15 Top Benefits of Jatropha Leaves for Health

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The benefits and health impacts of jatropha leaves have been widely and popularly used to cure various diseases since ages. However, it is only less herbalists who master and understand well which part and how to process the jatropha leaves into such powerful herbs.

Therefore, for some common societies, it needs to be learnt how jatropha leaves can be utilized to be processed into herbs to heal the healthy illness. Many parts of jatropha leaves from its root up to leaves can be mixed into the medicine therapy. So, here is the benefits of Jatropha leaves for health:

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Jatropha Leaves Refined Products

There are several methods of processing jatropha leaves to be essentially impacted for the body health. Some will steam and eat it directly just like eating the salad, while others will blend and filter to be essence taken to cure the scare on the surface of the body skin. Another will just simply squeeze it and drop the essence to the surface of the scare or inflammation area which are needed to be cure.

Finally, in order to be not misunderstood of using and processing by homemade jatropha leaves therapy, here are several clear and detail explanations about the function of the leaves and how well it influences the health for the body. Lest check it out the benefits of Jatropha leaves for health!

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  1. Curing the Skin’s Blister and Scratch

Those scares like blister and scratch on the surface of your beautiful skin would be better not to be left since it can trigger into ulcers which might have been worse. Jatropha leaves are the best natural and free side effect to stop the bleeding and fasten the dried process of the skin scare.

How to use it? 

You simply need to only take some pieces of jatropha leaves then wash them gently and blend roughly to squeeze the sap. Put them on the scare and leave until dried. The sap has many essential protein and vitamins to regenerate and revitalize the skin cells recovery.

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  1. Curing Rheumatic

One of the diseases caused by lack of body exercise or work out is rheumatic. Rheumatic is a condition where your joints loss their flexure due to the lubricant decrease. When you rarely do the body activities, your body will automatically lose its flexibility and lubricant level which enable you to be free of joint paint. Rheumatic is really painful so that many people get suffered from it will do everything to cure it.

Literally, you don’t need to use much medicine to cure the disease since jatropha leaves are the best natural nature gift from God to cure rheumatic. Jatropha is rich of flavonoid, anti-oxide, protein, calcium, and potassium which are really helpful to cure the illness. You may stew the leaves and eat as your daily menu or boil the leaves with cups of water and drink the herbs drink regularly. See the difference in couple of weeks!

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  1. Defecation Smoothing

Another benefit of jatropha leaves for the body health is to smoothen the defecation process. When you have constipation, then you can consume jatropha leaves as the solution for your problem. It goes naturally stimulate your digestion system to smooth the excretion process. Consuming jatropha leaves raw will be much better and fast give the impact to cure your constipation.

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  1. Skin Problems Solution

Skin might be the most risk of getting disorder since it functions as the body cover to protect the organs. Skin always gets contacted to various dust, particles, bacteria, and so on. Therefore, skin often gets many disorders like inflammation, phlegm, and ringworm due to some bacteria and strange materials exposure. Use jatropha leaves to cure these conditions by attaching them on the surface of the skin area which exposure by the illness regularly until the sup is dried.

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  1. Inflammation Reliever

Inflammation does not only happen to the bones and muscle only but also on teeth and gum. Basically, inflammation appears in where the blood veins are located. Teeth and gum inflammation are very painful and annoying. You cannot barely to eat and even talk. Rather than consuming any generic medicine, trying to consume jathropa leaves will work even faster and safer. You can make it into boil herb drink or just simply stew it and chew like eating salad.

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  1. Fever Healing

Another benefit of jatropha leaves for the body is to solve the fever, particularly for the children. Children might get worse risk of suffering from fever since they have such unstable yet quite low immunity system. Fever has rich of natural anti-oxide and cold sensation to cure the fever without giving any side effects. Simply put the slices of jatropha leaves on your children’s forehead and leave them for a while.

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  1. Men Vitality

For men who have such less confident with their penis size, it is strongly recommended to apply jatropha leaves extract or herbs drink to be a natural compound to bigger the penis. Moreover, jatropha leaves contain much vitamins and oxygen level which are good for the blood circulation around the penis organ to make it looks bigger and healthier. Drink regularly for minimum once in a week to get the best result of it.

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  1. Vaginal Discharge Therapy

Vaginal discharge which is quite often being the serious problem for women reproductive system needs to be paid attention more. Unfortunately, there are many who are still less care of maintaining their reproduction system, including therapy the vaginal discharge.

Maintaining the reproduction system health is very essential, one of the steps is by drinking jatropha leaves extract to cure or prevent vaginal discharge. The natural essence of jatropha leaves will prevent the vaginal discharge and maintain the vagina health way better.

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  1. Sprue Treating

Having a bad sprue which is really painful and annoyed? Cannot eat as usual peacefully due to the sprue? You might crucially need to try to consume the jatropha leaves’ sap. Jatropha leaves’ saps are very powerful to treat the sprue around your mouth. The saps will be absorbed and reduce the inflammation due to the bacteria attack. You will get more benefit of mouth healthy with fresh and clean breath sensation.

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  1. Easing the Pain

The pain which caused by rheumatic or any others diseases related to the joints can be eased by consuming more jatropha leaves. It can be either in form of herbs drink or slices extract. The natural pain reliever inside the leaves will make the pain goes away. This what you might call as anti-inflammation containing.

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11. Gassy Stomach Healing

What’s more benefits of Jatropha leaves for health? Since ages, jatropha leaves have been used for curing the gassy stomach. Traditionally, they will bake some pieces of jatropha leaves on the surface of the flame in order to make them a bit withered. Then, they will add coconut oil in less quantity and attach it on the stomach. Magic works by couple hours later the gassy will just go away.

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  1. Baby Delivering Ease

This is one of the legendary and mouth to mouth rumor has of the benefit of jatropha leaves. Since decades ago, people, particularly the East have been believe that jatropha leaves can help to ease the baby delivering process for mother. Despite no scientific research has proven it, but the rumor has spread out load and surprisingly, worked for some who experience it.

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13. Face Muscle Paralyze Treating

You might be a bit curious and wonder; is there any disease of having face muscle paralyzed? It is true. There are some conditions which might trigger your beautiful face to be paralyzed and the muscle loss the flexure. Regularly attach the jatropha leaves on the face will help to prevent the muscle paralyze since its rich of anti-oxide will stimulate the blood circulation better.

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14. Cervical Cancer

This probably the most haunted disease yet dreadful for women over the globe. Cervical cancer is really terrible and once you get suffered from it, your life won’t be the same anymore. As women, it is essentially and a must to maintain the health of the reproduction system by routinely consuming boiled jatropha leaves herbs.

The dimethyl sulfoxide inside the leaves will effectively maintain your genital and prevent from such dangerous viruses and bacteria. Thus, that’s the benefits of Jatropha leaves for health.

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  1. Ear Infection Treating

Ear infection can’t be just left it since it will bring you to the worse condition time by time. Ear infection can be caused by multiple problems such as bacteria or viruses due to the less caring of ear maintaining, injury, strange materials input and so on.

The disease should be cured immediately since the ear has very essential function for the body. If your ear is pain and has the inflammation, kindly drop 6 up to 8 jatropha leaves essence into your ears as one of the traditional alternative method to cure the disease. Do it regularly for days until the inflammation will be recovered totally.

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Those are the 15 benefits of jatropha leaves which might be so helpful for your healthy. Hopefully, it will add your knowledge more about how important it is to care and maintain the body healthy by using the material what nature has given to us. Don’t forget to apply a healthy life style and have a free stress condition in order to naturally maintain your healthy way even better.

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