31 Top Health Benefits of Avocado for Skin (#1 Natural Skin Care)

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Who doesn’t like avocado? This fruit is not only packed with nutrients but also has unique texture and taste that are loved by everyone. If you are listing the health benefits of avocado, the list could be really long but there is one benefit that becomes one of the reasons why many people, especially women, love to consume avocado; it is avocado is great for their skin. Yup, it is so true that avocado is one of the fruits you should consume if you want to have healthy skin no matter how old you are.

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What is Avocado?

The scientific name of avocado is Persea americana and the native of Mexico. Instead of classified as fruit, avocado is included in flowering plant from the family Lauraceae. The term of avocado is varies in each country because each country has its own name for this fruit though mostly the sounds are almost similar with ‘avocado’ like in Old English ‘avogato’, in French they use the word ‘avocat’, Indonesia is ‘alpukat’ and many more. However, the origin of the word avocado is derived from Spanish word ‘aguacate’. The best place to cultivate avocado is in countries with tropical or subtropical climates, that’s why avocado is largely cultivated in countries like Mexico and Peru while in America, the largest producers of Avocado is in California which has warm temperature because avocado cannot tolerate freezing temperature. Indeed, there are many

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Nutritional Value of Avocado

Avocado (Raw)

Serving size: 150 g

Protein3 g – 6%
Carbohydrate12.8 g – 6%
Total Fat21.99 g
Dietary Fiber10.05 g – 40%
Calories240 – 13%
Water109.84 g
Vitamin B10.1 mg – 8%
Vitamin B20.19 mg – 15%
Vitamin B32.61 mg – 16%
Vitamin B60.39 mg – 23%
Biotin5.4 mcg – 18%
Choline21.3 mg – 5%
Folate121.5 mcg – 30%
Panthothenic Acid2.08 mg – 42%
Vitamin C15 mg – 20%
Vitamin A10.95 mcg – 1%
Vitamin E3.11 mg – 21%
Vitamin K31.5 mcg 35%
Boron1668 mcg
Calcium18 mg – 2%
Chloride9 mg
Copper0.28 mg – 31%
Iodine3 mcg – 2%
Iron0.82 mg – 5%
Magnesium43.5 mg – 11%
Manganese0.21 mg – 11%
Phosphorus78 mg – 11%
Potassium727.5 mg – 21%
Selenium0.6 mcg – 1%
Sodium10.5 mg – 1%
Zinc0.96 mg – 9%
Fatty Acids
Omega 3 Fatty Acids0.19 g – 8%
Omega 6 Fatty Acids2.51 g

Why Avocado is Great for Skin and Beauty? Avocado is widely used as main ingredients of culinary and beverages. Avocado juice is one of the most favorite fruit juices. However, though avocado is totally edible but sometimes people are using avocado as face mask which is really effective to keep the elasticity of skin and beauty for additional protection from outside. To find out more about why avocado is great for skin and beauty, below is the list because beauty comes from great and healthy skin.

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  1. Avocado Has Anti-aging Properties

You cannot stop your age but some nutrients contained in Avocado could help you slowing down the process. Consuming avocado regularly could help you look younger than your actual age and wrinkle free.

  1. Avocado is Great Source of Powerful Antioxidant

Avocado is one of the fruits that are rich of antioxidant that could fight free radicals effectively. Surely you have known that free radical is so harmful for your health and it is also one of the main causes of the development of cancerous cells.

  1. Avocado Gives You Nourished Skin

Do you want to have nourished skin every day? Well, there is no need for you to pay for expensive skin care products because what you need is only a glass of avocado juice every day.

  1. Avocado Could Act as Natural Sunscreen

If you are sensitive to some sunscreen product perhaps you could consider something a bit more natural with almost zero side effects. Avocado now is available in the form of avocado oil. Avocado oil is effective natural sunscreen recommended for you in this matter.

  1. Avocado is Natural Solution to Some Skin Condition

Skin conditions like acne and eczema could be annoying sometimes especially when you don’t know what to do with it. It is true that most of the time, minor skin conditions could heal by themselves but avocado oil could accelerate the process, depending on how severe the condition is.

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  1. Avocado Treats Dry Skin Effectively

Dry skin commonly found in the knee, elbow and heel. Though there are a lot of products you could use to treat dry skin but the natural one always be the best solution. Mixed avocado oil and mashed avocado, apply them to the dry area, scrub them for about 5 minutes and wash them off cleanly from your skin.

  1. Avocado is A Rejuvenating Body Lotion

To have smooth and healthy skin, body lotion is essential and you could have your own natural body lotion made from mashed avocado that is mixed with avocado oil. Apply them after shower when your skin is still smooth for maximum result. However, after that you should get back to shower because you cannot use it as common lotion.

  1. Avocado is Great for Natural Face Mask

For the best face mask, you could combine avocado and cucumber with ratio 50:50 to your blender. After that, apply them to your face for about 10-15 minutes. Wash your face throughout and you will be surprised how firm and nourished your skin will be.

  1. Avocado is Solution to Natural Skin Moisturizer

For moisturized skin face, instead of cucumber you could mix avocado with aloe vera gel. You could apply the mixture to your face for about 5-10 minutes and the result your skin will be moisturized naturally.

  1. Avocado Will Make Sure No More Dehydrated Skin

Hydrated skin will feel softer and healthier. The trick is just applying avocado oil regularly, especially before bed when your skin is already clean and the result will appear as short as in a couple of days.

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  1. Avocado Could Act as Skin Scrub

Do you know that scrubbing your skin sometimes could cause irritation? Well, it is because your skin is a sensitive matter; mashed avocado is great way to treat your skin just adding it with sugar to give the texture.

  1. Avocado to Clear Your Pores

Cleaning your skin with the combination of avocado, some milk and honey is great to clear your pores. You could say good bye to black spots and acnes for good.

  1. Avocado Could be Used as Shaving Cream

With avocado in your refrigerator, you could say goodbye to your shaving products because avocado has more natural and soothing effect when it is used as shaving product. Applicable for both men and women.

  1. Avocado to Revitalize Scalp

Some people are simply forgetting that scalp is actually part of their skin as well. You could use the combination of avocado and avocado oil, put them on your blender and apply them like you are using hair mask. Not only your scalp is naturally treated but you could deal with frizzy hair naturally, you could treat dandruff effectively and your hair will grow shinier.

  1. Avocado is the Secret to Healthy and Glowing Skin

For healthy and glowing skin perhaps avocado is the most delicious way for you. Avocado is not only giving you benefits from inside but also from outside. Furthermore, avocado is not only healthy for snack but also very tasty.

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More Avocado Benefits

Indeed, there are many health benefits of avocado for skin, here are:

  1. Clears skin
  2. Nourish skin
  3. Natural conditioner
  4. Best face mask
  5. Contains Vitamin E source for skin
  6. Prevents acne
  7. Removes dots in face
  8. Removes marks
  9. Lights skin color
  10. Prevents aging
  11. Natural sun-cream
  12. Skin moisturizer
  13. Source of protein
  14. Reduces oily face
  15. Detox body
  16. Avocado Face Mask Benefits

Thus, there are many health benefits of avocado for skin that you may try now as natural beauty treatments.

Cautions of Avocado

Though there are a lot of benefits you could get from Avocado for your skin but still some cautions below are not supposed to be taken for granted because even the super food like Avocado is probably having some side effects you should aware of as well.

  1. Avocado is relatively good for lactative mothers but too much will give the baby stomach problem. So, you have to be careful in consuming avocado during breastfeeding.
  2. You got problem with hypersensitive? Well, perhaps avoiding avocado in all cost is a must because it could trigger the allergic reaction like itchy skin reaction and vomiting.
  3. If you are currently having liver problem, perhaps it is very wise to avoid avocado.
  4. Avocado is effective to control cholesterol level but if you consume it too much, the nutrients in avocado will absorb even the ‘good’ cholesterol that your body really needs.
  5. No matter how hard you want to have healthy skin, you should consider the high calories contained in avocado, so don’t over consume it or you will gain your weight instead.
  6. There are some allergic reaction that could occur when consuming avocado like mouth allergic and skin allergic. If you feel some itching feeling in your mouth and your skin after consuming adequate amount of avocado means you are allergic to this fruit.
  7. Consuming avocado too much could affect your digestive track as well and cause condition like stomach upset.
  8. Those who are currently consuming blood thinning drugs should avoid avocado because there may be medical interaction that could be harmful for body or make the drugs cannot work properly.

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Avocado is one of the delicious fruit that most people love to eat raw, cooked, juiced or mixed with green salads and used it as topping in various foods. However, the use of avocado is not stopping there because as mentioned in some points above, avocado could be used as skin treatment from outside as well. Right now there are a lot of skin and beauty products are using avocado as the main ingredients and there is also avocado oil that is widely used as part skin and beauty treatment.

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