21 Health Benefits of Black Seeds and Honey #Amazing

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Still in the theme about health benefits, this time we will talks about black seed. Do you know about black seed? Yup, Black Seed is one of the species from genus Nigela which have around 14 species that will include family Ranunculaceae. The 14 others species are Nigella arvensis, Nigella ciliaris, Nigella damascena, Nigella hispanica, Nigella integrifolia, Nigella nigellastrum, Nigella orientalis, and Nigella sativa. Black seed known as Nigela Sativa. The other name of black seeds are Kezah (Hebrew), Chamushka (Rusia), Habbatus Sauda’ (Arab), Siyah daneh (Persian), Fennel Flower / Black Carraway / Nutmeg Flower / Roman Coriander / Black Onian Seed (English).

The Black Seeds Facts 

Base on the facts of history, the black seeds is exists as the herbal medicine around 2000 until 3000 BC. The use of black seeds has documented from ancient literature, like Ibnu Sina(980 – 1037 M), and Al-Biruni (973-1048 M), Al-Antiki, Ibnu Qayyim dan Al-Baghdadi, and old testament in book of Isaiah.

The first reference of black seeds has been found in old testament in book of Isaiah. “For the black cumin is not threshed with a threshing sledge, nor is a cart wheel rolled over the cumin, but the black cumin is beaten out with a stick, and the cumin with a rod.” (Isaiah 28:25, 27 NKJV). Easton ‘s Bible Dictionary tells that hebrew for black cumin is “ketsah”, it is referer to “surely Nigella Sativa“, that is a ordo Ranunculaceae which grown up in Mediterranean area and breeding in Egypt and Syria.

The black seeds, in form of oil, was found in area Tutankhamen’s Tomb too. The black seeds has a important part of life in Ancient Egypt. Whenever we don’t know for sure about the useful of black seeds in Ancient Egypt as the important part of life, but we know something that the kings of Ancient Egypt in that time doing something important with very careful.

That is a part of history black seed which used for in past. After we know a little about the useful of black seeds in ancient times, next we will discuss about the health and benefits of black seeds and honey. After all the explanation about black seeds and honey, finally we will discuss about health benefits of black seeds. Let’s check it out.

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1. Powerful to treat asthma

Thymoquinone, is one of the main active particle in Nigella Sativa, more better than fluticasone medicine ti treat asthma in case study of animal. Another study, with using the human as subject found that extract water from boiling black seeds have the powerful antiasthmatic effects to support open asthma channel. But maybe black seed is not as effective as theophylline or salbutamol.

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2. Anti Allergy

Do you have some allergy? Or do you know people with allergy? Maybe you or other people whom you know has allergy can try to consume black seeds. Because one of the health benefits of black seeds is as herbal anti allergy.

In 1993, Nirmal Chakravaty MD, on his research prove that nigellone crystal can give suppressive effects. This crystal will obstruct a substance that will trigger release of histamine. Histamine is a substance that released by the body results in allergic reactions, such as asthma. Oil essence from black seed is volatile. This oil is very good for people with asthma.

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3. Improve The Immunity System

One of the health benefits of black seeds is improve the immunity system with the ways increase the growth of T cell as natural cell killer. The speech director of Institute Immunology on Munich University, said that extract of black seeds use as bioregulator. This can be one of the reasons that black seeds can fight the disease which usually attack immunity system like symptoms of cancer.

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4. Neutralize Toxin

Toxin can disturb the work of vital organs in the body such as liver, and lungs. It can has many effects for that organs. But no need to worry. Saponin that contained inside of black seed, can clean up the toxins. Respiratory disorders as well as symptoms of diarrhea caused by toxins can be reduced.

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5. As Anti Bacteria in Digestive System

Based on the research from journal Pharmacy of Pakistan, show that oil from black seed is better to help digestive system to kill bacteria such as V. Colera and E. Coli. The effects of oil from black seeds is better than ampicillin.

6. Increase Brain Concentration

Linoleic acid or we can call omega 6 and omega 3 is very helpful to provide good nutrition to improve the intelligence of the brain and also helps blood circulation to the brain. Also read: Health Benefits of Waterleaf

7. Source of Healthy Nutrition

Do you know that the body produce amino acid? Amino acid that produced by body called amino acid non-essential. And amino acid essential is produced by food that we eat, like egg, meat, etc. But the black seed contains amino acid essential too. Black seed contains 9 kind of amino acid essential which good for our body need. Because of that health benefits, the black seed is good to become supplement.

8. Help About Diabetes Problems

Two grams of black seed in a day can make body less produce glucose, reduce insulin resistance, increase the function of Beta cell, and reduce hemoglobin glicosylation (HbA1c) in human subject.

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9. Lowering Hypertension

Do you that black seed can lowering hypertension? Some people have experienced with it. With consuming 100-200 mg of extract black seed twice a day as long as two months, can lowering blood pressure to the patient with light hypertension.

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10. Fight Against Cancer Colon

Research has found that extract of black seeds is much better than consume chemoagent 5-fluoruracil in press the growth of cancer colon. Another research with animal subject, has found that black seed’s oil has significant obstruct effect to obstruct cancer colon. A more research has been develop about this. With subject a rat, black seed’s oil can fight against cancer colon without any side effects.

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11. Medicine Herbal for Epilepsy

In alternative medicine, black seeds known has anticonvulsive. A study was doing in 2007 with subject children which have epilepsy and refractory to therapy of medicine conventional. The result is really awesome. The extract of water black seed can reduce convulsion.

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12. Stimulates Energy 

Ibnu Sina(980-1037) in his masterpiece, “The Canon of Medicine”, as known as the most famous book in the world of medicine in East or West, proclaim that black seed as “stimulates energy in the body and helps healing from fatigue or lack of spirit”.

More Black Seeds and Honey Benefits

Okay. That is all about health benefits of black seeds. Next is the health benefits of honey. The honey that we discuss now is honey came from black seed’s flower. The honey in this topic is honey that produced from nectar black seed’s flower. The health benefits of this honey are:

  1. Recovery and add stamina in the body
  2. Recovery cells of large vein
  3. Keep the body balance
  4. Clean up the blood
  5. Balancing the fat and make active heart
  6. Great herbal oil
  7. Promote Health

For baby or children:

  1. Help the growth of baby or children
  2. Prevent from worm that will disturb the stomach

So that is all the health benefits of black seed’s honey. But you must know something about this honey, there is the right dose per day. The right dose to consume this honey is 1-2 tablespoon per day.

Besides all the health benefits of black seeds, there is some side effects of black seeds. Most of this side effects shown if you consume it too much over the standard.

Side Effects of Black Seeds

Black seeds maybe can give health benefits, but also can give side effects if you over the standard. Here are the side effects of black seeds:

  1. Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
    Black seeds maybe safe to consume in standard level as body need. But if you consume it in the dose as big medicine dose, probably black seeds not safe for your healthy include pregnancy. The side effects can slowing or stopping womb from contraction. Until now, there is still no the right dose of black seeds in breastfeeding. But for safety, prevent to consume it as long as breastfeeding.
  2. Children
    The oil of black seeds maybe safe for children as long as it drink orally and with recommended dose.
  3. Bleeding disorder
    Black seed can slowing thrombosis and increasing the ratio of bleeding. So in theory, maybe this can cause bleeding disorder.
  4. Diabetes
    Black seed can make body less produce glucose for a few people. So check your glucose and watch out the symptoms of hypoglycemia. So be careful for you the diabetics.
  5. Hypotension
    Black seed can lowering blood pressure. In theory, consuming the black seed can lowering blood pressure until too low, so if you consume it, you have watch out your blood pressure.
  6. Surgery
    Black seed can slowing thrombosis, reduce the glucose, and increasing sleeping ratio for a few people. In theory, this can disturb the surgery. For your safety, stop consume black seed at least two weeks before the surgery.

So that is all the discuss about the health benefits of black seed and honey. Maybe black seed has a lot of health benefits, but also the side effects too. For your safety, consult with the doctor for the right dose. Good bye. See you again in the next discuss.

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