The health benefits of astragalus root has been clearly described above and strongly suggested to be very effective and efficient in helping and curing many diseases to come. However, in some cases, there are some un-matching condition of having such treatment of which you need to be more careful and listen more to your natural body alert. It is a good step to have a herbal and natural treatment, but you also still need to consult to the expert such as doctor or healer to get more explanation and safe portion of consuming such herbal.

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